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    You do realize normal pots wouldn't be removed from the game, right? You would have the option to keep breaking your keyboard for red pots while I would have the option to get them without any effort. How is that a problem, as long as we could both play how we wanted?

    Iknow but they are already in game u get them from azraels box and u get them for tps, whats the point of extra inventory when you have nothing really to put in it, im fine with the way things are with potions and dont see the reason to change it

    ^Auto attack is just laziness. They should just disable it and have everyone hold spacebar at all time. Actually even holding spacebar is just laziness, why not make us spam press it for each attack? You can have people press W at each step while you're at it, auto movement is really lazy.

    It is you all want everything handed to you on a big golden plate and then whats the point of playing, no need for easy access auto pots or anything,

    Its nice to see how the Admin really gets into these threads and takes our suggestions to heart, just like he always says when asked about changes on this server: "Players wanted more clams so they got more clams" "Players dont want pearls from itemshop" :Players dont want liutao from itemshop". Havent seen any pollys/threads about these but lets make a useless poll about boss spawn :)

    TLDR for u Shadow : Dragon room op, too many clams, change dragon room so people dont drop 30+ clams per run and get a monopoly. Most replies agree.

    you think you can be a bit more constructive this time?

    tbh clams are really cheap right now i dont see too much problem with their price unless u want to go fishing, within 2 weeks there is gonna be a hell lot of people in av so there is gonna be even more clams and they will become cheaper and there is already a lot of people fighting to get into aqua so i wouldnt say they can hold a monopoly a lot of people fighting to get in there it has to be "OP" so whenever you get in there you get a good reward

    Hello, Elspeth! Atm just a sura can reach lvl 12th floor, because lvl 11th floor is too hard for other classes. Also, Blacksmith from 6th is useless now, since rarity system was implemented and all players want items with rarity. Who want a common black steel armour or poison sword (not worth to spend blue changers in a common lvl 75 weapon) nowadays? One of my ideas is to make 6th floor Blachsmith like 12 floor one: if item will fail, don't lose it, just decrease the + (you can upgrade only common items there). Also, 2x relics drop per run is nice too.

    11 floor is really hard but im only ever there without a buff or anything so idk how hard it is with one, about the smith it would be nice to get a change but to say its useless idk. Clean poison +9 still sells for around 700kk, lvl 70 armors +9 still sell for 200kk. and i already upgraded a poison there with just one chars some people do it with plenty so i wouldnt say its a useless smith. but i do think a change would be nice 2x relic drop would only really make the price of relics go down so it would be nice for people doing DC runs but wouldnt really change anything from the value of the run, making reaper drop only lvl 75 weapons or the special accessories would be nice and maybe adding a chance of dropping something special from item mall or so would be nice also.

    Also experience ring should be more valuable than it's actually.

    yeah 5% would be good but then again when the new maps come out as long as they dont drop exp rings they will go up in price as people will want to level up to get there i think but it wont be by much. cant wait and see how it all turns out

    They should decrease thief's glove and blessing scroll drop from 20% to 10%.

    yeah 100% could get behind that half of the people dont even pick up thief gloves now as they just take up too much space and people are selling them for under 1kk with the way market is 1kk is literlly nothing

    Since players sell odin’s ring for 80kk+ there is a problem. For example when i need tp, i buy odins for 100kk each if i can’t find cheaper, 20kk is nothing for me. But for new players? 20kk for a new player is a lot. In game should be a way to get item mall things without spending real money. My suggestion will be fucking nice for market and will encourage new players to play this server. This suggestion will not affect TP price because the drop chance is low, don’t worry.

    Compared to the first weeks yes, looks way emptier. Personally can't say the server is dying because i pretty much farm Red forest and i see people there plus i'm making money from my shop so the market ain't that dead yet.

    Btw the droprate of some items is pretty high and maybe that's why prices keep going down.
    ( Gloves & XP Rings for example, i barely play 1 hour /day and i keep dropping so many gloves that i'm forced to sell them to make space )

    yeah i would say make gloves drop around 10% or less from 90 metins, and exp rings down to 5%. also no thief glove or exp rings from 90 maps. would make picking up thief gloves and exp rings actually worth it

    make sure to have better drops for the harder bosses like:

    • Gnoll King
    • Lemures Bodyguard
    • King Wubba
    • The Great Ogre
    • King Crab
    • Polyphemos

    There 2 types of Boneface: normal and brutal(depends on the map); it would be nice if they had some slight differences in loot too.

    Also from the 95 metins, only Metin of Gloom had proper drop on s1, Metin of Ember did not drop adders/changers, please have a look at them.

    Changing up bosses etc would be nice as i remember running through the maps and people wouldnt even hunt the bosses because there was really no point as their drop was pretty weak

    hey, as perhaps many people notice, the server is unfortunately dying. Can a teamler please tell us what the future plan looks like to do something about it or is it pretended to be nothing and the server will just go offline at some point? Would be nice if you, tell us your community something!:cursing: for waiting and "soon" it is to late!

    just complain complain complain. the server was never gonna have 1000 people playing everyday its metin2 and most likely no one new is gonna come here. why would they tell u an update is gonna come on such day when they dont know that.. if they tell you its coming on such a day and then they find something wrong with it and it doesnt complain all of you will complain even more they said the new update will come before next weekend or so. but i guess you didnt read the forum before posting this

    As i said. 99% of players can't play 10 hours/day and farm 10-15k+ boxes. I know you guys earn alot cuz of boxes and you want to keep price like that but you should think about majority. 100-150kk for one 5th bonus is really expensive. So just bear that in mind.

    Its just natural that if some one plays more than someone else they will have a bigger advantage dont see how thats unfair

    well moonlight is on this weekend and they will drop 10k moonlights is not even that hard in 1 day never mind whole weekend 20kk is a good price for moonlights and i havent seen any for 40 so idk where u got that price from

    The server should be oldschool style, keep an old tradition of top level 99, with steel armor, for a complete pvp quickly. Level 105, 120 already exists in SG 1. Not everyone has the time and money to go to level 120, the server closes before that. Success time at the level of metin level 99, armor and level 92 weapons.

    This server was never old school and i literally don't understand where you people got the "old school" idea from, 6/7 bonuses new dungeons, green/red adders/changers how easy it is to drop make eq or lvl up. nothing old school about it. plus it was always said that after some time getting to higher level will be available. level 99 cap was just for the start of the server.