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    No we expect u to do SOMETHING!

    If there will be no Update in the following days, thats pretty much the end for me. Im sooo fucking bored atm, cause there is nothing to farm for me. I was playing about 1h for the whole past week.

    Just to remind u.. There will start several servers soon, dont take so long-....

    Wtb htn 500/800 hp + 5 demi res
    Hte 8 avg 5 demi res Htb 5 Faint / 20 attack / 5 crit reduction
    Horned helmet 5 demi 5 attackspeed
    61 shields 5 skill + 5/8 avg
    Mpa 5 skill 5/8 avg Phenix boots and Leatherboots 5 skill 5/8 avg Bamboo Bell 8 avg
    Perfect legendary alchemy Pm ingame CharmMer or here ;)

    As i said, i am pro for improve zins drop, but don’t fight anymore for stupid things. Dragon Run is already broken: 3x pearls + bdb + scale/claw (i am also pro for drop both 100% chance). I remember when i played server 1 long time ago (2012-2013) and we was doing dragon just for claw and scale needed for aqua armour.

    We did so many runs and just received 1 pearl from the dragon. I can remember 1 time we got 2 pearls xD

    Im still not sure, but u have to spend so much time and efford -> farm 15 generals and the drop u get is just not worth it, unless u need ur pvp armor or qillins.

    And you are sura XD now imagine 50% magic res, 65 arrow, 45 dodge arrow, 60% lightening, full bios, P buffs 55% and still dying at normal zin as a warrior 🤣

    I just tried out some things e.g. playing without Enchanted Blade or fear.. with good buffs and eq u still can withstand zin monsters xD

    Give high lvlers more places to Farm instead of taking them away. With Lvl 92 i have only the possibility to Farm hl2, cause red wood Forest starts to get worse, the higher i Level up. Im still asking myself, why the rooms with zin Monsters are so empty. Maybe its possible to make spawn rooms or something like that cause if u disable the monsterspawn from the Dragon Metins and bring no alternatives its completly over.

    And just to let u know - the dropp from the Metins in hl2 is just as v2. You just dropp extra clams, Poisons and 66 armors there. So just reducing the clam Ratio would be totally fair. I mean u can farm your 61 Shields with 8 avg and Dont Even Need any special eq in v2, while u Need P Skills p buffs , Full Magic Equipment, Full arrow, Full arrow Dodge , and even if u Have all of that u still die , when u get fainted. In this case i dont See the Point of removing the complete Drops of Metins stones. Just reduce clams and make increase Zins

    Not dragon drop is the problem there. Dragon already got the best drop from game, let's talk about metins. If they'll make metins to not spawn hl mobs, the problem is solved, end of story.

    The drop of the dragon should be reworked - 1 scale and claw 100% and not just 1 of both

    +1 for those 5x clam drop from zins :D

    but yeah ur right overall, im also farming clams in the dragon room etc. If the dragon would have better dropps, I wouldnt farm there

    I guess u didnt get it.. There will be PvP anyway, but 1 general is basically not enough..

    And yes I did more than 1 run, I just said its not 100% to get both of those uppitems. 100% for one, and then maybe 10% for the second one?

    Well I know, not all of you reached high-level and this thread might be completly unappealing for you right now; BUT...

    Let me tell you this: At the moment you need 15 keys to enter the dragon room. There is only 1 Zin General on each channel, who

    dropps 1 of those keys, on condition you have the gear to kill them. So, u'll get 4 keys each spawn, makes 12 keys /hour overall.

    So after 1 hour you still can't enter the dragon room. Now imagine, there are more players, than just one, who wants to enter the dragon.

    Like 3-4 guilds with 5 players each.

    Lets say each guild will get 1 Channel, so its 5h for just ONE player of each guild to enter the room.

    But guys, that's not all... after u killed the dragon, which is right now by far the strongest boss u'll get just one of two Uppitems for 100%

    And u just need 3-4 Scales/Claws each to upgrade your Stuff.

    My suggestion is: Spawn 4 Generals on each channel and let the dragon dropp at least both of the uppitems 100%.

    Ah I almost forgot it - there is only 1 Party, who can enter the dragon room at the same time, that should be changed as well, if the team is trying to consider my suggestion.

    I Wasnt playing on s1 but i can tell that this is the way metin has always been. The stronger ones decide the Prices. Whether its on the Official Server or on p servers it has always been the Same 😬

    The truth is that you have too much free time and zero patience.

    There's no way you're already "bored" of doing Dragon and Azrael if you didn't Mall a lot and that's your problem, you're free to do it but that doesn't give you any right to pretend new content every month.
    Server in general is not even 1 Month old and you're already bored of the current endgame ? Take things a little bit slower dude or you'll be bored of lv.90 map in less than a month from its release and at that point we'll have one less "Top player" :D

    Well im also working and i just want to Tell u, that the 105 Update brings so much variety on the Server. Right now the only Things for me to do are Dragon Azra and Red Forest. Ma gear is Not +9 after all, but i can tell it will be soon. I have p Skills as Well as My mage. Furthermore i have legendary alchemy, which i cant Upgrade to +4 Cause there are no Dragon beans in the Game yet. The Point is , that more and more Players are going to reach high Lvl and want to Farm the Dragon, which is right now the end Boss , but i can tell You for sure, that only 2 guilds will Farm it in the Future and kill u other guys.

    U Need 15 keys to enter the Dragon room with only 1 General Spawning on 4 different channels. U May fight us, but u will lose and thats what im going to Tell u is the Point , where Many Could quit, because they have Not the possibility to reach the high end gear. With the new Update , there will be much more Variety for all of us. The only Point u have to do is Leveling up.

    Sry for Ma mistakes and Grammar , but writing by phone sucks 😂

    the update comes definitly way too early . November should be the earliest time for this update. There are jsut a handfull of people who can manage to farm there . 98% of the server did not discovered all runs of the server right now. just wait otherwse only a few people will farm there and fill their pockets more and more . the difference to the "casual" players would just increase way too much this way, give them one months more time !

    yo im already bored doing Azrael and Dragon over and over. Just because u cant reach high level we have to suffer?

    Makes no sense to me - u had enough time to farm etc and u still have about 1 month left, since the update date is not out yet.