A guild is a group of players with similar interests and ideas when it comes to the interplay. With the right guild is always pleasant company and help each other in leveling or the fulfillment of quests. Its own guild, you can create at level 40 for 200,000 Yang at Guardian. In the last 24 hours you must not have been a member or leader of a guild, and the desired name can not be available twice. The name can be a maximum 12 characters long.

Guild Logo

The leader of a guild can upload a guild logo once the guild reaches level 3. It will then appear left of the guild name. You can either one of the preset 100 logo or your create a own logo. It must the size 16x12 pixels and the ending .jpg, .gif or .bmp have. The logo itself must be placed in the folder "upload" directory in your SG2Global folder.

Guild Skills

Per guild level you can invest a point in a guild skill, but a maximum of 7 points (Master) per skill. Since the maximum guild level is 20, you can only have 2 master skills. The last skill will then only 5 points.

Skills Bonus Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7
Bloodofdragongod.pngBlood of Dragon God
(Duration 600sec)
HP 2% 5% 8% 12% 14% 17% 20%
Benedictionofdragongod.pngBenediction of Dragon God
(Duration 600sec)
SP 2% 5% 8% 12% 14% 17% 20%
Holyarmour.pngHoly Armour
(Duration 480sec)
DEF 1.4% 2.9% 4.3% 5.7% 7.1% 8.5% 10%
Acceleration.pngHoly Armour
(Duration 480sec)
Attack/Move Speed 4.3% 8.6% 12.9% 17.2% 21.5% 25.7% 30%
Rageofdragongod.pngRage of Dragon God
(Duration 480sec)
Critical Chance 7% 14% 21% 28% 35% 42% 50%
Castingaid.pngCasting Aid
(Duration 480sec)
Casting Speed 7% 14% 21% 28% 35% 42% 50%