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  • Hi Tary if it is possible couöd you please pm me in Game, i would apricate it
  • Hi Tary, i know you are very busy with events but please dont forget to think about yourself, how wonderful you are !
  • Hey Tary can you give me helper? New Guys or the other Player can ask me something when they need help or anything else.
  • Tary we cant log in anymore
  • Hello dear Tary i know you are busy at moment with SG1 and also SG2 but please we have event and on 90's map 3 channels are bugged could you Please look into it its seriously frustrating to get ech 20 min disconnction or if you port your Mage that the Client say no Responce. I would like to farm instantly and not logg hundered of times to get into the game. Please Tary
    Thank you in Advance
    Kind Regards
  • Hello Tary last night Synares did trade Kilua by mistake and give him my Grudge+9 as much we tryed last night and also today to get my Grudge back he didn't give us back he scamed us. I asked a lot of time to return it but he wont please could you take care of this noone gift a Grudge+9 Titanic with +5 stones to someone it was a mistake and not purpase we spend real money and also dropped changers on it. i just want the grudge back.
    Thank you
    Kind Regards
  • Hello TARY,
    i was to give bag the Grudge +9 titanic with full 5stones to my guildmember because is his Gurdge. his name ist LiuBai. I trade by mistage the wrong one. Kilua. And he took it after a few minute i realese i give the Grudge to the wrong one. I shoutet for him to give the Grudge please bag its not my its LiuBais Grudge. He just went off and keep the Grudge. Please coult you handle it for us because he scaming and i want to give the Grudge bag to my guildmember LiuBai.
    Thank you and regards
  • Hello Tary could you Please check my account my dropp git seriously bad i even do not dropp the half what i did dropp at morning and i get in my runs always disconnection on Bosses like Kapa and Lobster i just dropp upgrade items noone weapon none Armours i use 40% item dropp on item Package and the Gloves from metin

    Kind Regards
  • you are here?
  • hey tary server down?
  • Taryy happy new year
  • 😘😚😘😚😘😚
    Happy New Year
    To the best sgm 😍
  • ☁☁☁🌟☁☁☁
    Merry Christmas !
  • Hello Tary, I am Emy
  • Tary pm arandela or email pls
  • Can you come on and pn BOOOM
  • Hey, when are you on today?
  • hey im LucianoLoco ..
    because of the rarity bonus
  • Tary can you please pm me here or in game daXoN , i need to talk something with you