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    Take Mobspawn out of the Metin Stones.

    I honestly don't understand how we went so off-topic here
    Even tho I understand the point of view of some people - most of you haven't tried the dragon room farming for once
    If you would know that your account value has to be very high ( pretty much near the maximum you can get )

    As many mentioned before - it's not easy 1kkk / hour farming place

    You need over an hour to just farm the keys which is basically wasted farm time
    If I remember right they spawn every 20min so it takes ~1:20h just for enough keys to enter

    then you farm for an hour in there and most of the times you end up with ~15 clams and that's pretty much it

    surely you can drop ( in theory ) a sick poison sword that gives you some money
    but that's very very rare

    MEANWHILE : You can farm in that time level 90 metin stones and can get a legendary perfect PvP weapon, lvl 66 good mystic armor and other stuff that also has huge value + clams + constant changer / adder / stones +4 / capes / skill books )

    i sometimes farm 5-6x for clams only
    that's 50-70 clams in ~14h

    The only reason why it is viable is because clam / pearl prices are / were high but they still drop pretty much daily

    It's endgame content in a GRIND GAME for People that played the most - get over it that they have better options to farm than someone who hasn't put half the effort into the game

    Apparently a "Hot Thread" gets ignored on this Server even tho it's listed for days ?
    Not the best sign for professionality if you ask me

    Not wanna be a typical Hater but ust a simple "Stay tight we are busy and answer soon" would be completely fine

    you don't have to discuss with us but at least show that you care

    As i said, i am pro for improve zins drop, but don’t fight anymore for stupid things. Dragon Run is already broken: 3x pearls + bdb + scale/claw (i am also pro for drop both 100% chance). I remember when i played server 1 long time ago (2012-2013) and we was doing dragon just for claw and scale needed for aqua armour.

    here in uganda you lose your tongue calling someone stupid

    Dude, i don’t have any probelm with you or with someone else, you should understand that. Better fight for good drop in heaven lair, not for keep Dragon Run broken. One of my ideas is to raise bdb drop at zins and counterattack strategy. Also they should raise grudge sword drop bcs it’s lower atm. They also can raise all lvl 75 weapons drop in hl, but Dragon Run should be fixed. If you enter there with metins farm idea, then you are totally wrong and you deserve to be named a “greedy player”. I repeat, let Dragon Run to be a run, not a farm spot.

    Sure if they make lair 2 and the Zin Mobs a more viable option to farm as alternative to the Dragon Room I'm fine with that since that's at least a better option to farm than lv 90 stones for high requirements
    I would totally agree to you and also talked about this with an Admin beside the Forum and suggested basically the same ( increase amount of Zin Mobs & increase their drop value )
    Adding lv 65 weapons as drop would also be another change that isn't that devastating but makes it way more viable to farm
    But just writing something that passive agressive like in your post before without any hint to that you can be sure ppl would take that offensive and rate you as a mean/jealous/ not serious person tbh

    I don’t hate anything, i talk about gameplay logic. You are crying about no place for farm at lvl 99? Dude, they already announced new updates, new maps etc. In Dragon Run you have unlimited monsters and you don’t wait for spawn like in heaven lair. “The thing is some people ” are too greedy and they’ll always want more and more and more. In my opinion drop from Dragon Run should be completely removed. Move your ass in heaven lair and farm for weps, armours and clams and let Dragon Run to be a run, not a farm spot.

    Announcing new content is in that situation worthless because it doesn't help directly

    If you are hungry and I tell you that I get you some food in the next week - would that satisfy your hunger? No

    You talk like Lair 2 is that nice to farm
    have you ever tried to farm there ?
    It doesn't pay off compared to just farm for example lv 90 stones simply for the following reason :

    the HUGE difference that the account value you need to be able to farm in the lair 2 is immense

    I can literally farm with 2 accounts in the red forest the level 90 stones for the value of a single account that is able to farm lair 2

    I'm not greedy but surely I want "more and more" if I get better overtime ... Have you ever seen a MMORPG where you don't get better reward the better you get ?

    Don’t compare these 2 please, you can find a lot of lvl 70 metins in Flame Land since they changed spawn number and spawn time. In Dragon run you farm lvl 75 weapons, lvl 66 armours and clams. Don’t sell me bait at cheap price, i am not fool.

    the thing is people that hate on others farming there usually haven't tried it for once
    it's 10x harder than anything else in the lair

    even tho the dropps are nice it is in my opinion completely fair considering you need perfect requirements

    if it gets removed they better add a different option to farm otherwise we are stuck again on the topic that a level 80 char can farm better than a level 99 char

    Increasing the dmg of a warrior would be a stupid idea since the warrior still is the highest dps low lvl char :)

    I think most of us agree that the grudge should have higher dmg than the poison since all the 2hand weapons have more attack value than the swords

    why would it be stupid to make them scale more with STR?
    It will most likely result to exactly the same that warriors in the high end get more Damage since that's where they scale the best with maxed STR

    Buffing Grudge Sword could lead to future problems when it comes to bossfights or other future content that has lower 2hand ressistance

    Not just endgame, midgame is garbage for warriors too. I haven't met one warrior who has started out the server fresh on his own be able to tank and farm v3 sufficiently without a farmer, which for once again new people, will take a long time to gather all those books and hermits etc to get to high M/G buffs. I agree with them needing a general pvm damage increase, if we gonna make em a wet noodle, at least have the noodle be spicy so it hurts and leaves a sting before it goes down :D

    well keep in mind that a damage buffed warrior would also make tp abso / restore better
    a glass cannon as always

    maybe that helps you with your noodle

    Beside all the Discussions - could we get a quick Statement from the Server Team ?
    An incoming Buff, a reasoning for the lower Damage or something else would be nice


