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    won system I think he should get up please lift for a proper trading circulation

    Come on dude, won system is alright. Why dont you like it?
    It does exactly what is made for. Help you buy stuff that costs more than 2kkk (the maximum amount of gold per char)

    Have you spent any time in the Metin2 Community as a whole? Because it sure seems like you haven't.

    The most Servers are online for 2-3 Months at best and go offline afterwards, they are quick cashgrabs and thats about it.

    The very few Servers that were out there that were online for years, were shutdown 2 days ago and the other one a few months ago.

    People who think that there is anyone out there thats interested in buying this Server and doing something with it, other than opening and closing cashgrab servers is simply missing reality.

    Zion well, she is not wrong.
    However i personally can't keep playing like this, for many reasons that are already stated. mostly because it feels like the server is shutting down, since we have no announcement about any update, no new content, no nothing. And im not the only one who is feeling this way, so i hope, when/if im gonna come back, there are still players around to play with. Im just gonna take a break until we have an update, or an announcement, or any kind of change.
    I am gonna keep using the forum, waiting for something to change.
    Thanks for all your work.

    I see. I really appreciate the answer. Thank you for that.
    It was a pleasure having you around all those years
    Best of luck

    Shadow   Elspeth Can we have an answer? You read it for sure, just need an answer, any answer to not feel ignored.
    Either turn down the suggestions for any reason, like the lack of donations, lack of motivation, real life issues or whatever, everything is understandable, being ignored is much worse than anything.
    Either tell us what you are planning to do in the near future, or just answer with a "k" so that i know im not talking to the wall. Come on now, this is getting ridiculous.
    What else do i have to do?
    Also just to inform you, another Pserver closed, maybe the biggest one a day ago or so, which means that thousands of players are looking for a server to start playing at, but our server is nowhere to be found, i couldnt find a single advertisement easily enough, i had to know exactly what im searching for (this server) to actually find it. Dont expect any of those players finding it.
    But even if they did find it, why would they play it. Even from the home page with the offline stream and the 1/12/2019 update, server looks offline 8o
    Another simple suggestion that people are keep asking is to fix that offline screen at the home page. for gods sake its not even that hard. Do you want ME to do it for you, for free? X/

    Im sorry for you guys but you are wasting your time , i dont know where the dev team went but its really awful to see what sv become , if they cant run the sv anymore like it should maybe sell the idea or the sv to a more reliable company who have the resources to make sg big again.

    Well i can't really say much about this, but they have to care about the server more for sure if they want the server to exist.
    We had more people that came from nothing until a week ago, so i did not complain about the lack of people or anything anymore, but ended up the same again. Feels like the server is frozen as this current stage, but as it seems people are also joining fairly easily by their own. if we have hyped players on the server more people are gonna join, its not that hard. all we need is some effort from the staff.
    People are still joining. The server is still kinda new.

    What will happen with Boss Spawn and Gahansel will be that with time more and more people will be capable of farming it and the items will be spread out enough that it won't matter.

    Also sc from 150kk up to 600kk is not cheap. These are Common items. They are crap, if you want expensive you will get it with good rarity drops.

    indeed, those are some decent prices. just for the earrings tho, but its a small chance to drop them from the box. So a buff at the gahnasel inside the DC, like the things he drops, or the chances to find a rarity one is needed in my opinion, and not just my opinion ofcourse.
    I am still doing DC runs at times for the chance that i might get lucky, but the chances are too small, so the run isnt really that good.
    But the suggestions are not just for me. I dont care about my personal gain as much, since i already have much better gear than the 90% of the server. its about making everyone happy, and keep people motivated somehow. So any recommendation is welcome.
    One thing is for sure. Things NEED to change

