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    You should read carefully. If the situation gets solved we have no reason to delete the items. The question you should ask yourself is why a complete stranger should gift you items.

    Also stop with the assumptions. You got banned the day he did the chargeback, is not like you got banned today cause we wanted you to miss events. If you were online we would have spoke to you but since you weren't we had to block the account. The reason is stated on my previous post, but feel free to believe whatever witch hunting theory you want to believe.

    Answer to the support if you want to solve your problem. Have you done it hours ago you this thread wouldn't exist.

    Just take the items on your own account until the debt is paid and then give them back to the player who originally purchased them.
    Why should bestion have to wait for that to happen? it's none of his business and now he is getting punished by not being able to play while events are happening and maybe he even looses time on his own IS stuff. Also it happens quite frequently, strangers are giving away stuff, because they stop playing. Especially in times like this, where the number of active players decreases heavily day by day, which, in my opinion, is the teams fault, because either they overlook the communites wishes, ignore them or are too lazy/incompetent to implement changes or make improvements to the game.

    People have stopped playing this server, because the team is so damn inactive. There were tons of suggestions to improve the server, e.g.
    to make items automatically stack after trading/taking them out of the warehouse, the shopsearch, shops changing colours after clicking on them, the extra SB/Stone storage that got removed and has not come back yet. And much more.
    Little to non of the users suggestions have been implemented to the game, nor have they recieved any feedback from the Team.

    Also you just get to the point where you have to do nothing but wait to make progress (Biologist, Skills). If everyone had the same problem, it would be alright, but you can just pay hundreds of Euros to skip those cooldowns and be 2 weeks or even further ahead of any non-cashing Player. Of course you can drop the red monocle and exos in the late game, but the market for those is too small to take advantage of it and without skills and bios you cant farm them yourself.
    PfeilImKopf You cant expect everyone to play more than 2h a day, because not everyone lives from welfare or prioritizes Metin over everything else. Although it might be just right in your opinion, you simply have to listen to those, who are the biggest part of the community: the average workingclass player. Unless, of course, you want the server to be empty.

    So my advice to the Team is: Listen to the players, dont be afraid to change stuff and most importantly: dont be lazy!

    A few more improvements from my side:

    _shopnames should change colours after you clicked on them, so you know what shops you already clicked on
    -items picked up by a groupmember should be stacked in your inventory, same with things you receive from trades
    - quest potion for the biologist should be stackable, same with polymorph- and leadingbooks etc.
    - already named but very important: hotkeys and shortcuts to sell things, to get things in and out of the warehouse etc.