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    At this point it would be best to fuse s1 and s2. All the people from s2 get their content for higher lvls and s1 gets new pvp traction. Just transfer accounts from s2 to s1 and change the 90 map on s1 like we have it on s2 atm. I'd even go as far as say s2 pvp is stronger atm because of the better alchemy. This may also make it easier to find CoMa since you would only need one :)

    I think I am speaking for the majority of players, correct me if I am wrong tho

    This basically changes every 2nd monday, when everyone is done with mining event. Just ask one of the guild leaders to change the alchemist for u and pay the fee in return, when u need it.

    Just reboot the server and stop talking nonsense. If AMD was the problem we would have gotten complaints earlier. Dont make a fool out of yourself, ch2 and ch3 are a joke. We are sick and tiered of complaining. This endless "you are wrong and should not assume.." bs is getting anoying.

    have u tried lvl 85 and 90 metins in red woon forest and 2nd red woon forest? they drop a lot and each stone should be worth about 3-5kk

    It has been over a month since the the post "dev diary 1.4". It would be nice to get some more information regarding when we can expect this update and also some info about the drops, or maybe a direction it will go. This would also stop people from assuming stuff like stones+6 are still a thing, and also threads like this would not come up. A lot of people are 105 or close to it. I would even assume as soon as these runs are live more people will actually lvl up for them, because they know what drops they give and how they are needed.

    Yes the ice run may have been completed in 13 mins during dungeon master. But then again how many people competed? probably full push to be as fast as possible. These are not normal conditions. I dont see a point in comparing this with a solo run.

    Im pretty sure my stack of dragon gods will be enough to last till next year xmas. Untill then a lot of new players will start and go for pvp gear.

    3. I am not trying to upp the gold we will get from the run. I am trying to make ice Grail fairly common, so the refine+ will be affordable. Keep in mind u still need a pearl for refine+ as well. I dont think anyone has a problem with ice grails being 30kk each. just think about it. if we get 1x grail per run we will want 90kk. if we get 3x per run we will charge 90kk as well. After 1 week tho the market will get flooded by ice grails which will kick the price down to 30ish.

    PS: i have all my armours and shoes already+9. This is not suppose to be a selfish post.

    1. they can be made as expensive as the team wishes, by increasing the amount of flamekeys needed.

    2. yes but its more expensive over time to use the alchemy so u would want to keep that to a minimum --> selfbalancing

    3. the run took at least 35 mins and it was 45 with only 1x dmg char most of the time. If ice grail is still the main drop of that run 1x will be very expensive since people want to make it worth their while. better to make 2 or 3 per run so the profit can be the same but more items drop. keep in mind u need 2x ice grail for +9 refine. which would take 1h30 min just to farm.

    4. yes but now they are in the game. There is no reason to punish future pvp players by not giving them access to "cheap" dragon god like we had.

    Hello there fellow warriors,

    Since the anouncement of Hell and Ice run is taking uncommonly long (no hate, just not used to such long waiting time after dev diary entry, probably because of xmas) i had some time to think about the run and the drops. Since the community dont want the +6 stones I have a few different suggestions to make the realse faster, keep the changes very simple and add exiting items to the game.

    1. Keep the flamekey in the game and use it as a crafting item.

    My idea behind this is, that you can add crafting paths to the Master npc like 5x flamekey gives 50% chance to craft rare adder, 10x flamekey gives 50% to craft rare changer, or something along these lines. (maybe also alchemy stat adder/changer to counteract the useless superclass dss which are clean) This could speed up the release of the run and also the variety players can use this run.

    2. keep the run as hard as on s1 where we had +6 stones.

    On server 1 we had minor alchemy and +6 stones. Here we have no +6 stones, but its fairly easy to get high class alchemy, which should balance things out enough. (Also making the run harder means it can be more rewarding via good drops)

    3. Ice run should drop at least 1x ice grail per run with 100% and maybe increace the % on the mobs which are spawned by the boss., so 2-3 are acutally possible per run.

    This would decreace the ice grail price and make it viable to use for shoes/armour (kinda like the state of the splinter right now but a bit more expensive)

    4. Add dragon god attack/defense as a drop to the runs.

    This should keep the prices of this item down a bit. The reason behind this is, that newer players who did not enjoy them dropping during xmas event cant compete in budokan or nation war if they don't have them. (as soon as the market drys out new pvp players cant get them at all) Or add them to itemshop so everyone can purchase them.

    These are all just ideas. I have no clue how far the dev team is with these runs and if they can still be adapted without throwing off the balance.

    I'm open to discussions + more ideas and as always keep it civil

    Tary   Elspeth How come this event there are no exp rates? Every xmas event i player on the sg server there were exp rates for at least a few days. And if we consider that so many people complained about exp gain for high lvl I think it would be a good idea to implement them. And please dont come with the argument "u already had exp rates". We had to wait for those 2 weeks and they are completely unrelated to the event. In fact I dont even know why they were still running after the event start since every orther normal event like mining event got cancelled.

    U always say u are listening to the community. Well on this forum were countless posts about exp rates and exp in general. Now would be the time to show how well u listen to our complains.