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    It is a matter of education i suppose. When i don't know something i ask first, i don't throw random numbers or make up stuffs, but maybe thats me. 2860 players in the past 24 hours means 2860 characters logged. Meaning that if you log alone 172 characters, you count as 172. Got it now? Maybe thats your 4000, they are not players, they are characters, thats why is a useless number.

    Average CCU means the online players towards the whole day. If on day one is a bit above 1000 it means we never had 4000 on, but 1500 top, otherwise the average would be much higher. It is clear now? The other numbers are about the registrations of the accounts, i did not explain what they are cause they have nothing to do with how many players were online at the same time.

    Not going to answer about the marble issue, you clearly don't understand, I suppose i must hope that "other players" may explain it to you, since apparently I am a liar unless other players confirm what I say :)

    "matter of education" XDDD ye alright mr master degree shadow im out of this forum now, atleast if you got ur education, go use it and learn how to manage a server then if ur so "perfect" You still dont get the point, doesnt matter if number is 4k or 1.5k , the number goes down everyday and nothing is happening. Same with marbles, if u actually played the game and tried to make EQ with 25kk marbles then have fun farming all the time and waste all ur time spent just for buying marbles with all the yang you got. Hope u do something about it. GL

    Not going to argue with people who make up numbers. I also told you what is the ACCU. If you believe we had 4000 online at the same time then ok. I can only hope other players will correct you since we do not register on long terms how many people are online at the same time, cause thats a useless number to us. An advice: before calling liar someone who actually post evidences and not just random numbers based on nothing, you should ask yourself if your memory, which is the only "source" you are presenting, is reliable so much.

    It means blessing marble are not as hard to get ingame as you all claim they are. People simply store them to make the price higher. 80 in 12 hours is a big number considering around 150 were used today. Meaning that you have to do 150+80. In 12 hours.

    Regardless, you will soon have other ways to get marbles so no point on wasting time on this matter.

    Your kidding me? you said only "average CCU per day" i tried to google that but didnt find anything about it, only about hospitals. thats why i whant you to explain. Your picture has no date or anything that proves anything? So i have no reason to belivie you since you can also make things up like i do apparently... I asked about the other numbers and meanings, u didnt explain any of those. If i uplaode a picture i edited properly and show 3k+ players online, will you belivie me? probally not.

    so 150+80 marbles were used in 12 hours, you know u can buy them from stores 25kk+ ? some people actually have 10+ won to spend on marbles or moons M but okey. Thats not farming them, thats buying, so i bought marbles 15kk like 1 week ago+ , apparently i farmed them then or what? I dont understand

    2,860 players past 24 h, lets be fair and split it then since its 12h , 1430 players, 230 marbles, how many are gonna make the stats in their gear do you think ?

    when the succesrate is 20% , i dont think more then 50 players will have made stats, maybe 10 made, maybe 100 did, its RNG tho :), out of 1430 players. I dont think that number is high at all , also 21,556+ chars made, not all of them need gear, but alot do xD

    EDIT: asked some players claiming it was 1.2-1.4k players day1, so i quess your right, my bad. Anyway, huge drop from 1450 to 300, and thats the point of what i mean.

    What is ACCU, RU, AU , IR , Ur saying peak number 1450, dont see any number of that, and im still 100% i saw on website, ONLINE PLAYERS 3000+, why i said 4k is cuz im 99% it was around 3800 players showing on website. It was not past 24h, cuz i also saw over 4k+ characters were made at that time.. You might think me bringing random numbers, but i belivie in what i saw myself. I will see if i can get any other players to remember day1 how many users were online at start cuz i cant be the only one seeing this. I understand that you think i might lying about this, but i might also think u are lying about this. I only belivie in what i saw myself. You might show me printscreen of something, doesnt mean it can be edited. Hope you understand what i mean

    edit: also it cant be showing 4k+ past 24h if server not even on for like 8h+, it must have been visual bug on website if ur now correct.. or im wrong..

    infact i did lose stats, stats are important. What if i roll 40+ avg and lose it? I do indeed lose something. I wont get back stats i rolled from those changers, i wasnt really affected by this so mutch , cuz i rolled mostly crap but did improve it slightly, but others didnt for example. Others on forum and ingame also say they lost stuff and same ingame just right after rollback. Why would they make such a huge deal out of it if they didnt lose anything, maybe some players who lost their stuff could fill in here..

