What is the Vitality system?
A enegry crystal Enegrycrystal.png increases all of your equipped bonuses up to 10% with a duration of 2 hours. The time runs only when you are logged. The energy of the rotating barEnergybar.png above the coin, tells you how long you can still benefit from the additional power.

How do I get an enegry crystal?

If the Alchemist destroyes equipment such as weapons, clothing or jewelry you can obtain up to 15 vitality ore M Vitality Ore.png. If you have collected at least 30 ore, they can be melted the Alchemist into a power crystal. By clicking the right mouse button you activate this crystal, and your power bar fills up and glows blue.

What items can I bring to the Alchemist?

All equipment pieces such as weapons, armors, shields, jewelry and so on, from level 35

Can the production fail?

There is a chance that the operaation will fail. The higher is the item quality, the better is the chance of success. Also, the production of enegry crystal can fail. First attemp by user to create a crystal usually succeeds, but not guaranteed