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    Yeah pierce works against all mobs either if they are metins bosses or Level5 but none of them are useless as i said earlier there are situations which one of them is better if all you do is killing metins and bosses at level 90 maps then yeah scn is useless

    It depends more on the situation and the rest of your build than your class especially since you are not weapon sura, weapon sura need scn even in less situations than other classes the best answer to your question is if you can tank with a htn or not if you can, simply go for htn since you have higher dmg if not go for scn if you want to build 1 neck that will work fine overall go for scn.

    I dont think the crit and pierce on skills work the way you describe it the cap for skills is 500% instead of 100% which is for hits so i believe the chance to crit or pierce with a skill is the 1/5 of what your overall crit and pierce chance is also pierce doesnt ignore block

    i just think that a suggestion like that should come from players that actually join the nw/sw and not from players who just want to enjoy the exp boost more than what they already do and their contribution towards that exp bonus is 0 because at the end of the day these players will be affected by having to prepare different day than what they used to.

    In theory sounds good i just think that there are other priorities for the team to focus on and red kingdom for now is good enough for what you describing and by priorities i mean new content which everyone complains about focusing into making a new map as you describing wont really help the server even if it is very simple to do

    You already have a map like that red kingdom all npc are there there is safe zone to chill and no safe zone to pvp i dont think that the lack of pvp is due to a lack of a map you describing

    This solution is very practical we use it for years now if you are not fast enough to type it when your stamina ends you can always type it once you enter and then use enter up arrow enter so you dont need to type everytime it takes less than 1 sec to do it i am sure you can do it

    I have heard many stupid suggestions during my time on sg but thats over the limit lets remove doors such a time waster and no drop also mobs at charon they only drop 65 and 70 level weapons which 70 are kinda the rarest weapons to drop from mobs but again Legendy doesnt make plagued runs he doesnt need.