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    Is this for all weapons, or just for certain weapons?
    And can you tell us this "limit" for the different classes?
    Won't this make berzerk skill kinda overpowered?

    In my opinion it would be better to rotate the day of Moonlight Event, for example:

    Keep the saturday, but instead of sunday do it on Monday - Friday.

    This would make all weekend players happy, but also those who cannot compete with highlvl PvP's camping in V3 for the whole day etc. without increasing the days of Moonlight Event per month.

    Something to think of:
    ppl said this should be a 90+ Map, which would mean that a lot ppl couldnt bring their buffer.
    On S1 just teleporting was 90+, but entering worked under Lvl90.

    Suggestion: Entering from lower Lvl (maybe 75+?) BUT drops only enabled from 90+ ?

    P.S.: Experienced players are always faster lvling up and farming, they know how the game works, even if they don't spend 1000€.
    Quests give you Exos/Hermits/Changers/Adders, Tec points are tradable -> LvL 35 is enough to reach a good amount of Gold to buy Tecs for getting P-Skills.
    Also reaching LvL90 is no big deal, Capes+Passage+EnergyDrinks is the magic formula.

    Why no Armours?
    Was useless in S1, will be useless on this Server again.
    Afraid of 8% Average dropping everywhere?
    Just wondering ?(

    Well, Shadow, on SG1 few of my Accounts were banned because i didnt know the rule of Multiaccounting in DT, which forbids more than 5 (dont remember if it was 5 or less) accounts from same person in DT.
    My question: what about SG2Global? is it a exploit, doing a DT with more accounts than Main+Buffer?

    16h roleback seems nothing to me when i see ppl playing like crazy for 24h, you guys will probably have a playtime of 329082439823892398h somewhen, so what is 16h....
    Of course it sucks, but it also sucks if you crash an item on the way to +9, or role like 1kkk for crap stats, its the game, life goes on...