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    Shadow, these people never stop complaining xD

    If you put event 3 days, monday to wednesday with 1h for 20box, some will complain they cant play cuz they work in week or have school......if you put event 10+days and drop 1h for 2box, some will complain is too low for so much hour farming.....whatever you do or try they will complain but non will tell you thank you for the event 🤣🤣

    Yo Dude i'm not even playing atm so imagine the Duck i give about events in general but not a single successful game schedules Events only during the week because, usually, a bigger part of the playerbase can't play enough during week days so putting a 3 day event Monday to Wednesday is the perfect representation of stupidity. I know you were just pointing an example but people would be damn justified to complain in that case.

    That's the reason why Moonlight is during week-ends too :)

    Well then if you don't wanna buff Warriors ( and i'm ok with it ) maybe we should look into the INT buff/change.
    If Weapon sura is both the best DPS and the best Tank there's literally no point in playing anything else in PvE.

    The management of the server is appreciated. The complains are on the technical side, which does not compete me cause i am no DEV. So whats your point? The numbers matters, i never denied the population dropped and is dropping, i just asked to not exaggerate with numbers because our peak was nowhere near 4000. I am glad that after several posts and accusations you realised (almost) you were wrong. If you bothered to read we already have a solution for the marble problem it will come along with the extra this coming week. My comment about the marbles is that there is a good amount of those ingame, simply people don't sell to keep the price up.

    People would sell Marbles for sure if they had a way to farm them without waiting for an event.
    I'm selling them for 35kk each one and it's insane, i'm just lucky i farmed a lot during the 2x drop Moonlight and i just don't care if i'll run out of them because i'm just a casual but i'm pretty sure that people is keeping Marbles because they're afraid they'll run out of them considering that their normal droprate from Medium Moonlights is pretty low.
    I know the new NPC is coming so i'm not complaining, i was just pointing out that the "People doesn't sell to keep the price up" would work only if all the Marbles were kept by a handful of players.

    We don't have to decrease anything. Remember that selfless speech about new players? Well it is worth for all and not just for the tec points. A cheap experience ring or thief glove attract people. besides those items were never meant to be expensive, is what me and the rest of the team told you players when you were complaining they were too high.

    That's ok but if i have to farm Red forest to get 500k each ring and 1kk or less each Glove i'd rather farm elsewhere.
    2-3kk x Glove and 1-2kk ring, for example, would be far from being expensive but still decent for those who wants to sell.
    One more week and Gloves will reach 500k like Rings, and then nobody will even bother selling them.

    Ps. First gloves on the market were sold for more than 6-7kk and a month ago 6-7kk had more value than they have now so you're kinda right that people complained they were expensive but now they're becoming quite the opposite and that's not healthy too >,<

    The server is clearly dying, please don't belittle the issue. The only thing making an illusion of a living server are the shops in towns, if you remove them, there are maybe 20 ppl around. Also regarding shops, I don't know if you noticed, but market is at a huge stagnation right now. Basically nothing gets purchased, there is no money flow whatsoever. I'm lowering the prices of everything day by day and still nothing gets sold. The issue is here, and it is serious.

    Compared to the first weeks yes, looks way emptier. Personally can't say the server is dying because i pretty much farm Red forest and i see people there plus i'm making money from my shop so the market ain't that dead yet.

    Btw the droprate of some items is pretty high and maybe that's why prices keep going down.
    ( Gloves & XP Rings for example, i barely play 1 hour /day and i keep dropping so many gloves that i'm forced to sell them to make space )

    Yeah the only number that's been over 4k is the "Online players 24h" ( on the website ).
    The server is clearly not dying, and i personally never meant to say that, but the 24h average keeps going down a little every day. Doesn't mean much, maybe people is just using less "multi-accounts".

    Regarding Marbles i agree with both dukerz and Shadow. Their price is high because it's been a while since the last Moonlight event and while this is normal it's also the reason why people tends to store them instead of selling.
    Furthermore, the difference between the Moon with 2x Marbles and the latest one is huge so maybe people is keeping them even more because it's gonna be hard to "farm" them from now on. Then again things are changing once more because we're gonna have the new Crafting Npc so we have to wait and see.

    Why to be greedy or indifferent? No sense for me. We need to keep a lot of players to play this server and encourage new players to start and play here. If we don't care about new players or mid players this server will die like first one and it's not funny to play with 10-20 players online per day.

    Probably because Metin2 is such an old game that most of the players still here are just nostalgic first ladies looking for their chance to be number ones.

    Nowadays MMO genre is already suffering, an hardcore game that doesn't appeal to casuals can't be anything else but doomed.

    Basic economy? Lol at the beggining u was happy to buy 50e is for 15kk greedy kids its u not me. Dnt talk about economy when u buy have buy 500 tp for 30kk seriously

    Yeah i'll write it again. You can't understand basic economy.
    At the beginning of the server 30kk had way more value than 30kk now because of the INFLATION, a concept that seems like most of you can't grasp.
    TPs are too useful compared to the rest of things you have ingame, infact most of the prices are kinda stable ( except Bless Marbles right now because, like TPS, you can't farm them, except during Moonlights ).
    The point is that TPs price is now 75kk - 85kk but it's always going to grow because they're too useful and things that you buy with them can't be farmed.

