Dragon Stone System
To activate Dragon Stone System , you must be, at least, level 30 and select Mysterious Stones?! from the Alchemist NPC.

DSS 1.png

Monsters all over the world will drop rough alchemy stones, later on you will be able to drop higher grad alchemy stones. To open the Dragon Stone Alchemy use the Alchemy button 1.png button. You can also open it with the letter O.

Dragon Soul Alchemy.jpg


There are 3 kinds of upgrades:
• Class
• Clarity
• Level

1. Class upgrade

The Class raise the intensity and the number of bonus. The Classes are: Rough, Cut, Rare, Ancient and Legendary.

To upgrade the class you must socket 5 stones of the same type and press "Refine"
DSS 2.jpg
The Dragon Stone may go to the next Class, stay at the same Class or advance to the next. In any case of success or failure you will only receive one Dragon Stone.

2. Clarity Grade

The Clarity raises the intensity of the bonus. The Clarity Grades are: Minor, Low, Intermediate, High and Super.

To upgrade the Clarity you must socket a minimum of 4 Dragon Stone of the same kind. The higher the rank, the lower the ammount of stones needed. Even in this case, the upgrade may stay in the current Clarity Grade, return to the previous or advance to the next grade.
DSS 3.jpg

3. Level

The level raise the ammount of bonus given by the Dragon Stone. The maximum level of each Stone is based on the Class level. Rough Dragon Stone are maxed at +2 while Legendary Stone at +6.

To upgrade the level you need a special item, B Green Dragon Bean.pngDragon Bean.

• There are 3 kinds of Dragon Bean:

- Green Dragon Bean, with the lowest success rate, and can be dropped on metins from level 95 to level 105.
- Blue Dragon Bean, with a higher success rate but dropped only from Nemere, the Ice Lord.

- Pink Dragon Bean, with the highest success rate and available only in the Item Mall.

Type of Dragon Stone

White Dragon
Fire Dragon
Wind Dragon
Iron Dragon
Thunder Dragon
Black Dragon

How to Remove the Stone

There are two slots for the Dragon Stone Alchemy: Sky and Earth

You can't activate both at the same time. When you activate an icon appear on your top left corner. You can deactivate the Dragon Soul System when you want. The Dragon Stone will consume the time only if the DSS is active.

To remove any equipped Stone you must use the DSS Destroyer DSS Remover.png. You can purchase this item at the Alchemist NPC for 100.000 gold.

• The Dragon Stone may be removed with success but in case of failure it will be turned back into a Dragon Shard.

To recharge a Dragon Stone you must a Time Elixir
There are 3 kinds of Elixirs:
- Time Elixir (S) DSS Time Elixir (S).png Restores 5-15% of a Dragon Stone time
- Time Exlir (M) DSS Time Exlir (M).png Restores 30% of a Dragon Stone time
- Time Elixir (L) DSS Time Elixir (L).png Restores 75% of a Dragon Stone time.
You can attempt to synthesize the Time Elixir (S) by using the DSS Discharger DSS Time.png. You can purchase it from the Alchemist NPC for 1.000.000 gold. You must sacrifice a Dragon Stone in order to create this Elixir. The process may fail.

If an equipped Dragon Stone runs out of time, it will stay Red untill an Elixir is used.