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    Christmas Event -> There is still no info about who won the screenshot event and I still don't have my winnings in the item shop stock even if this is claimed.

    Hey pls change sg2 global home screen. Twitch is not available delete it :/

    Right now there is no one to manage the server. If you want to delete the twitch player write an application as an server manager.

    Soon the statement comes again that many QoL features have been introduced, which have all been copied from other servers (Yang-KK, Drop-Filter, etc.)

    Your discussions are useless! Take a look at similar discussions of the previous months in which all suggestions were just laughed at and long-time players were stupidly hit by the site.

    The server is just not fun anymore! Not only because there is no content but also because of the team members' settings.

    For example you can count by hand how many times every single Teamler ingame was online - some you don't see for weeks.

    I have the assumption that the server just doesn't generate enough revenue anymore and you can't afford the Teamler as 70 - 100% manpower.

    If you have such problems open your mouth and don't leave us in the dark.

    What did you think? Just to open up SG2 which is almost 1 to 1 like SG1 and then have 3000 players?

    Sorry for being so direct but currently every other server is investing more time and love in their server.

    When do you want to add the voting? It's been several weeks since you confirmed this on Elitepvpers.

    Oh, me and 2 guys from my guild are not playing actively anymore.

    Same shit every day -> Farm Metins -> Sell Stuff -> Farm Metins -> Sell Stuff

    Sure that's Metin, but any other server does it better than you.

    But chin up, the shoulder strap system or petsystem will come in 5 years or so.

    I hope you change something somdeday.

    A lot of armours +9 already ?

    How many Aqua and 100 PVM armors have u seen so far? A lot ?

    Just because you have a lvl 70 armor +9 it doesnt mean that the game stops there. It may stop for you but others go up to lvl 100 or hard PVP . chance to upgrade aqua / pvm 100 lvl to +9 is 10%. using ice grail actually doubles it to 20%.

    Once again you were able to prove how much you know about the server.

    For Aqua Armors you need Water Stones and not Ice Grails.

    I'm leaving a link here for you to learn more about the server.

    Please note that the team members are only human and have a real life.

    Usually Tec Points are credited within 24 hours.

    Lately it takes longer, probably due to inactivity.

    You can drop those of the new runs that are not yet activated. In my opinion unnecessary because everyone has his stuff already +9 but so what.