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    I back this comment up 100% nicely spoken Elspeth :thumbup:<3

    for me it would be good at least 0.2 perc at metin

    5 metin 1 perc exp 500 metin level up 10 hours at level

    Metin2 is slow progress go play a lame p server with 5000% rates if you are impatient

    Most of the successful marketing campaigns are straight out lies ( Apple, Nokia etc. - I can't link other servers as examples). It's not honesty that matters, but the end result. A fake counter might bring more players simply because a new player is more likely to join what he believes is a more populated server. Keep in mind that their terms of comparison are the other servers who supposedly fake their counters as well.

    Enough with the bullshit that the team should lie to get more players. its a ridiculous idea, because then no one would believe them anymore and then all this is worth nothing. You say that its not honesty that matters but the end result? I am not surprised that such a statement is coming from you, Em. Dont need to say more. everyone knows what happeneed between you and stoner and your credibility is 0 % and will always be.

    lol off course you should not be permitted to get your mount back if it ran out. Why do you think that you should get special treatment?

    I agree that a server merge would be good, but not in the very near future, that would uneven for SG2 players who doesnt have accs in SG1.

    About the EXP thing - I think its good that its not too easy to lvl up and it should be a choice to either farm effective or exp effective - if we can do both in the same time it would be too easy.

    Point 1 and 4 means pretty much that you players wants to be fooled? Wants to play on a server that doesn't tell you how many are online, who pays their votes and what not. So what exactly do you want us to reply to the player who ask our player count if we remove the counter from the homepage? You want us to either lie or being labelled as incompetent for not providing an answer? Cause telling the truth would pretty much make point 4 useless don't you agree?

    Point 2, so we went from "doing something different" to simply having more system that pretty much are not game changing. Again, we provide updates every month we cannot do 20 systems in 1 month, it is simply not possible. Not even with 20 developers.

    Point 3, maybe i am wrong but i cannot find any suggestion regarding the experience curve or rates. Besides i see players doing level 1-70 in the same day, so it doesn't take a lot of time to exp, not all levels at least.

    lvling is the only thing that demands hard work no matter if you buy Manu TEC points or if you have other accounts in the server so please do not make it easier. Metin2 is also about long termed hard work - that’s what makes it fun in the long run

    You like the classic part of the game? Why pets costumes and hair styles are ok? Why not complaining about the dark dragons map, they were not part of the classic game, right?

    You are complaining about weapon "costume" for a reason that doesn't make any sense as we have already features that goes against the classic vibe of the game, and by classic you mean no systems, 4 viable weapons and armors, and half of the maps and no dungeons. There is no need for a vote over cosmetic stuffs, they are already present ingame, adding more ways to customize the characters is not up to vote. You dislike it? Don't buy it or equip it, nobody force you to.

    Yea whatever. No point in trying to be heard hear when the only thing that meets you when shadow disagrees is sarcasm. By the way. Nice of you to be rude and then completely ignore My complain about it afterwards. Very nice.

    Yes it is a bad thing called "freedom". Sadly we live in a society that allows it.

    Dear Shadow.

    First, I do not like your sarcasm and your condescending way of writing to me. I am a grown up man at the age of 30. I have not been rude to you or anything like that so please treat me with some respect.

    Second, I still believe that skins will ruin much of the game for many players who like metin as it always have been, but I respect democracy. My problem is that you want to make a huge change in the game without putting it to a formal vote in our beloved society.

    Best of wishes.


    You would be able to disable your own, not the others.

    So you mean that people like I, who like to see Metin as it used to be, will be forced to see ppl running around in different kind of skins if they choose to wear it?

    PS. I seriously dislike the idea of skins. It has no home in a classic server as SG. and as I see many other players are of the same belief! :thumbdown:for many of us it will ruin much of the reason why we like to play here. There are so many P servers out there with a lot of new adds. Didn’t through/hope that this server would be one of them.

    Weapon, costume and hair skin will come. They will be indipendent without any bonus and without any expiration date, just for fashion. A system to disable them will also come along with them.

    Does this mean that it will be possible to disable all costumes and skins even the ones that is already in the game? It would be so good because I don’t like to see everyone running around with mall costumes. Would be nice to see the Armor they wear instead cuz in my opinion the armours and weapons of the game is so beautiful as they are :)<3

    ok but 1 question still lurking i.e. if i have 160 atk speed can i get a dmg boost to compensate the bug or it has to be 200+ for suras.

    Are you blind and slow? Look at what shadow just wrote! For suras its 160...

    Why nerf it by 25%? It should stay as it is now and compensate 100%

    Omg they have compensated for a flaw in the game - warriors was always supposed to deal a good amount more dmg than suras pr second. Secondly the update is good for all classes with a bit of attack speed. Just because you have a sura and is used to be 1000% better at pvm you now cry about the fact that its finally balanced!