    Anyway don't even bother replying to me, the server playercount per 24/h keeps decreasing from the start, soon you'll play with less than 2k players and while i'm sad that this might not work out i'll move on since i'm just a casual.
    Hope you'll be able too after all the time/money you spent just to be "a top player" ^^

    Since players sell odin’s ring for 80kk+ there is a problem. For example when i need tp, i buy odins for 100kk each if i can’t find cheaper, 20kk is nothing for me. But for new players? 20kk for a new player is a lot. In game should be a way to get item mall things without spending real money. My suggestion will be fucking nice for market and will encourage new players to play this server. This suggestion will not affect TP price because the drop chance is low, don’t worry.

    I like you because you're not a greedy kid who plays only to inflate his ego but sadly your suggestion won't probably ever see the light of day because it looks like 95% of the top players here can't understand basic economy and probably don't give a Duck about the clear, constant, loss of players.
    Yeah it's normal to lose players after a server start but everyday the 24h average is constantly decreasing :\

    Assasin was never bad in PVM you just played assasin your whole time wrong iam out now bye go discuss about anything you want

    Assassin has been buffed here and no, i don't have already the whole roster of characters maxed out like you :)
    I hope you'll still agree that farming Metins or solo content with an assassin instead of a Sura/Body war can't be considered the most time-efficient method.

    Are you a troll ? :\

    Yes its about staying alive i think tanking is the same like staying alive not sure.

    And Dmg like i said the warrior will have his time wher he will shine more than a mirrage this is just a FACT its not even 1 month since start and people are wondering about the dmg from body warrior you should quit the server when you just cant scale with time

    People expects Body Warrior to be top dps otherwise everybody would make a Sura by default. The devs made a change to int/dex scaling and a month after that change somebody is bringing to light the fact that maybe there's something wrong and it shouldbe fixed.

    Mental warrior/assassins and PvE weak classes in general are usually better in PvP and while Body Warrior isn't surely trash in PvP it's not gonna be the best one after everybody will be able to max the 6th skill too. Specially with this huge amount of white suras around.

    Iam talking about the main reason

    Why this thread was created its normal that a mirrage outscales an warrior in dmg on metins but evry char has his Pros and Cons so yea dont hang only on one char make more or do you think you can achieve all with only one Pvm Char?

    Mirage already have the best defensive abilities and now even the best offensive one. Ok dude :/

    Warrior can use 2 hand while sura cant and many Bosses on lvl 90 map will have good 1 hand res so sura will kinda need 2 3 mins longer for a boss than a warrior with a good grudge like i said no one has a clue how balanced this server is it forces you to build more chars not even one char and achieve all!

    So the whole game is balanced around those bosses and 2h sword ?
    Anyway i can't see why it should be positive to need more than 1 char to be able to enjoy every content, it's already hard maxing one if you plan to not invest a whole year or a whole salary <.<

    The server should be oldschool style, keep an old tradition of top level 99, with steel armor, for a complete pvp quickly. Level 105, 120 already exists in SG 1. Not everyone has the time and money to go to level 120, the server closes before that. Success time at the level of metin level 99, armor and level 92 weapons.

    If Metin was really "OldSchool" nowadays you probably wouldn't be even playing anymore.
    Updates are fine as long as they bring balanced content ò.o

    I understand they have to make Money out of something to keep the server alive but at the moment too many things can't be grinded without TPs and this makes their price skyrocket.
    It's pretty clear too that Metin is not a game for casuals but while some of you might be able to farm 100kk in an hour, casuals/semi-casuals surely aren't.

    From my POV only certain things should be Mall only ( Costumes, Hair, FarmerPackage/Premiumpackage + single items from these 2, Pets and Powersnack ) and at the same time there should be a way to grind Hermits, Q.Potions, Monocles at a decent rate.

    Can't say much about it because i don't have endgame gear nor a Sura to compare but if what Terotex wrote is true then removing the increased dmg from Berserk is the minimum.
    That said, didn't they change int-dex to buff dmg instead of str ? Might be this change that makes EnchBlade that stronger compared to AoS.

    The prices will still growth up without stop if high lvl still paying for it, and what they do its to desencourage new players to enter if they see this prices.

    Tbh it's not their fault. TPs are kinda necessary for them especially because i guess it's gonna be hard to drop Adders and Changers in decent amounts.

    On top of that people look for TPs to buy Hermits/QuestPotions/Monocles and so on..
    Too many useful things are locked behind Mall and this makes TPs price raise constantly.

    TP price is increasing since opening because of Inflation and right now even more probably because there's less people Malling and more people looking to buy them instead of paying real cash.
    There's no easy solution to this because TPs can't be farmed in-game and most of the Mall goodies can't be farmed at reasonable rate too without buying TPs from others.

    Players can't do much about it. Resellers may speed up the process a bit but it would happen anyway even without them.

    We need a way to balance the gold flow into the server and maybe some kind of change to reduce the need of TPs.

    From personal experience Green Adders/Changers are fine.
    Red ones are already way harder to get but still doable.
    The idea of leveling over 60-65 and needing normal Adders/Changers discourages me from investing more time into the game. It was fun coming back to Metin but i both don't have the time nor the will to spend many € to be competitive and for me it's a huge turn off.
    I'm not even a completely F2P player because i invested a 50 at the start so you can't even tell me i expect only others to pay for the server's expenses.

    We'll see what time ( and devs ) give us xD