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    So i just learned that bell is better for light mage for pvp than fan even though fan has more magic atk.

    How does it work? Im assuming exo sword and lion sword are affected by this as well?

    for wep sura, would battle/sirius still be better than exo/edge or gfb/holy? BM im assuming gfb still best?

    ok im wrong, the info i got was wrong or the person had some additional buffs or something but i dont see a way to get 500 more ap. Asked another Lv91 mage with 47 avg total 36 mob on 300 ap mount only does 3.2k.

    Ill make sure to confirm facts next time. I will still pray hope for changes to BM and/or Mental so they can be better in PVM, just 80% is fine =(

    Also about the random hp and sp gain from levels. There shouldnt be a huge possible difference right? Otherwise one character having like 1k more hp is a lot.

    There is no assuming, either you test with the same bonus or you are simply not reliable. Also something that you ignore, your enchanted blade gets better the more you level up. At level 90 you would deal more damage than at level 86. You also ignore how AP affect the damage so again, provide actual facts and not assumptions.

    PS: 3,7k means same damage not more, so lets try also to be civil and point out facts without exxagerating, maybe is asking too much since on every thread someone has to boost numbers on purpose rather than being honest.

    I assumed because that mage said he/she did 3.7k with that bamboo bell 40 avg 5 mob rarity without saying anything else. And he/she was lv89 not 90, not much difference though.

    Is it not better to assume they have every other max so we know 3.7k is that mages top dmg? Either way, they are hitting 3.7 max or not. If not max, then even higher dmg.

    I even said that i was missing 4% avg and 5% mob than the mage making it same dmg. 3 levels gives eblade like 9-15 ap basing on past level ups at 80 something that only gave it like 3 ap (correct me if im wrong) . After including %, say its 50 ap, not much so no point in applying that to arguement.

    My point was not about mage doing similar dmg or more as body warrior and wep sura but that mages are buffed to be at least close, like 90% of warrior/sura dmg if both same %gear and buffs. Sin should be similar dmg as mage, but never tested/asked. So, why cant Mental and BM get a buff like mage and sin to be close, like 80-90%. I know you look at race overall but you also need to look at subclass. A lot of people want to play their favorite subclass without having to use another account to farm and/or do a subclass change that resets all skills.

    You probably misread but said in the original that only without buff dps is more on mage but with buff, they are similar/same. I never said it was more if both has buff or did i boost numbers. Reason why i disregard buffs is because if everyone has same crit buff, then its all about the dmg before crit.

    Again you cannot say sentences like without including personal buffs, when it is a common thing. If you could only use 1 client ever, then these change wouldn't occur at all, but since it is not the case you have to talk as if everyone have buffs.

    It isn't, players over talk and over react. They don't deal more damage than a body warrior or a weapon sura. Only in the beginning this may be true, but on the late game they deal less damage, but is still better than before.

    A lv90 dragon mage with bamboo +9 40 avg 5 mob rarity, +5 stones, assuming 5 mob helm, 8 avg earing, 8 mob pet, 300 ap, all bios, 5 mob hat/hair, 8 mob costume i assume. 123+ int.

    Does 3.7k no crit to 85/90 metins.

    My lv86 wep sura all bios done, 5 mob hair/hat, 8 mob costume, poison+9 39 avg, +5 stones, 5 mob helm, 5 ave earing 300 ap mount, 8 mob pet, P eblade 123 int.

    Does 3.7k no crit.

    I have 4 less avg and 5 less mob but bamboo has 32 less weapon AP at max than poison. That is 11.66% less than poison or bamboo needing 13% more to equal poison. Assuming the 4 ave and 5 mob makes up for the 13%. The dmg no crit is the same. Even if my sura has crit buff, its the same as dragon mage buffing herself because of same base dmg and same crit rate.

    So dragon mage is about a little < to wep sura which is = body warrior if every gear is the same % or similar/same if just a bit more % on gear.

    We buffed the race not the class. It is a big difference. And we buffed the race which were less used and they were less used cause they were simply bad in pvm compared to others.