    That can also work on plagued indeed. something needs to change, this is gonna work as well to make the run better and the people happy.
    And indeed the last boss spawn didnt change the prices that much surpsisingly, like the last time. I guess the sellers didnt fight over who is the cheapest at the shopsearch this time. soul crystal stuff is still pretty cheap, but at least it did not hit the bottom (this time)
    And yes, those are some reasons that are making ppl quitting. Since we can change some of those, why dont we try to? Like the exp and the high level content
    this "some quitting because not enough players which is dumb as hell since they simply stayed it would have players" is triggering me as well, but people have no patience, nothing to do for this one

    Pagan999 I do not think your suggestions would actually stop players from quitting or make them come back, you are kinda over confident about them since in your first post you asked to close the server like you actually wanted it. Your sarcasm surely will not help here to get players back. Also you should know why players actually quitting in the first place, make a thread and ask them why i am sure you don't know the reasons.

    At the current stage i am looking for a reason to keep playing, and keep my friends ingame as well, not to bring people back. And yes they WILL keep people on the server. We just need a change. If we have the mood to keep playing and a reason to, then in the long term people are gonna join. anyway, if you dont have any other opinion/suggestion to offer related to my first post, let it be.
    If i wanted the server to close i wouldnt post this thread in the first please sweety.
    If things are gonna stay like this, and GMs are gonna remain as active, then its a waste of time. I meant what i said.
    People are quitting for many reasons. Mostly because of the reasons i said. i have talked to way too many of the "new" players that have quitted, since i am a no lifer who used to be online chatting for more than 10 hours daily, so yes, i know one things or two

    I think the whole DT11 Concept is kinda weird. No matter how good your gear is, it can be PERFECT, you still won't be able to significantly level there without using liquids, DG Defence, dragon earrings, or other. Does not really make sense to have the main leveling place be a floor in a dungeon where you are purposely stopping yourself from progressing to gain exp. Not to mention after 95, the mob exp takes a massive drop.Also no safe spot there, so your chars can constantly die if you level a buffer(yes, i know about medal of dragon but having to revive every minute is not fun). You can't itemize against them so gear is not as effective, defensively only magic resist works and you must rely on little help from rarity bonuses like skill resist. I know on official servers like GF, leveling for 75-105 took place in HL2. I remember leveling at the red HL2 mobs at 90+ there and it was good,solid exp with also okay drops. I mean with dragon earrings here, I cannot equip a second ring even if I wanted to.

    Having more exp on HL2 would also be a good thing to do. With an update that also offers more rooms with many monsters to farm/exp so we dont fight over a room, would also be lit.
    Things have to change

    Pagan999 Regarding the gahnasel in boss runs, it was players who voted for gahnasel to be included in boss spawn , its not about me and pali here, im saying it will not be removed since players themselves suggested. Well you know warriors with attack speed/berserk can make lots of damage on higher level metins with more HP. Im not saying you are wrong here, but lvl 90 maps got different types of metin for everyone. I am level 91, i like to farm metin of malice and to be honest i do not want to level up, i see your point here. About level 105 content, you saw that in other threads players did not want them. I understand what you mean, players are quitting there's not much that we can do here.

    Yea, saying "you and pali" wasnt a hateful comment or something, you simply belong to the part of the community that dont want the gahnasels be removed from the boss spawn. It was not the only suggestion about making the DC run better anyways.
    As for the "there is not much that we can do" about people quitting, we had +200 players/ 24 hours this last month, and they have quitted, since there is not much going on on the server, no helper online, me and 3-4 others pretending to be helpers and trying to help them, and GMs nowhere to be found, no different content, no nothing.
    I still have many more suggestions about the early game content as well, that are needed, but not gonna state those on this post. The updates that i have suggested are more than enough for the next 2 years anyways, since "when man is in hurry, the Devil is happy." , arent they? (Sorry about the sarcasm, thats my style :P)

    I agree that plague run should give gold bars as rewards to make it worthwhile to run, i know players just do the runs for exp only. I don't think Lord gahnasel will be removed from boss spawn as players suggested this before. Devil's Catacomb is still good to run. Adding v4 spider dungeon is not a bad idea, can be useful for lvl 86s+. Level 90 maps are quite fun especially with the metins & bosses, there is nothing to change here. As for level 105 content they probably working on it and do not wish to rush with it, as you know when man is in hurry, the Devil is happy. its better to have a content with no bugs. I agree that we surely need some changes. Also, the server will not be closed until funds run out, they did say so in other threads, lets be optimistic the server will not shut down, have faith in sg.

