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    Maybe with 50.000 euro on ads for 1 country you might see that on the first page, not certanly on the first result.

    50k is a bit exxagerated :D
    an ad listed top of google when you type in "metin2" or "metin2 pserver" isn't that expensive
    for 16€/day ( 500€/month ) you can get around 40 clicks on the Homepage daily in Germany for example

    I think it's more of a problem that 40 clicks/day doesn't pay off for such a price

    edit: Forgot the vote4coins part - I'm strongly against it as well
    In my opinion daily reward is a way better system to get players stick to the game because exactly of what Elspeth mentioned above - most sites are rigged anyway

    and if I remember correctly even if they pay the site to get rank 1 it doesn't pay off :)

    people also forget how much playercounts are infected with bots.... like if someone is botting on a server you can be sure he isn't just playing on a single char
    he most likely runs for hours 4+ characters which boost the playercount obviously a lot

    Do you really prefer a server with bots that ruin the market and the progress for you over a server with actual played clients with fair market?

    Can't be faster than it is already, unless you have a machin gun instead of fingers. The delay between each pick up is less that 0.1 seconds. Meaning you can collect more than 10 items in 1 second.

    Is it actually 10 items/s ?
    It feels soooo slow - might be including the ping as well

    edit: just tested I do indeed pickup 15x/s so that might explain it
    including ~25ms ping being probably relevant that might give that feeling

    speaking of pick up - what about slightly increasing the max. speed of picking up items?
    especially on the new map it's quite annoying to spam a key for 10s ( since pick up macros aren't allowed ) :P
    Nothing devastating just a quite nice QOL change

    Hands down - if someone is in a wall and PvP / another player is included he should ( in my opinion ) just re-log
    Because we play a f*cking game and it's for fun purpose - exactly these threads and situations can be prevented with it
    Rules don't care about your feelings and when an Admin says it's bug abuse - you get punished
    doesn't matter if he did something bad to your before

    I don't wanna say that this should be banable neither that Chrzeszczyrzewoszyce should be punished - but for future cases just relog :D

    For the community event people voted with their ass instead of using their head. Both NW and Hunters Hour made no actual sense.

    How does Nation War doesn't make sense?
    They added a new map exclusive for level 90 only - don't you think ppl want exp event then? :D

    as far as I know avg resistance works against every melee attack - so the range mobs you mentioned are not affected
    might be that some count as melee but honestly I've never really paid attention to it
    since there is no theoretically limit to avg resistance I always focused on maxing it out in PvM

    Yes skill resistance is used mostly against bosses in PvM and obviously skill casters in PvP
    I'm not quite sure whether it works against magic mobs tho but I doubt it

    The difference is that at one point if everyone can farm for themself stuff easily only specific items will have a value making other farm options less viable
    for example red forest was really garbage to farm before the exo/hermit update even tho there were the highest level metin stones

    No one said anything about bravery capes being 15kk - I'm fine if they stable around 5kk each
    but right now they drop on a daily basis by more than half of their prices
    from 20kk -> 10kk within the first hours
    10kk -> 5kk the next day
    and now 5kk -> 1.8kk

    For an Item that was usually best accessible via Item Mall ( and also stabelized around that ) it also hurts the TP value a bit
    As you said - it's an quality of Life item but that doesn't mean ( in my opinion ) that it should be basically free
    5kk for 200 is something every noob can afford
    it's not like you need 24/7 on the server bravery capes

    I agree

    Please, change a chance for bravery cape for around 5% from all metins.. its now less than 2kk for 200, it's not even worth picking up now...

    We all can take Thief Gloves and EXP Ring as an example of how quickly prices can dropp for such items
    and it's not even the majority farming on the new map ... it's just a small % and the bravery caps are already dropping insanely high

    That would be fine on populated server. Making money was fine before. Now it's so slow. So either i need to farm everything myself or I can't buy anything since I don't sell anything. It's that simple. Theres third option ofc, but let's not mention that yet.

    Can't really agree tbh
    i farm with a warrior, sura and mage and make good money with each
    maybe you farm the wrong spots? Metin stones usually are always a safe reward
    if you feel lucky and wanna gamble a bit you can go for rarity in the dragon room or farm in the lower levels
    you can also make good money with just trading or play every event

    I do agree tho that HL 2 needs a buff
    HL 1 seems fine for the difficulty since you get a decent amount of clams and can get pretty nicely ice marbles

    In my opinion the plague run should be free to acess for everyone as a leveling place and they should basically remove the EXP gain from the lair 2 but increase the clam drop of Zin Mobs for their difficulty & possibly a bit the gear now with the new map ( not lv 75 weapons tho )
    Would make it way more viable already

    but that's a different topic :P

    Tank what? Mages, sins can solo dungeons atm. Suras sucks for bosses. Hl is worst map for farming even though suras are good for it, thats true. Also bosses don't care about classes, all you need is skill ress and alot of hp to survive. Every1 can have that. But dmg is problem for suras and warriors. So they cant solo it. And as you can imagine on server with 200 ppl online you can't really find some1 who is willing to do dungeons together and share loot. Either you solo it(mage/sin) or you are doomed to farm metins forever.

