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    At this point I think its better they focus the future updates on making S1 and S2 merge possible. Also, it was stupid to not include the level 105 update in the game and in the presentation. It is a lazy way to say that they created a new update in the future when all they did was restrict previous content and be lazy.

    I think the prices right now are low due to the tech point drop event. But I agree that the price should be higher buy only to an extent. Otherwise, someone who joins the server could sell like 30 euro worth of IS and have full eq. Yesterday dropped an ee+4 with 8%average and sold it for 250kk. On this server that is about 2500 tec-points. If you farm 5-6 hours in V2 with level 61-65 you are guaranteed to get something with good 6/7 easily worth 200kk+. In my opinion it is too easy and another issue is that 6/7 gear overpriced. Tech point should be worth something like 500 = 75kk, 1000 = 150kk.

    Exactly what woohoo said. Prome explain how a server started with 1400 and right now has 1500. No such thing as server hoppers. If there is a good server that one enjoys they will stay as there are not a lot of new oldschool servers offered right now. I will tell you what killed the population. 12 hour soul stone cooldowns, 8 hour skill book cooldowns, and 16 hour biologist cooldown.

    Problem is that most of the metin2 players now days are used to the middle school/new school feel. They don't stick around on servers that require grinding. I can't say a server names because i don't want to advertise but a oldschool server that came out roughly 1 week before SG had 1.5k players and SG also had 1.5k. Right now they have 1.5k and we have 600. Why?

    Because their server has permanent item-shop (which i suggested and SA did not listen), exo/concentrated drop from metins, well adapted drops. 3 things that our server could use. Also, their team implements updates flawlessly. How many players did we lose after the rollback due to extra inventory? 200 or so?

    EDIT: also lets not forget how stubborn the SA's were when the community requested 5/6 channels. 5/6 channels were needed when we had daily 1000+ players and then could have been reduced to 4 once the player amount dropped. A ton of players have left due to the stubbornness of the team there is no doubt.

    Hi, does concentrated reading help with soul stones? The description specifies books but not soul stones yet when u ready a soul stone with concentrated reading the effect is consumed. So far I have read 5 soul stones with concentrated reading and all have failed from G1 to G2. Is it bad luck or does it decrease the chance xD?

    Making items easier to roll is not a bad thing. Generally, it keeps the prices of the really good PvP items low and thus new players who join the server months from now will be able to afford them and actually "catch-up", which on s1 was very difficult. I would have removed max sp and sp absorb as bonuses too.

    It's a good thing to incorporate the other classes, keep it as is. Once you join a large guild it wont be a problem or if you are already in one do some recruiting. Many people already have mages in the form of buffers, all it takes is 1 person to gear it up. Then many people already have assassins as PvP toons, just takes 1 person to gear it up.

    I don't understand why it is so difficult to just make the enterence level 75 and thats it. Now the metins take twice as long to kill because of how much regen they have. Not worth farming here anymore, I can make more money going to HC2 and dropping clams/75 weps.

    Hi there,

    Is there an attack speed limit specifically for body warriors? My attack speed # changes, but i dont feel like I am swinging any faster? Especially with berserk? If there is a limit what is the # value?

    Thanks in advance.