    1. ) I still highly recommend to buff how warriors scale with STR
    By that I mean Aura of Sword should increase more than it does right now ( as I mentioned before you get max. around 600 Attack Value meanwhile a Sura gets up to 750 Attack Value )
    And in general STR doesn't help a lot the Warrior especially noticable when you put extra gear on with STR where the Damage difference is really low


    2. buff the Grudge Sword Damage & making it a drop in Lair 1 ( cause no warrior can handle even a group there not even talking about lair 2 :D )

    The problem with this Suggestion is that People told me 2hand Weapon gets better in the higher bosses ( that aren't available yet ) so I doubt this would be the perfect solution


    increase in General the PvM Damage

    but the downside of this is that Warriors are pretty ok in the early game ( especially with the higher attack value of Red Iron Blade )

    Since the Problem is more about the Warrior in the Endgame right now I really recommend to increase how Warriors scale with STR because that will literally only affect the Endgame where Warriors are able to hit the max. STR

    Aura should not scale as good as e blade --> make a test lvl 55 or 62 perfect warrior vs lvl 55 or 62 perfect sura and see that the warrior deals 1k more dmg :)

    Yea but the difference here is simply that RIB has way more attack value than FMS
    while the Grudge Sword has lower attack value, is way harder to get with Rarity + Warriors die like flies

    If you buff warrior to be like a sura, mages and assassins will be useless.

    No one wants to buff warrior to be like a sura
    People want warrior to be useful and have an individual strength like all the other classes

    Sura = Tank Class that deals with big masses and deals good Damage
    assassin = by far the strongest anti Boss Class
    Mage = Support Class and deals better with Boss
    Warrior = not the highest Damage, dies very fast

    If warrior rn with same set is dealling less dmg then sura something is wrong. Body Warrior should surpass all classes in damage .

    Thats why we play it otherwise everyone would just go for sura to get easy pvm rewards.

    And that's the Point. I wouldn't say Sura is OP everyone should go for that Class
    But on most Server I've played Warriors were the Damage Class and always dealt more Damage than the Sura

    Compared to this Server Sura deals more Damage and doesn't die to the first Damage he takes

    Hey Guys!

    First of all I want to give some Informations about the reason for my suggestion:

    ( click to read the novel :D )

    What I want to Suggest :

    I've played on tons of Oldschool Servers and Warriors were usually slightly buffed in the high end PvM to compensate with the huge advantage that sura have ( for example Grudge Sword having +30 attack value more than Poison Sword, Aura of Sword scales better with Strength making it more viable in higher levels, End Gear had strength as base bonus to increase Warrior Damage in the lategame ) but on this Server the highest PvM Gear only increases Intelligence ( Soulstone Bracelet+9 = +10 Int ) making this Gap / Difference probably even bigger

    If you add in a few months some bosses that have planed lower 2hand ressitance you can just increase it to compensate such a buff

    I don't want to suggest a straight warrior buff that they get broken or deal way more Damage in PvP

    I just wanna suggest a slightly buff in PvM so they aren't getting more useless overtime compared to other classes

    Let them keep their higher Damage than Sura at higher levels so they got an Advantage for taking waaay more Damage

    Feel free to leave your Constructive Opinion about this but please stick to the Topic and be nice to each other

    Î partly agree

    Ôbviously everyone noticed that TP prices are rising daily / weekly
    but the difference is that TP could also rise because there is less people cashing into the server

    I can imagine that the happy hour Event made many people buy a huge amount of TP for a single time and now those big amounts are slowly running out on the Server / getting traded on the market

    I do agree that the auto pott in general is a good feature to remove some Yang from the Server

    But in general I wouldn't say that prices are rising that much beside TP

    Not quite sure about the bravery capes getting removed from the Item Mall
    I think that will only lead to a decrease of TP value and annoy many people since the price will rise hard

    Good Update
    without new players a pserver dies
    keeping the Server noobfriendly is the right way to go

    it's not like everyone has a huge advantage now - you guys have exactly the same as others just with the difference that 1-3 skills were read before on higher cooldown

    doesn't change the fact that those days still count and you guys are far ahead

    Really bad changes for high level players, but to be fair we needed that change to lower it..

    Not really unfair to be honest
    I myself rushed many skills and bio quests and at the end you used exorcism scrolls and monocles anyway
    surely overall we got our skills and quest progress a bit slower but we also had the server start advantage and free farm spots :P

    yea it's understandable that people would say 5:1 is better because of the current situation but this is a suggestion that affects the future of the server
    and I can guarantee you if you wait 1 more week you would totally understand why people suggest 10:1

    with 5:1 I'm pretty sure the switcher value will drop hard because at one point everyone is floating adder and changes them to switcher

    ( such as green adder )

    in my opinion it's also better for the server team because if 10:1 is too much they can still change it to 5:1 or 8:1
    but if you start with 5:1 it might ruin the market value especially if they have to change it to 10:1 afterwards

    as I said before - adder lost 66% of their value over a single week and not even the majority is farming in the red forest
    it will most likely drop to 1kk or even lower

    From personal preferences perspective I would love to see 5:1 trades but I honestly think 10:1 is better for the Server just because switchers shouldn't be easier to get

    10:1 would still be a viable option to do by those hard dropping prices ( just look at red adder dropping from 4kk -> 1kk in 1-2 weeks )

    Also it would be possibly not that devastating to add for the Server Team and maybe change it later to 5:1 instead of going directly for 5:1

    I've seen 10:1 on many servers with the same drop rate & usage rate and it wasn't a problem there as well
    5:1 might make it too easy to get changers and might lower the general markt value of both products