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    both servers are good but since s2 global has opened , They dont pay attention to SG and this year they did not do Christmas event for example

    Attack speed on helmet, boots, high level +9 bracelet, attack speed potion, 15% attack speed potion, lots of way to go at it

    so i must have attspeed on everything and tons of potions while warriors have more just by using one skill ? I have to spend 200 won to make the perfect gears so that i am still slower than warriors

    Suras are already in a really good spot, besides of that the grudge sword is much harder to drop than the Poison sword and its only natural that a two handed weapon has more attack value than a one handed weapon.

    Eitherway, Suras also profit out of this patch since they can reach 200 attack speed fairly easily.

    People writing that they deal like 3-4k more . It is much easier for warriors to reach the attspeed limit with 60%+ from berserk + the pots .. while the rest classes must have attack speed on their items

    WTFFFFF , this bug might be the reason the game is dead (not talking about the server but the game in general) THANK YOU on finding it , you are the man , the savior , our Messiah

    I like the idea with the normal changers but since new maps coming soon , the price will drop on them as well and it wont be worth it to build up for the run , again ... I might be wrong , but i think that is gonna happen

    An other idea could be that the boss of this run gives a key for an other plague run much harder but much more rewarding with the same requirements ( 70 level weapojns/48-54 armours and the key which can only be obtained from the first plague run)

    Hey there,

    the problem i see here is that this is less of a suggestion but much more just a request to change something.

    Don't get me wrong here, there's nothing wrong in doing so, however, nobody gave us a reasonable clue what you guys would like to drop in that run yet.

    I dont know if the word 'demand' is the best describing my point but .. Yeah , i dont think that the run is good as it is now and i dont see any reason spending money and time building gear for it (since it needs lvl 70 weapon and level 48/54 armour to run it)
    I wanted to let the people reading this post suggesting possible reward changes or even a change on the run itself. In other runs, we got the opportunity to get boxes which include Poisons , Grudge swords and stuff like that which could have a rarity bonus , and since players like grinding they prefer them

    Thank you for keeping the post active.. but how about the main idea ? What do you guys think about the run :P

    I had a couple of conversations in game and people were telling me that the run is kinda not worth it anymore because of the rewards...
    Red enhancements are much easier to obtain and Pearls (which drop rarely) cost way less these days....
    I would like you to tell me your opinion about this and I would like to see what players and GMs think about it

    We all have to admit that the Plagued run dungeon is not a very ''profitable'' run to do and so people don't really prefer it over Dragon , DC and now (after the adjustments) DT .
    IMO it should be also ''fixed'' . By fixed i mean , better rewards but also harder to complete it. It is an easy run which most people can do it alone but thats not different from DC,Aqua and DT which can still be done by one farmer and one buffer used by the same person ... What do you think about that?

    Feel free to suggest ways of improving this run so it becomes more playable

    We play this game for ages and we all know that limited lvl 65 weapons like Battle sword , Yellow bow , Salvi fan etc can be upgraded into lvl 90 weapons for pvp once they are +9.
    My suggestion basically is that the other lvl 65 weapons (Divine apricot bow , Lightning knife , and every other ''useless'' weapon ) , should be made able to be upgraded into lvl 90 weapons like the other ones , The stats would be decided by the staff . Right now they are so bad even an insane legendary Lightning knife would not be usable and would have no value.

    Thats basically my idea , feel free to suggest improvements to it , tell me if you like or if you think this is gonna be bad and why.

    good luck , have fun

    I dont know if you actually suggest that for others and not for your own self farming 24 hours nonstop like many people could do . So many hours would be exploited by ''hardcore'' farmers dont you think?