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    Actually they gave every shit people complained/asked here.

    People are lazy, they want everything easy and when they got what they wanted, they quickly adapt to these new easy/confortable things and now these easy things become hard things and again players want something more easy and so the cycle repeats again and again.

    And we are in 2019 playing a MMO from 2004...

    Ye fck free2play players let them give one item per day, and make p2w do all biolog in one day. You want a dead sv or what?

    You don't need to spend any real money to buy from itemshop here.

    And this dont improve anything. Late or early people will get bored because of other reasons anyway and they will abandon this. And this is a sv to spend a bit of time. If you can't do it, it's not for you.

    I want to suggest that skills books must have another "skin".

    Basically, the "skin" which tomes have currently (for those who dont know, tome is a skill book too of any race with higher % to read it correctly, you can get them for gold/silver treasure) so in that way we will have 4 colors in the books, 1 for each race.


    You will not go blind trying to find a skill book for your character in the hundreds of shops there are, you will know and find quickly based on the color of the book you need.

    Unnecessary in my opinion. 4 books per day is already enough.

    For biologist, you should only remove the limit of 10 red monocles per day and that's all.

    The sv is already "easy", a bit more and will be like any other private.

    I agree with someone who said there should be an exorcism for max lvl 60, like the greem hermit, green exorcism (though is green already xd).

    But more drop of these I disagree.

    It's obvious that there will be less and less players after the first month. First month is full of hype and nostalgia, and etc. Casual players after that will abandon the server, after all this one is a old-middle school and you need to invest time here (or money) to get high lvl and good gear.

    It's not a problem this decrease of players. This sv is an improvedversion of sv1 with many small details that makes one life here more enjoyable and will last many years with a great number of players, don't worry. Sv1 did it with "worse" system, less of these details I said.

    And right now the time you need to read Soul Stones or books is already reduced quite an amount compared to gf servers and one can get exorcisms and hermit much easier than there, and for "free". I don't want to see anyone with P already.

    I am not confirming or denying the weapon skins. I let the players decide on this matter and from what i see they are divided.

    I just answered you that there is no need to create a system where you can change your full moon sword into a battle sword, cause the weapon skin could have the same effect.

    But you still need to put those skins somewhere, itemshop, drop, etc.

    With this system I propose, there will be another way of doing money ingame too.

    And if people want skins from weapons lvl 55 for example, you will need to do put somewhere this as a drop or for tecpoints.

    Instead of this, I would like this system from gf servers, where you can make your FMS look like a Battle Sword+9 for example combining them in a npc.

    And this system is perfect here because people only want to strive for "'perfect" gear = gear with rarity, normal gear is "useless". So with this won't be useless.