    3200 in game? What has this to do with blessing marbles being hard to obtain ? Im not able to get them anywere except paying 25kk cuz they are rare, only way to get them pretty mutch is from moonlights, i saw drops were around 0.05% in hl2? i cant even farm there.. >.<

    80 marbles were added in 12 hours is low, since some farm them, open them from old moons. M moons are also like 35kk+ for 200x, chance to get a marble is also low ? or well RNG ...

    1. Okey, 1500 players you say, i watched the site/forum and saw indeed 3000+ players online one day1 , so 1500 players some with alot of characters to farm with you mean? Or just forum/website showed the wrong number, i dont know. Im 100% sure i saw the number 3000+ tho


    3.the rollback caused item loss indeed, i rolled my RIB with 50+ changers, i got all my changers back and lost the stats of the rib? explain please? Even several people says they lost items from itemshop and drops they made under that time. If this is true or not idk, but i personally lost my statted rib and had to reuse all changers ? I dont know if i lost anything else.

    4. maybe there are 3200 marbles, but alot of people left , they have those blessing marbles, Not all the active players does. My friend for example came back after 2+ weeks and had like 80+ blessing marbles on him.

    5. Good to hear that u fixed the inventory

    If you already knew prices would go sky rocket , then why do this? A item like blessing marble shouldnt be 25kk+ each if its 20% succes rate.. I think the biggest reason why players didnt whant 2x marbles from M moons is cause alot of people were not even able to drop them cuz they were not level 60+ yet. Since the server was so new

    now just wait 1 month probally for update so game is playable or each 2 weeks for moons, no wonder there is only 300 players online when no one even can make EQ with these blessing marble prices..

    I dont know what ur doing with the server but maybe u should have waited releasing it if you dont have anything ready or whatever

    all i hear is "this is coming soon" "we working on it"

    the server presentation contains things that doesnt even work properly?

    4k players at server start fighting in 4 channels, why not make 6-8+ channels and lower eventually ? If its cause more lag, Okey, i get it.

    shaman/ninja dmg "bug" got reduced/fixed causing people to get mad cuz they start to deal low dmg, how the hell wasnt this tested before u open server??

    extra inventory not tested properly and causing rollback causing people to rage/leave cuz they lose their stuff

    blessing marbles is impossibel to get pretty mutch unless u pay 25kk+ or lucky to drop one, or wait for moonlights every 2 weeks, causing no one to add 5th bonus except rich people and making EQ is pretty mutch useless now unless u have 10 wons to spend on just for marbles

    still waiting for spirit blessing to be added back after asking about it 1 month ago?

    no wonder people leave so quickly, im also getting tired

    even if you listen to people about changes, some just doesnt work. Just cuz some didnt whant moons every week or 2x marbles from moons, doesnt mean you have to implement it, 2 weeks is a long time.. and if blessing marbles is basicly nowhere accessible then you have a problem to fix asap..

    Nothing personal, i like SG more then other servers, but having such a potentionl with active gm, events , rarity system etc

    and just throwing it away like this is sad to see . Would be nice to see you fix this server asap and start marketing it, and in future actually test things properly before releasing it.. not fun seeing more players and friends leave every week

    if this is true, same gear, and sura make more dmg then gj sg :))))

    didnt sura get changed? that it scales with int , just like shaman with int and ninja with dex ?

    maybe thats why it deals more dmg then warrior? :))

    110kk isnt that much even in low level lol 1 Monster+4 round about 20kk Aos round about 3kk Green Switcher round about 3kk farming a few hours and u can buy Autopots for 1 Week in low level..xD

    110kk isnt mutch for you, but for others it is. Oh damn dude, yea ur right, i can farm poisons, i will go drop a 8 avg poison so i can buy some auto pots :) 0 sense. 4+ mob is very rare to drop on low lvl , and dropping tons of aos out of like 25+ different books? Ye right :D:D:D:D:D:D green changer people sell at 2.2kk, dont know why u would pay 3kk but ur probally rich metin2 boy who farm 24/7

    everybody whants auto pots except you, probally cuz u spent over 5k tp on auto pots already and your mad :)

    No new player will whant to spend 200kk on auto pots, they whanna spend that on gear

    why dont just farm some gold buy 1-2k Tp and safe this for Autopots like the others do

    you know thats 110-220kk ? For a new player to farm that mutch they need to drop 50-100 changers. Not everyone have that money to spend on potions when there are other things to make so you take less damage and need to use less potions. Its stupid to spam 1 button all the time, just put auto pots in general store and game is more enjoyable already..