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    There isn't only one reason for someone to quit a game as you can see clearly. Those two different problems are connected to each other and of course, there are numerous reasons, but that is not the topic atm. Showing a desperate mode and "already dead game" standpoint is pretty much destructive in my opinion. We all see how you left "everyone wants P skills in one day" approach in time, and I hope in the future you can get over this one too.

    As you can see from previous comments of me, I specifically quoted some portions from your message, my intention is not arguing or making up stories. Just my individual comments and thoughts on your messages.

    I believe no one is giving you advice about how to code because this is already the dev team's job.

    That's a pity how you take most of the comments here offensive, rather than seeing people who love SG and want to add some value in it by giving feedback.

    Of course thanks for the comment. To be honest I don't care about player count of this server, because I love SG. The only thing I don't accept is "Metin2 is dying so is SG." mindset. That mindset caused all of my friends to leave the game, which feels bad. Team should do their best(I believe you are doing tbh), rather than arguing in the forum, and make the game as fun as possible for players.

    I am not the owner either just the Community Manager. We have changed Developers as a matter of fact. These are public things, not sure why you make up stuff claiming i am the owner lmao. And based on this make up crap you also formulate thoughts. Amusing.

    Halloween was on October, server opened on September. I stated several times we had 1 month delay, again is it so hard to read?

    Halloween was on October? :D Really? "Halloween Event will start on Wednesday, October 30th and will end on Sunday, November, 10th!" you had %30 of the November?

    I did not know that you are not the highest person in the hierarchy, sorry for that

    "As i stated before i am not a DEV, i am not responsable for the short comings of the updates on the first month of this server. " - I thought you are owner of this server? Aren't you? So can Apple's CEO say:"I am not responsible of our developers"? Is SG a non-profit organization which is open source? Is your dev doing charity work? Is he/she not paid? I mean if your dev is not good enough, change. You are the owner of this company :D

    "Still after that month, updates were delivered on schedule and with good quality." - I am pretty sure people left(At least my guild) just because you deliver all the updates too late. Lack of content is just boring. Farming red forest for 2 months is boring. If after the halloween means nearly 4 weeks after, okay.

    "The game is dying, pretty simple. " - no shadow, there are a lot of crap and alive servers with good numbers of count, sg is dead sadly. My favorite server is SG, and it is pretty shame knowing this servers' potential and the situation now.

    Stop thinking that metins are the only thing in this game.

    Bosses, Runs and alternative maps like Heavens Lair / Future Content often require a sura which is able to tank the stuff while others deal the damage.

    When u wait just one update for a long time, and got bored from all other stuff it is disapponting :)

    Then you should buff 90 map mobs too, because at the moment you don't need any kind of defence to farm metins easily. They are already hitting like 50 :D Afterwards, we can talk about advantages and disadvantages. Suras are completely useless now

    edit: if all problem is increased damage taken because of the berserk, you can just remove that effect. There is a difference between buff and over-buff

    Suras are already in a really good spot, besides of that the grudge sword is much harder to drop than the Poison sword and its only natural that a two handed weapon has more attack value than a one handed weapon.

    Eitherway, Suras also profit out of this patch since they can reach 200 attack speed fairly easily.

    Well how easily suras can have 200 attack speed?

    Thank you for your reply.

    I also believe and see you are already trying your best, and I appreciate it as a player. Maybe if those nice updates were made before the server was opened in the first place, today would be a lot different, but it is another topic and useless to speak.

    If advertisements are not going to work from now on, one solution might be bringing new updates and content fastly and promoting those in forums. Showing people that SG2 is a different server and they can have fun, will attract new people. Even your announcement about version 1.3, got some attention and at least I started to log in more often. You already know how people consume something and get bored easily in today's world. Obviously limiting people with just a couple of options (Devils Catacomb, Aqua Room, Red Forest, Plagued Dungeon, Demon Tower) is not a good practice. I really believe you guys are on the correct path and will get some good results in the near future, only lacking thing is speed.

    +1 Terotex for most of the suggestions.

    5,6,9 and 10 are not crucial in my opinion though. Neutral about large potions being stackable, because they might become less valuable when they stack. I only don’t agree with shoes of wind suggestion, because two classes has movement speed skills, so they need to have at least a small advantage.

    @[GM]Elspeth your youtuber and streamer selections seems like wrong. Usually they don’t have a big community around them. Maybe you can try Google Ads and Facebook Ads.


    no they werent removed, but putting 20 bosses onto a small picture looks kinda bad.

    Thank you for the reply.

    What about their drops? Because they are usually much more strong than the ones in the pictures. If they are not same but they have same drops, noone would farm them I think.

    One question about the update, in the pictures we only see some of the bosses, and they are easier ones. What about other strong bosses such as Elite Poly, Crab, Martyxwar? Are they removed?

    I think run is not that easy, as Mantolas already pointed, you have to prepare specific items only for this run. Also, nowadays polymorph marbles are not cheap, you don't simply go there and farm something with one marble. Moreover, for people who wants to solo this dungeon, finishing those plagued egg's takes too much time(you need as much as critical strike you can get). When you list everything down, I think dungeon is not profitable and there is no motivation for players to go there(You can even level up faster in different places, since dungeon takes too much time).

    Orc maze is a good example for how this run should be changed. You can drop different upgrade items in orc maze, as well as full moon swords etc. I think it would be good if you add some valuable stuff to plagued metin, at least you can make %100 chance to drop those upgrades. For example, you can add accessories to mobs, and we can drop something valuable maybe? Like the orc maze.

    To be fair, when you have 15 mobs around you, you wont be running anywhere anyways.

    And you do not need Stamina in order to Hit them

    Ty for the reply,

    Please try with all spider polys, some of them cannot hit when stamina is 0. You cannot move and hit. Of course I won't move when I have 15 mobs around me, but I hit those and restore my hp

    At least, please, solve the issue about stamina. When your stamina finishes while polymorphed, character just stops(some marbles won't stop), and you cannot move or hit. One more suggestion is about plagued eggs part, maybe decreasing either amount or health of those can be a good buff to this run in terms of time.