Ranking points

1. About

There are three categories of ranking system in game: Positive, Neutral and Negative.
You can gain or lose maximum 20 000 ranking points on plus or on minus.

2. Positive Rank

You can gain positive ranking in such a way:
• By killing monsters (which minimal level is about nine lower than yours).

- If monster's level is lower than nine than yours, you won't gain any rank points.

- Number of points which you will gain depends of level of monster you killed (higher level = more rank points; if monster level is about nine higher your number of obtained rank points will be counted like monster level was exactly about nine higher, no more.

- You can double amount of gained points from monsters if you equip Sage King's Glove B Sage King's Glove.png.

• By standing in Unsafe Place in amount: 1 rank point every two minutes if your rank is positive and 6 rank points every minute if your rank is negative.

- You can double amount of gained points automatically if you equip Sage King's Symbol B Sage King's Symbol.png.

• By using Heavenly Peach B Heavenly Peach.png which gives you 3000 points automatically

- Cooldown before next another: 5 hours.

When you have positive rank, your chances to drop Gold B Gold.png are increased:

Rank Points Chances
1 000 to 3 999 +1%
4 000 to 7 999 +2%
8 000 to 11 999 +3%
12 000 to 20 000 +5%

3. Neutral Rank

With a neutral rank you don't have any advantages and disadvantages. You will have neutral rank when you have 0 to 999 rank points.

4. Negative Rank

You can obtain negative ranking in such a way:
• By killing players from your kingdom on "Free" PVP mode

- You'll lose 4 000 rank points, if you're in group, points will be divided by the numbers of players in group.

• By reading Soul Stones B Soul Stone.png

- Number of points depends of skill level and your rank (if you have negative rank, you'll lose double amount of points).

If you are level 15 and have a negative rank, there is chance to lose some items from equipment if you get killed. You have to be careful to avoid it. You can use:
Escapee's Cape B Escapee's Cape.png to hide your rank and to be neutral for other players.
Lucy's Ring B Lucy's Ring.png to avoid item drop from your equipment.

- You can lose only Lucy's Ring if you will be killed.

Rank Points Chances to drop inventory item Number of inventory item that can drop Chances to drop equipped item Number of equipped item that can drop
-1 to -3 999 20% 1-5 5% 1
-4 000 to -7 999 40% 1-10 10% 2
-8 000 to -11 999 60% 1-20 30% 3
-12 000 to -20 000 80% 1-40 40% 4