    Sura suck for bosses but they can do everything else in PvM way easier than the other classes
    I use myself on my sura since week 1 of the server exactly the same armor and manage to farm everything with it lol
    You have to invest like 10% of what others have to invest to deal with stuff as sura

    I think that mages & sin can solo dungeons while sura / warrior can't is completely fine because it will just give every class a viable option to farm
    Warriors = metin stones
    sin = boss
    mage = boss / buff
    sura = everything else / everything a bit worse

    if you don't wanna create multiple characters - find the best option to farm for your class and buy the other stuff like everyone else does

    I play on 4 level 90+ Characters ( one warrior, one sura, 2 mage for buffing ) and in my opinion the changest are completely fair and deserved
    Warriors used to be really really bad in the endgame - so bad that I've stopped using my warrior for a long time until I maxed out his Gear ( and even then he was still way worse farming in the lair, not able to kill general, not able to level in the demon tower )

    Sure maxing out Bezerk does give a big Damage boost but people forget that Suras also benefit from the Update and deal more Damage
    People also forget that Warriors take like 300% more Damage ( yes triple the Damage since Sura take ~70% less ) than a Sura without Lifesteal + Arrow Dodge - it's just that these disadvantages doesn't really matter in case of metin stone farming

    meanwhile - suras are still able to farm boss mobs via mount pretty easily while Bezerk is kinda useless since you just get 1hit killed with the +30% extra damage and the missing lifesteal / fear

    Warriors deal now real dmg with the risk of take 30% more dmg with berserk P, suras receive - 30% of damage but deal less damage, any class have his terrain, you can't have always all like suras had since start of sv.

    risk of 30% and also missing 37% Damage reduction, 37% arrow dodge, over +250 Defence and +10% life steal ( which is like +100% Tp abso if i remember correctly lol )

    In my opinion Warriors have finally ( since server start ) a space to shine and that's the Damage now
    For the cost of taking around 30% extra Damage ( and considering other skills like fear, echanted armor & lifesteal ) they do have a good usage now

    Wow I'm actually impressed if this works out well
    great job!
    Time to test

    So if I understand this correctly - the Animation is now capped to the maximum attack speed that doesn't bug out ( 165 i think as warrior for example )
    I tested it and it diddn't make any difference in case of animation speed with 160 and 220 attack speed so this would make sense but the Damage isn't increasing - I assume that's what the maintance is for ?

    Why not put skins and add the option to dont see them ? If you dont like it disable it , in this way all will be happy.

    considering it's the same with costums right now that you use in basically every situation i do agree

    I would love to see skins for weapons / armors to make everyone look more individual in the lategame ( especially pvp ) and not have the same costums you see since server start

    but if i remember correctly they turned down such a suggestion because not everyone likes it

    Can someone maybe explain why the NPC Lee-Chung was removed and if there will be changes regarding Quests?

    probably because they aren't ready yet reworking the quests :)

    i feel this feel like 105 metins should drop changers adders at 7-8% beans at 1.5% ss 2.5% not a huge difference but would end up making more sense at killing them

    I do slightly agree - I feel something should be done with them but not that big of a deal
    To clarify - lv 95 stones are a bit harder ( especially the blue ) but yea it isn't really that viable to farm the others

    BUT I think they actually shouldn't increase the drop rate - more do something else
    If I remember correctly they do drop different craft items right? So they will most likely have that already to be a bit more viable

    What about just increasing how many stones are on the maps for the level 100 and level 105 stone?
    I think that's better than just increasing the drop rate otherwise everyone will farm those + it makes the server easier

    if there would be way more metins of them it could kinda compensate the time you "lose" dealing the extra damage by wasting less time running around finding a stone

    if you were actually'd have a huge gold spam see no lines in chat :)

    Apparently if you stay in map1 just and call that " play and have fun " then I believe that is not fumao who is ruining ur gameplay.

    can you all stop complaining? just play it.

    Lol are you serious?
    Do you think "gold spam" is an actual valid reason ? :D
    Are you aware that some people wanna trade via call chat ?
    Even when they are farming ?
    Or they wanna know if someone is selling in the call chat interesting stuff ( WHILE FARMING ) without getting spammed with 80% non sense ?

    it's not that hard to filter out the gold spam - the chat would look exactly the same for me farming like the one jordan posted