SG2Global provides a ticket system

We usually reply in less than 24 hours however most of the times we need several replies to close a ticket, due to the lack of informations provided by the players, probably because they are not used to this system.

So hereby some good tips to receive a faster support and have a better game experience.

Full Name: Leave this blank or add your ingame name
Email Adress: IMPORTANT! Add a real email as our reply will go there. We suggest to use the email related to your account!
In-Game Account: We suggest to write down the login ID of the account that experienced the problem.
Help-Topic: Select a topic.
Subject: It's the title of the ticket. Just avoid to use the tipical "Pls GM help me", it is not usefull to us
Message: The most important part of the ticket. Explain the problem quick and simple, add character names,dates,locations!