    No, devil's dungeon isnt good. on average you make like 60-70kk per run, mostly less, but with a lucky drop every 5 runs, you get that much.
    The only reason im suggesting to reduce/remove gahnasels from the boss spawn is simply to make gahnasel's box more pricy. But since you, pali, and other people from the community dont want that, there are other ways to buff the run, like i have suggested.
    level 90 maps are alright, but everyone is farming on 95 lvl metins because of the less ammount of hp, and its pointless for those farmers to gain levels, so it can just become better, and have farmers on all the new maps, and not just in one.
    well yea they might still be working on 105 lvl content, and no rush needed indeed. but its been quite a while, for an update only enjoyable for 7-8 people on the server, dont you think?
    And yea, we still have some donators. But they are becoming less by the time, since more people are quitting that starting, and i dont blame them.

    Thank you for your efforts, but unfortunately we all know the answer...

    well, it took me no time to think about those suggestions, they are all kinda obvious and needed. thank you for the positive feedback

    Hey there, i think its about time for some changes
    We were +200 chars/24 hrs for quite a while, but the fact that the staff doesn't care about the server as much anymore, made them quit again, and the server being the same for quite a while is making me and my ingame friends wanna quit as well.
    I'd like to suggest some easy changes, that are not taking that much time from your side, to fix this issue, and to make the server more alive, and fixing up the number of active players.
      Plagued run:
    Replace red changers at final stage with 4 gold bars of 10kk each, the +3 stone with +4, and make the plagued carrier (the smaller one, if i say its name correctly) drop instead of green adders /changers, broken china and other stuff that are helping to craft some decent polys for the run (maybe also add some polys to the poly-craft NPC, if you have the time, like orc fighter, savage minion or something, because we dont currently have any low level farmer, and especially not in map 2, so its really hard to find polys in shops)
      Devil's catacomb:
    Like i already have suggested, you either have to reduce/remove the gahnasel's from the boss spawn, or add some decent drops from the rest of the mobs/bosses/metins at the devil's catacomb to make it playable. You can also just add more chances to drop a rarity item from the gahnasel INSIDE DC, or i can suggest many many more ways i can think of to make this run playable. Just do it already, the best dungeon of MT2 cant be that trashy here.
      V4 spider dungeon:
    So, the exp is just a plain pain in the ass. You need to have 20% exp on every item, have liquids and 20 more stuff to tank at the DT, and the exp is still really bad there even if you have a sura or something that can tank. The answer to this is either buff the exp at the DT like it used to be a long time ago, or buff the PVM epic armour like they used to be a long time ago so we can tank up there more efficiently. You can also simply add a v4 spider dungeon, accesible from level 86 would be the best, with decent exp up to lvl 100, and maybe afterwards not as much exp in case you dont want to make it that easy for everyone. I can suggest more things about fixing the exp issue which is pretty big on the server, but i think you get the point.
    Having 105 level players already is not an excuse, since most of us dont want to waste 2 weeks of nonstop braindead exping and the right items just to exp with 20% exp bonus, or we simply dont want to be forced to make another char like a sura if we dont already have, just to be able to exp at the DT.
      Bio quests:
    Maybe having bio quests 92-96 level buffed, or just the armour buffed like it used to be, or having more bio quests for level 98-100 might also help afterwards, if you add a v4 dungeon, or make 105 lvl content harder or something. There are so many great things you can do
    105 lvl content:
    Last but not least, you had announced the lvl 105 content more than a month ago and we still have no news about it. You have to start caring if you wanna call yourselfs owners of the server, and not just connecting when you are not bored, 6-8 hours late to make an event, just to activate it and then log out again. Accept more helpers since we have almost none active anymore, and IF you want to keep the server alive, simply start caring about it, otherwise just close it already.
      LVL 90 maps:
    Also just make the level 100 metins have 6% chances for changers, the 105 have 7% etc. Give players one more reason to level up.
    Most of those recommandations are a must, since we cant have all the reamaining people of the server farming on metins, and just do nothing, and staying afk on map 1 and chatting like i do. We need a reason to play, any reason. Make it for us, its not even that hard. I don't think that anyone would care if we have another rollback anymore, since playing has became pointless for at least 1/4-1/3 of the reamaining players.
    Let me know what you think, thanks for your time, and sorry about my non-perfect english and the long post.

