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    S1 is dead since 3 years because ppl reach the goal they had, S1 is 10 years old it's delusionnal to think a server can be full of players more than 10 years lul. So in your opinion S1 has no players because it's too hard ? Well it's a point of view

    The times changes, people who played 10 years ago its not the same as who play nowadays. How was sv1? Totally empty even before sv2 open, and it was quite harder, you have to bring new people here, and for that you need to make more friendly the sv for each kind of player, not only for grinding ones, i have already skills P and bio 50 and 60 ended with monocle but I totally agree with this updates, I don't want to see this sv empty, I had enough with sv1.

    The S1 is empty because almost everyone reach their personal goals and new players didn't want to stay because everyone was high level already, well that's my opinion

    Good Update
    without new players a pserver dies
    keeping the Server noobfriendly is the right way to go

    it's not like everyone has a huge advantage now - you guys have exactly the same as others just with the difference that 1-3 skills were read before on higher cooldown

    doesn't change the fact that those days still count and you guys are far ahead

    What I meant is S1 stayed alive for a longtime and had his glory moment too and the beginning of S1 was way harder than S2 so, I'm ok to make the S2 easier, but I feel like it's becomming too easy now

    You don't need to spend any real money to buy from itemshop here.

    And this dont improve anything. Late or early people will get bored because of other reasons anyway and they will abandon this. And this is a sv to spend a bit of time. If you can't do it, it's not for you.

    Anw the server can't fit everyone, looks like they wanna change the way they manage it because some new players said it was too hard, but S1 survived long enough and it was way harder than S2

    That ingame poll is a good idea but idk if it's doable and yes indeed only considering what's happenning on forum is not a great idea

    I already got P skills on S1 just in case because I'm not lazy and not looking for ez things, and it survived long enough to say that it had a great life. And btw, your last sentence is completely wrong but well, expected because everything you said is wrong

    If I wanna play a metin where I get P skills in 2 weeks I can choose between 100000 available servers, 7h was good imo, thing is at each updates they make the game easier it doesnt make sense

    There isnt a way to modify OX events ? Let's be honnest eveyrone is searching for answers on google but only few players are doing it, and most of them are following. You couldn't do something like you ask a question, and the first 50 players who give the right answer go to the next round, then the next round first 25 players etc.