    Some arguments are invalid, you may deal more damage in poly with an assassin even without the boost we made, but you had to reach high levels to have that damage, which was plain and simple a pain in the ass, even more if the assassin was archer. It was even worse with the mages. And yes, the fact that everybody can have their personal buff bot was a reason to boost that class to incentivate people to use it as a main. If you could only use one client at the time many changes wouldn't be necessary but sadly thats not the case.

    That still makes BM and Mental less used because they are bad at PVM. Without including personal buffer, Dragon mage does more damage than BM and Mental before pvm buff because of crit. From what I interpret from this response, your goal was to give people incentive to play any class as a main, so why not do it for the last two remaining characters? Right now, Mage dps is basically the same as a body warrior with aos and weapon sura with eblade without the crit buff. Without personal buffer, dragon mage would out dps everyone and same or similar dps with crit buff.

    Hey there,

    in order to have a high level Mental Warrior or BM Sura you always had the chance to just create a Body/Weaponary, level them up and change your class.

    Assassins and mages never had that opportunity.

    Yes that is a choice but then all skills goes back to M1 and cant really pvm/make money again unless making a new character. especially when level cap/content isnt fully released yet.

    Mages and Sin were both buffed by 35% vs mobs be cause of low damage. BM and Mental should be buffed in the same way but only through using Dark Protection and Mental's AC Buff or something similar. That way it does not affect Body Warrior's and Weapon Sura's damage.

    1. For Dark Twister and Rupture, it says "Ignore Enemy", what does it do?

    2. For VS, is it add or multiply?

    ex. 1000 base skill dmg, 10 vs demi, 10 vs character class, 10 skill dmg

    1000 * 1.3 = 1300?


    1000 * 1.1 * 1.1 * 1.1 = 1331?

    3. For Resist, is it add or multiply?

    ex. Take 1000 base dmg, 10% resist skill, 10% resist demi, 10% resist character class

    1000 * .7 = 700?


    1000 * .9 * .9 * .9 = 729?

    4. Does DR from dex resist melee and skill?

    5. For Crit on skills, i heard its not 1 for 1, 100 crit is not 100% crit on skills. If explaing/giving formula is too complicated, would giving crit chance for skills for 10 crit, 20 crit, 50 crit, and 100 crit?

    6. Pierce only works for AC right?

    ex. 5000 skill dmg, 50% skill resist, 500 ac

    no pierce = 2500?

    pierce = 2000?

    1. Does block and dodge arrow work on skills? If so, what skills or class?

    2. Dex says it increase accuracy and evasion but there is no stat for it? How does it work?

    3. How does %EXP bonus stat work? Always give X% extra?

    4. For mage swiftness skill, can skill speed be increased to over 44% at P? Int and magic atk did not seem to increase it at all when testing with low level.

    5. How much atk speed for mall green pot give? It says 10 but some people say 15-20.

    1. How is skill speed calculated and is there a limit/max?

    if i have +60% skill speed, would a 10 second skill become 4 sec?

    2. How does restore hp work? I heard it has something to do with mob dying.

    Ex. 10,000 self hp, 10% restore, yes = activate, no = no

    kill 1 mob = heal 1,000 hp?


    Kill 1 mob - yes = heal 1,000 hp?

    Kill 1 mob - no = heal 0?


    Mob 5000 hp

    Kill 1 mob - yes = heal 5000 hp?

    Kill 1 mob - no = heal 0?


    Kill 1 mob - yes = heal 500 hp?

    3. How does % dmg to hp work? It does not work like Enchanted blade with every hit so i am confused.

    Is it like this?

    Ex. 10% chance dmg to hp, yes = activate, no = no

    1000 dmg - yes = heal 1000 hp?

    1000 dmg - no = heal 0?


    1000 dmg - yes = heal 100 (10% of 1000)?

    4. Fear says it makes enemy miss attack, is it for all attacks like arrow and close range? Does it work in pvp?

    5. BM sura shield says % dmg reduction. Is 100% dmg reduction = take no dmg?