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    Hi guys,

    From today, 10th April at 00:00 and for 48 hours, every purchase of Tec Points will grant an additional 50% bonus. Please be aware that on the external sites the displayed Tec Points won't have displayed the 50% bonus, but you still receive the bonus once the points are credited in your account.

    Thanks for your support.

    Happy Easter and Stay Safe!!!

    Kind Regards,

    SG2 Global Team


    Hey guys

    Next Friday, April 10th, at 00:00 GMT+0. the Easter Event will start!

    The event will have a duration of 5 days and will be divided into 2 parts:

    In-Game Event

    Every scheduled Event will be canceled during Easter Event.

    Each town will be visited by the White Rabbit that will give you the Easter Quest. By accepting it, you will receive an Empty Basket, and you will have to collect Easter Eggs to fill the basket. You can gather 20 different types of Easter Eggs all accross the server.

    Once you placed every egg in it, click on it again and it will transform into a Basket with Eggs, which you can bring back to the White Rabbit.

    Repeat this process as many times as you can, the White Rabbit will keep the count.

    You can obtain Easter Chests for every time you fill the basket completely and deliver it to the White Rabbit.


    The rewards are ONLY given after the Event ends!

    If you click on "HAPPY EASTER", you will lose your Basket permanently and you WILL NOT be able to fill it anymore! Please be careful not to click in that message!

    We are NOT responsible if you lose your Basket after clicking by mistake on "HAPPY EASTER"

    You can only drop the eggs from the Easter Metins close to your level.

    You need 20 different type of eggs to fill the basket, you can check at any time which eggs are missing by clicking on the basket.

    Low level players may get the Easter Gem, it works like a radar, pointing out where the closest Easter Metin is.

    Every day, there will be a Random Special Event!

    Also, at random times, during each day, there will be Special Rabbit giving out some eggs for 10 minutes! Be sure to find him!

    Forum Event

    Screenshot Event: Take the best screenshots you can during the Easter Event. Be as creative as you can. You are allowed to edit them. The best 4 artworks will be rewarded with Tec Points!

    Puzzle Event: Every day it will be available a puzzle for you to solve. I will only accept the answer via private message. The fastest player to send me the correct answer via private message will be rewarded with an Odin's Ring!

    Selfie Event: Show us pictures of your Easter celebrations! The best and funniest 4 picture will be rewarded with Tec Points!

    Also, Costumes, Hairstyles and Pets will be available in Item Mall!

    Remember, in this hard period, to always stay safe! We will all be okay soon!

    We wish you have fun farming all the eggs and Happy Easter!

    Kind Regards,

    Metin2 SG Team

    Dear Players,

    The most romantic period of the year is coming! And, as always, we have prepared some events for you!

    The Event will start on February 15th, at 00:01 GMT+0, and will have a duration of 5 days!

    • In-Game Event:

    Every monster (close to your level) will have a chance to drop Roses and Chocolates!

    • Forum Events:

    - Screenshot Contest:

    During these 5 days, show us your most creative and romantic side with some screenshot about St. Valentine's Day!

    The 5 best and most romantic screenshots will be rewarded with Tec Points!

    - St. Valentine's Love Letter

    In this event we will appeal to the creative and romantic side of everyone.

    Which means, that you will have to write a love letter to your loved one and the 4 best letters will be rewarded with 1.000 TP!

    In this event, everyone should send me the letter via private message and write there to whom the letter is directed to, since I believe some players would like to keep such romantic side as private as possible! Of course, to those who wish to share their love in a public way, are welcome to share their letters in this thread.

    We hope you enjoy this romantic time of the year with us!

    The Metin2 SG Team wishes everyone a Happy Valentine's day!!

    Kind Regards,

    Metin2 SG Team