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    Lmao, they have been talking about adding the voting for a long time xD. Shadow: "If you want us to spend your money on a rigged voting, so be it". Sadly Juare, they don't respond to these kind of forum posts. I asked a few questions about the obvious disparity between 105 and 95 metins and no response from them. You can check out my post if you want (Its under Questions and Answers). I was curious as to why certificate drop rate is higher on 85 metins than 105 metins.. Stuff like that. As I'm writing this, I have seen some sell cheapest blue changers in shop at 11-12kk each for hours and not 1 sold. XDDDDDD I still don't see the level 31 horse. I still don't see the rarity bonus changers and adders to make the game less grindy and put value on non-perfect items.

    Yea, saying "you and pali" wasnt a hateful comment or something, you simply belong to the part of the community that dont want the gahnasels be removed from the boss spawn. It was not the only suggestion about making the DC run better anyways.
    As for the "there is not much that we can do" about people quitting, we had +200 players/ 24 hours this last month, and they have quitted, since there is not much going on on the server, no helper online, me and 3-4 others pretending to be helpers and trying to help them, and GMs nowhere to be found, no different content, no nothing.
    I still have many more suggestions about the early game content as well, that are needed, but not gonna state those on this post. The updates that i have suggested are more than enough for the next 2 years anyways, since "when man is in hurry, the Devil is happy." , arent they? (Sorry about the sarcasm, thats my style :P)

    Yeah, I spoke to Elspeth about the helper position and was told that the main criteria is English. Well I'm a perfect English speaker and sent an email to the team that the helpers do not play this game and I never got a response. Seems like they don't care to be honest. I guess no response means I was denied.

    I think the whole DT11 Concept is kinda weird. No matter how good your gear is, it can be PERFECT, you still won't be able to significantly level there without using liquids, DG Defence, dragon earrings, or other. Does not really make sense to have the main leveling place be a floor in a dungeon where you are purposely stopping yourself from progressing to gain exp. Not to mention after 95, the mob exp takes a massive drop.Also no safe spot there, so your chars can constantly die if you level a buffer(yes, i know about medal of dragon but having to revive every minute is not fun). You can't itemize against them so gear is not as effective, defensively only magic resist works and you must rely on little help from rarity bonuses like skill resist. I know on official servers like GF, leveling for 75-105 took place in HL2. I remember leveling at the red HL2 mobs at 90+ there and it was good,solid exp with also okay drops. I mean with dragon earrings here, I cannot equip a second ring even if I wanted to.

    1) you are not the only on ein the universe so stop thinking that way
    2) there are a lot of people over lvl 95 (why i mention 95, cause when you reach 95-96 you have lower drops at lvl 95 metins),. so for those who want to continue leveling and still have a good shot at farming you have the lvl 100 and 105 metins
    3) you as a lvl 90 (let us assume) have the freedom to farm whatever you want, as long and you can choose from a variety of places to get good drops consider yourself lucky and blessed :)

    Thanks almighty, its not fun knowing that if you wanna level beyond 96 and farm metins, it's harder.

    Okay I have a few questions.

    --- Why are 105 metins 1.5kk HP but have the same drops as 95 metins which have 900k HP? Can they at least give like 1-1.5% drop chance on blue changers or 1% more drop on Green Dragon Beans or something. Maybe make 105 metins drop Inventory Expansions or something. Can I get some sort of benefit from killing something with 600k more hp?

    --- Also, since the 100 and 105 metins have more HP wouldn't it make sense that these players would need a 300 AV Chocobo or Dragor more? So, why are all the certificates on 105 metins 5% while 90 metins drop at 7% rate?

    ---I understand that you want lower level players to also make money and that's why Exorcism Scrolls and Hermits don't drop in the 90 maps, but for example, do level90 metins really need to have:



    Red Changers


    66 armors

    Heaven's Tear Bracelet

    Inventory Expansions

    Soul Stones

    Blessing Scrolls (HIGHER drop rate than 90 maps btw)

    Certificates (Each certificate 2% HIGHER rate than LEVEL 105 METINS)

    Bravery Capes

    Thief Gloves

    Experience Rings

    Battle Sword, Ghost Fang Blade, Dragon Knife, Yellow Dragon Bow?

    Thank you for listening to my TED Talk

    -Hey, I wanted to ask something about these two bonuses mostly about pierce. My character's chance of a critical hit on attacks is the addition of the Critical % on my items. I guess the same goes for pierce. However, for abilities this works differently. My chance to pierce/crit on a ability is the highest percentage item I have right? For example, if I have 50% pierce added up with a htn+9 on. My pierce % on hits is 50 but on abilities, my % to pierce would be 20% right? Cause htn would be my highest pierce % item?

    -Also wanted to ask, what does pierce cancel? It completely ignores all resistances?

    -Also, lets say I have full 100% pierce.(hypothetically). If someone has lets say 50% chance to block a physical attack, will I still ignore all defence and hit them for full damage every single attack or will they still block 50% of my physical attacks cause they have that?

    Hey there,

    some normal monsters have skill type attacks and thus also are resisted by skill res (ranged mobs on DT 11th floor are a good example for this one)

    Eitherway, you are better off resisting them with magic res rather than skill res since most monsters are indeed resisted by avg res its simply not worth using skill res vs normal monsters other than bosses.

    Hi I wanted to ask if someone could tell me what the AVG resistance works on, in terms of PVM. I understand that it helps against melee mobs physically attacking you but I want to know, does the bonus work for archers attacking you? Does it work for the mages in Heaven's Lair 2? Does it work for the demons on 10th, 11th floor throwing those circle things at you? Red Dryads?

    ---Is there limit to amount of AVG resistance you can have?

    Also wanted to ask, is Skill Resistance used mostly against bosses in pvm?

    This bonus never worked. Years ago we changed it so that it works like a thief glove. You don't drop 2x of the same items if thats what you are asking.

    Ok thanks, I was asking if it increases your chances of dropping any item. Such as a changer. Since you said it works like a thief glove, I guess it does. Does it stack, if I already have a thief glove attached, will this also increase my chances?

    Sorry I don't know if this was answered before but how does the bonus "20% Chance to drop double the Items" work?. Does it work on everything in the game, like metin stones? For example, does it double the chance to drop a changer at 20% chance?