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    Yeah Dude i'm fake like the promise of Google to translate something readable.

    You just didn't get the irony of my post and that's fine. Servers are up so not gonna bother discuss more.

    Just try to appreciate the effort people make, it's Sunday and the Staff is working.

    where are ya now? ;)


    Can't see the relation between telling Game Developers to make a Test server ( LOL ) and this "700" players.

    Fake acc, or what? They didn't develop metin2 server since one, maybe two years, they do it a little bit longer. You told, you didn't see the relations? Np, i can really easy explain you. Test server (really cheap stuff for something, who has experience) is for like in the name - T E S T I N G. They can improve "innovations" (xD) into it, searching bugs with staff, and (ofc if they didn't see any contraindications) then they can improve something (Many servers, which i have good relationships with they technics do this tricks... Aeldra, Calliope, and many Polish sv where i play before). Metin2 SG have really lot of years, and they must take our couple hours to improve "unique EQ", and some bugfixes? Heh.

    And what is relation? Simple.

    Timeless, simple update --> People are ennoying --> Quit, or sell for real cash they stuff --> decrease players since days/weeks.

    This is just my opinion tbh [sry, if bad english. :/ ]

    We are still working on it, we are sorry for the waiting but be sure we are busy working on a fix

    You didn't have a test sv for such things like that?? xD Lot of sv has testsv to testing new system, which they add to avoid issues. 700 players and problems like that seems not quite good for this sv..

    1. Improve pickup filter (It's annoying, when for example 55metin drop a lot of trash stuff, and i can't pickup exactly what i want, bc i will pickup btw potions, and trashes.)
    2. Add "hide yang" in a game options
    3. Add in general store Green/Purple potion (S) [Or increase drop from mobs].
    4. Add possibility to "paste" text in chat, also add "link" system, if someone want to paste his/shes yt video on chat
    5. [BUG] Night mode doesn't work on sahara desert
    6. [BUG] Repair channel switcher or improve new, better one. (It's doesn't work correctly, bc mostly time i must change channel twice (for a first time mostly time i'm not on channel which i pick).

    For now it's all. If i see something i will add edit note.<3