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    Well, i aggree with that, i yesterday the players were 400 more at 24 hours, and today is 3,7 and the online users are under 900 all Day.. I aggree with exos, better than hexo but i would like to have the extra inventory faster, elixis at General.. My opinion if you try to be a bit middle school would bebl better for all, and also that Will attract New players.. That they Will know that if they farm like 3-4 hours per Day they Will get rewarded. Nowdays the most players are more than 20 years old, they have their Jobs, families and other things and they cant afford all Day everyday to make some good, not Best items. We are at 2019 not 2005 i like the server much but you need to give more afford to the players or in 1 month i suppose the server Will be empty.

    Hey,i main is 80+ and the buffer bellow that means that you cant farm there and you need to do the buffer also lvl80 for farm with other classes except mirage and dragon mage?