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    wish the sg2 team would be more efficient these slow updates are killing the server.

    I never experienced such a slowness.

    You kept Sg1 Oldschool without many features and rejected every feature suggestion that made you rusty?

    Maybe the team is just to small. Mabye I shouldn't be comparing Sg2 to german servers because its 2 differend worlds

    I thought this was a professionall club.

    well log in your server spawn a metin start hitting it go off mount use aura or anything go back on and the lagg will appear

    its not like i am telling that the first time. We can 100% exclude prioritisement

    gtg eat

    it has nothing to do with prioritize are you kidding the issue is caused when going on off mount has nothing to do with prioritize

    it also happens all the time when playing with one client wake up

    Happens even with one client but i play from Italy so it might be caused by the high ping.

    yeah getting of your horse/mount on this server gives like a second +- lag on this server for some reason it is kind of annoying died a few times because of it ;p

    50% is not double, 100% is.

    Anyway all skills should last longer than their description. You may want to help us out and point out which are the ones that in your opinion have still a short duration.

    Aura is completly not working correctly(to short)shaman is actually looking okay after testing Shadow

    (FULL HD)

    focus on the right window the metin already dropped items but the left still lagging

    Wasn't my worst lagg but an average one. It gets laggy as shit sometimes its jus annoying


    that thing needs a rework. Its outdated.

    The correct answer approved by SGM

    Higher Lvl: metin drop decreases by every level slightly

    Lower Lvl: metin drop increases slightly (you actually drop better)

    if you are 11 level lower your dropp will be badly (NOT SURE IF TRUE) and if you are 11 lv higher badly drop too (10 level higher bad too)

    Tipp: farm metins which are the same level as yours or higher for best drop result

    always respect the +-10 level range

    double the buff duration for sura and warrior 50% was to low and a scam

    my aura was increased from 60 seconds to 73

    nice 50% btw

    I'm pretty sure the buff duration for my shaman is not working correctly aswell

    everyone who is saying he didn't drop a single adder or changer in 70 metins is straight liying

    get full drop bonus and farm 1 day and u can buy the whole server

    well i don't agree with 1. because i've seen it on servers already that items had different colours and it also were visible in the chat.

    everything is possible with a little work. its like one of the most important quality updates

    and thanks for copy my suggestion 5DiCuori <3