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    I am willing to help. 20 mins after the wiki was published here i corrected some MAJOR mistakes like beeing able to drop items from lvl 15 instead of 50 with negative rank without levis ring...pretty important stuff right?

    Well the fastest way to fix this is to fix the numbers displayed, right? For example the Ancient tree drops a cut cor with 100% as listed in his drop, which it doesnt. And you expect players to not ask questions about these numbers if the % doesnt add up?

    Yes i am very envious that i cant spawmkill dragon run every 10 mins. But that, as u might remember, is because you put a 30 min cooldown on dragon run so that 10 min has nothing to do with my posts. And just fyi i can enter the dragon run every 30 mins. Even if someone is already inside. It fucks the stone spawns up most of the time, but that is no concern to me. I can kill the dragon with 0 stones and also with 6 stones. I just don't do it so others can farm their 1h inside the room. And don't get me wrong I'm farming the stones there as well. Heck i dropped 2x 8 avg poison swords in the last 2 days, ~800 moonlight per run at the moment, and a lot of clams. I'm just suggesting to u a solution to give players around lvl 80 a new farming spot. Because right now without 90 maps there is nothing else to farm for 80+ except red wood forest.

    PS: u sure it was 0,15% not 0,05%? ;)

    great. another person who didnt read the thread. The idea is to shift the clam drops somewhere else than dragon room, not to get rid of them. and yes there is a monopoly and if we want we can just go up to 20kk per clam again. then u only have clams from those who fish farm normal mobs in hl2 left.

    Its nice to see how the Admin really gets into these threads and takes our suggestions to heart, just like he always says when asked about changes on this server: "Players wanted more clams so they got more clams" "Players dont want pearls from itemshop" :Players dont want liutao from itemshop". Havent seen any pollys/threads about these but lets make a useless poll about boss spawn :)

    TLDR for u Shadow : Dragon room op, too many clams, change dragon room so people dont drop 30+ clams per run and get a monopoly. Most replies agree.

    you think you can be a bit more constructive this time?


    Shadow u still dont want to talk about this problem?

    Hi there,

    just a quick suggestion before we get the next moonlight:

    Put the 2nd blessing marble back into the (M) and (L) moonlight box. I think no one will complain when those marbles drop to 5kk or less each. Right now it costs one about 100-125kk on average to get a 5. stat. And changing without a 5. stat is pretty much useless.


    Can you please elaborate how these 5kk and 3kk prices are going to fix the "problem" of too much gold in the game?

    Because I dont see the 5kk for 3h and 20 mins of 50 ap working out.

    If you really want stuff like this then it should be overpriced. It should help players do runs earlier and faster.

    How about 10x for 50kk so you can use 1x of those 10 for killing the boss faster/tank the boss better and not use it for farming monsters/stones. Imo that makes much more sense.

    You people want huge numbers of dmg and less time per metin stone. You will get all of this. You just have to wait until alchemy becomes a real thing and we get more pearls and +6 stones.

    PS: u can make blue liquids yourself for a fairly cheap price anyway at the moment. most players just dont bother. And if you dont bother to spend 10 mins for liquids you should not be rewarded by being able to buy them from general store.

    Okay then let me be constructive.

    The state of the dragon run is complete garbage at the moment. Players enter the run and farm the stones which are respawned over and over for the complete duration of the run. This problem exists mainly thanks to the great idea from the TEC team to just quintuple the clam drops from the normal HL2 monsters. So let me just sum this up so the average player understands: if you farm the stones in the dragon room for 1h you get more pearls from all the clam drops compared to doing 2 fast dragon runs(also about 1h if u consider cooldown). And by the way that's clams PER player. so if you join with 2-3 people you get a total of about 60+ clams in 1 hour. And now you are telling me you want more general spawns and 1 room per channel but leave out the part where you make 2-300kk per hour there right now? Some people don't even/cant even kill the dragon at all but still enter and farm.

    So now that the real problem with the dragon room is clear here is my suggestion:

    Everything you said, after the clam drops have been reduced to normal % and the zin monsters in hl2 get the x5 clam drops.

    If this change will get applied less people will farm dragon because they first have to make the gear/don't want to bother making the gear to actually kill the dragon. This way there is less traffic at general.

    if you don't like my idea with shifting the clam drops feel free to suggest your own ideas. Its not the best, i know. Shadow also didn't like it, but when discussing with him, he didn't seem to bother about this at all. Maybe if more player speak out about it we get some change.

    Make pvp. Kill people at general. Take genearl. The end.

    PS: You should try to do the draogn sometime in the furutre. Then you would see that it can drop both upp items at the same time as well ;)

    well then this only proves my point doesnt it? if you guys dont agree with my suggestion i would see it from the like/dislike ratio and therefore would not have "pushed" it back up because i know its not welcome.

    bios and skills dont take time anymore if u havent noticed. u can get g skills in 2 weeks. u can finish bios 3 times faster now. I wont tell anyone to go lvl up. but just because u are not ready (or not willing to lvl up) the content u want to get wont move down to your lvl. Its metin2. You either make gear and farm stuff u want or you buy it from other people farming it. U enjoy low lvl content and i enjoy high lvl stuff. Dont try to take all the drops that make high lvl gameplay worth and apply them to ur preferred farming spots.

    Blue Death box missing,

    Treasure chest missing

    Upgreade Items is missing refine+ stuff

    Wrong picture for Ancient Tree Chest monster

    "When you have 50 level at least and negative rank, there is chance to lose some items from equipment if you're killed. You have to be careful to avoid it."

    wrong. u can drop at least with lvl 18 but i think its from lvl 15

    " By killing players from your kingdom on "Free" PVP mode

    - You'll lose 2 000 rank points, if you're in group, points will be divided by the numbers of players in group."

    wrong u get -4000

    Autopots cost 140 TEC points so lets say they are worth 14kk of gold. u can farm 14kk worth of gold in about 10-20 mins depending on what u farm. They last very long in low/mid lvl and high lvl make more gold so its fine for us that they run out faster. U have the possibility to farm auto pots yourself did u know?? Just dont stay low level forever and do some dc/dragon runs to get your own supply. Heck maybe even hell run someday where they are near 100% drop. OR EVEN ICE RUN?!?!?! It seems like you guys will soon ask for blue changers to get sold by general store. If you think clicking on pots is anoying spend some gold for tec or lvl u. Its as easy as that.

    As the title says my suggestion is to either remove the key or set it to drop 100% form the monsters...

    Sometimes it takes 15+ mins to farm it just to enter dc run. And we already have to farm the relics as entrance fee. So 2x dt is 30 mins per run. This should be enough "tme investment" imo. No need to waste extra time via farming the key.