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    There is huge difference between poison and grudge dmg on bosses just so you know.

    While some body warriors might not be able to do dt runs, pretty mutch all mentals are able to...

    Mental has pros and cons, same as body. Adding +monster to taichi is just bullshit, the only thing i like being buffed with mental is probally adding max hp bonus to taichi or something but not dmg.. :S

    30 avg 6+ poison is good, but not good enough for mental :)))

    I am a mental warrior on lv 76 right now. The damage against monsters is way too low. Where is the logic? A mage does far more dmg against Monsters than a warrrior. You guys should add „Strong against Monsters“ on Taichi. For example: M1 1% - G1 10% and on P 15%.

    maybe cuz u have bad items :) u choose mental cuz tankyness.. Not for dmg like body warrior... :)))

    and also u can use a mage to buff you to become even more tanky...

    I didnt write easier. I just want a drop from mid to high lvl.

    As i said they should be rare.I just want another way to get them. I hate it if i cant farm smth that i need. And i cant right now.

    And just btw. i know alrdy ppl with G skills. They are not hard to get all you need to do is spent about 100 and buy them for mp points.

    Thats actually p2w if you cant farm them ingame like everything else. And you cant buy Tec ingame to get them. Because you cant buy them for tec. This is the only thing p2w i see here on this server.

    So you can actually get them instantly if you just pay for it.

    i bought in game like 10 exos, how is that pay to win?

    I would like to see the top 10 "metin hunter" "fisherman" etc on the forum, would be fun :) make a "Hall of Fame" basically , this will make players more motivated for fishing/metin hunting etc ;D

    people treating to quit cuz shaman is getting nerfed lol... i have good gear and shamans with shit gear makes same damage or even more! and im body warrior..

    you whanna know why u cant kill a 65 metin when ur 60 level? probably cuz have the same gear u had from lvl 30 with max 6+ and no good bonuses xd

    even in runs shaman makes more dmg to bosses cuz bosses mostly have sword/2hand resistance, shaman is still VERY GOOD with the nerf they recieved.. Just go get some better gear, metin is not made to reach max lvl and gear in 3 days, u grind grind grind...

    even after nerf ive seen shamans slaying metins. Anyway, dont level up if you dont have gear for it, cuz then you will complain about being stuck :D

    all classes has pros and cons, but shaman seems to have everything in one package and u guys still complain about it being weak ;(

    Good update shadow with nerfing dmg from shamans! 8o<3 Now its still good but not OP like before..

    Ah thief gloves was like 5-6kk after 2 hrs its like 15kk :) i wonder who can afford to buy that & most spamming chat, looking to buy thief gloves ^^

    not really, u can buy them 3kk each like i did 1 hour ago, just cuz i put an item on market for 100kk doesnt mean its worth it

    Alright, but i dont understand why release something saying in game "check calendar" but there is none yet made, Also the update where the channel bug appears is still bugged , thought u said u had fixed it in the patch :(

    They have a 15% extra damage vs monster. As for the attack power, is not added, as explained instead of getting the attack power from STR they get it from INT / DEX, but the numbers are the same.

    To avoid misunderstandings if in the past with 90 STR they had 400 AP, now they have 400 AP with INT OR DEX, and if you add points on STR it doesn't raise anything. Every class gets attack power boost from their most useful stats.

    sounds interesting , probably will see more mage/ninjas now :)

    It was a suggestion made on the last 2 weeks so we had little time to test. We thought that adding a bonus vs monster + the recent change on how to calculate attack power for these class, was good enough to make them viable on pvm, without forcing the players who wants to use these class to create farmers.

    If the change is too "strong" for the players we can always change it, after all we are here for this.

    how mutch bonus did you add? how mutch %monster and attack power with int is it?

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    well 1 guy spended 3000 euros on launch of metin2 on steam soooo

    a guy in my town bought a ferrari, i dont have money for that? should we tell ferrari to give me it for free? xdxd