    the last time boss spawn was over we had around 20 sce +0 on the shops for 350kk each right after the event. yes it does affect the prices, and yes it makes DC run completely useless. I am not looking for confirmation since its a fact.
    Im just asking for a way to make DC run worth doing it. 100% of the players farming on metins, because they give the best gold-per-minute, is simply not fun. boost the dungeons a bit, especially this one somehow, or nerf the gahnasels at the boss spawn, so ppl will do the dungeon, since less gahnasels - less soul crystal thingys - higher the value of the boss

    This is all that is in the market, aren't you overreacting? Also as far as I know, a max of 10 bosses is spawned, and this was voted by the community to happen

    Not really im not overeacting. the prices are just high atm because boss spawn event has to take place on the server for a pretty long period of time. check again tomorrow (13/1) night, and tell me if i overreact or not.
    10 bosses per person maybe (for those who can kill gahnasel).
    the fact that it was voted by the community doesnt mean that it cant be nerfed, or that DC run cant be buffed, does it now?
    Most of the community just chose to make everything as easier as it can be, GMs dont work on balancing the farming spots/runs that much, so that makes issues, and by issues i mean useless dungeons, and empty maps, while other farming places are being full

    Hey there.

    I think that gahnasel shouldn't be spawned at the boss spawn, or at least reduce the spawn of him, since he is a boss that you need to do a 40-60 minute run to be able to kill, and it's a final boss, not like the rest of the bosses at the boss spawn.

    However I do understand that you had to heavily buff all the events so people will join them. Buffing the drops of tartaros or adding decent drops on the mobs at the DC run instead, might also make the run worth doing it again (don't buff charonn, since at the boss spawn where he is also spawned on mass, he is making the stone craft book fall from 30kk to 4kk, so he is already damaging the DC run's income greatly)

    The fact that in an hour, 100 gahnasel are dying, and the market gets full of soul crystal stuff and boxes of him, is making the devil's catacombs completely useless. Why would I waste my time at the DC run, when I can simply farm 20+ hours worth of farming at the DC, in an hour at the boss spawn?

    Hey there. No it's not useless, you made the right choice. The gloves and the chances for more drop, stack, so you practically have 2 gloves now while u have a second one equipped. Much more drop

    I can confirm.

    Mostly ch3, and not just on 90 lvl maps, but mostly when I teleport there with a tp scroll, game is freezing, and it's impossible to connect to the same channel for a while.

    We also have a small collection of bugs,

    The one that some times randomly after teleports, some of the items that you have on your hotkeys, are dissappearing, and you have to put them on the "keys" over and over again.

    When you have your shop box open and you run for any reason you get kicked.

    When you r running out of stamina while on poly you can't move at all for up to 20+ seconds sometimes, depends on the poly (I'm not sure if that's a bug, it might not be, but I just couldn't remember something like this happening to me in the past, correct me if it is not)

    And.. Those are the kinda biggest issues I can recall atm. I can say more, smaller bugs, but they are not something that affects the gameplay that much, so there is no point for that