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    But should not be free cause every item price will go down. For example i sel aura for 2.5 kk other guy drop price 2.450 other 2.4 then will be 1.8 kk but only selling skill books and stones to shop bring huge yang to server. I hope explain it .and someone spend their time to looking marketing someone do not. Looking guy should make benefit from it

    should be free to use not p2w.

    the performance needs an update for sure

    hide pets, mounts, even hide shops option for those who just wanted to pvp and so on I have seen on some servers back in the day much more shops without a lagg.

    1) Don't take it as reason to bann a player who looked like he might have run through an monster even tho he didn't.

    Why? a player coordinates are just not the same if you watch him from a 2. Account it varys by a little especially when he got client freezes, lags and so on. And That shouldn't ever be a reason to bann someone infinitely.

    (You can test it by yourself login 2 Accounts step together and start running at the same time. on one screen one of them will appear much further then he actually is)

    2) Stop blocking and be more cooperative when an innocent player tries hard to find a way to explain and show via recording that he wasn't wallhacking

    3) Its fact that a player might appear faster on someone elses screen that on his screen and that just causes the strange look

    that he might have been running through a monster even tho he didn't ""

    As you can see player 1 and 2 run at the same time but on one screen the player appears alot much further.

    5. I suggest to implement invisible Walls which an Bot Hunter GM can spawn and if he runs through it might be proofed with evidence that he had a wallhack. Don't spawn them when the player is moving, because of 1) 2) 3)

    6. Learn to admit that Mistakes were done.

    Will add more soon