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  • Huhu
    Könntest du Tec Points bitte akzeptieren?
    Liebe Grüße LimitZz
    • Heya, im bestfall kannst du mir für sowas im Discord eine nachricht schreiben, da sehe ich das eher.
      Ich guck in +/- 20-30 Minuten danach.
  • hello i have a problem cant login game nobody answer me or help me
    he says when i try log error while conecting to the server
    • Hey there,

      well that means your Client can't connect to the Internet.
      Antivirus / Firewall etc. can be caused by a lot of things but considering the Server is online and has no issues currently it's definitely on your end so you'll need to check what exactly causes it to be unable to connect to the internet.
    • i stoped firewal and antivirus is same and what is strange i cant log server 1 also
      there he dnt tell nothing
      only dnt log
    • everithing is fine but cannot conect since this night i wanted to change chanel and he dc me and cannot log anymore
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  • Ey eslpeth need talk with u pm arandela ;/
    • I'm currently not available to login, if you need urgent assistance send me a DM inside the Forum or via Discord.
  • Hi! I just found a cheater and recorded it, how do I send it over?