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    3-4 is way to low even tho my highest skill is m8. G / P should be worth something.

    I'd welcome a 1 or 1 1/2 hour shorter cooldown then 3 hours like there was really no need for that.

    But i guess you are trying hard with easy tasks to keep the player base alive.

    same level as the metin is completly fine. when you get stronger farm higher metins.

    So, just out of curiosity, to get the most of the chance to loot something from a mob you have to be 10 levels less compared to it ?

    the best chance is just the same level as the metin. he is spreading lies. but there might be a bug with 55 metins i believe that someone told me that he doesn't get any/much loot from it with level 59 i believe. when he farms with level 55 lv 50 metins then the dropp will be slightly decreased so if i farm with lv 50 lv 40 metins its the same deal. just farm metin in your level.



    Especially in times like this, where the number of active players decreases heavily day by day, which, in my opinion, is the teams fault, because either they overlook the communites wishes, ignore them or are too lazy/incompetent to implement changes or make improvements to the game.

    just be honest and tell te truth that it was your account who did the chargeback

    Well fair enough. Question for you though: Why do I have to miss out on events like "Metin Spawn" or Moonlight, if I would give you these items willingly? I'm sure you can delete these items from my account, I don't see the issue. Aren't you supposed to create a somewhat even/fair playing field for everybody (e.g. banning bots, hackers, bug users)? Your argument states that I'm not permanently banned, but by the time my ban is gone those events are gone as well and I have to wait for them, while others can access them in the mean time? How fair does that sound?

    Not to be disrespectful, but it sounds like you want to punish me for receiving items by excluding me from the events mentioned above.

    Hope tp will be more expensive. When player put 50e for 450kk and u can do not so much. Im angry for him. Maybe u dnt know the value of real money if u don’t work or u are at mom and dad house without job but 50e its alot for doing nothing in game . Thats sad


    If anyone ever played BDO, I think they handled statistics like these pretty well in recent patches. The things tracked in their system are mobs killed and loot collected I believe, don't remember if there is anything else. The way it's presented it's jus an additional tab in character info, divided into 4 sections: today's statistics, last 7 days statistics, last month statistics, and overall statistics (since the beginning). It would be cool to implement, but not necessary tho. If it is too time consuming to implement I belive it shouldn't be the main concern. Here is a picture of statistics window from BDO:

    I'm pretty sure it will be implemented when more serious things will be done.

    Hello there,

    I'm not sure if there is such a suggestion in this forum and unfortunately don't have much time to check everything here so excuse me if there is one.

    I believe it would be nice if we could all have something like a counter somewhere in our screen that will count how many Metins we killed the present day. It's unfair only top 5 players can see their numbers on this. In addition this counter could have something like personal record and could save data from previous days so we can have a complete picture of our progress. If it's possible, it could even keep numbers per type of Metin. If there is a number for every top 5 farmer per week, I'm sure it won't be that hard to let everyone know about their personal numbers.

    There were more suggestions about this!

    I dont see a problem with tp, and dont think that they are useless. you can buy bravery capes/ hermits/ costumes/hair/ farming package etc and blue changers. seeing that they are affordable makes the game less pay to win as you can buy them in game for a low enough price. while people who have a bit of change to spend can buy them and sell them 10E for 100kk isnt awful. i dont see anything wrong with it ;p

    The first thing you wrote is true while the second one is horrible.

    I'm not a market expert but doing that would kill server popularity in Gameforge style.

    The tax alone wouldn't change much. Even in case of 550 for 500 Tps, instead of 50kk for 500 tp you'd probably pay something like 55-60 but the seller would have 50 less tps for sale. Nobody wins in this case.

    I don't see anything wrong aswell i just explained why its so cheap and who is making profit.

    1)"useless", 2)no taxes, 3)24/7 available, 4) to many sellers means low price

    Main reasons of the cheap price

    1)"useless", 2)no taxes, 3)24/7 available, = to many sellers means low price

    But don't expect any changes in this direction because Tec Points are the main source of income for Sg

    More Sellers more € for SG

    edit: Just stop with these topics that tec price is to cheap if it was higher the server would eventually suffer and would be more p2w.

    Only Itemshopers would profit so don't change anything