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    I am sorry for late answer, but if you want to tank full room you need like 1700def :D but only if you are mental warrior , or wep sura cuz of shilds . But you can always make it easy by using full magic res on helm brace and armor lvl 66 +9. Ofc use magic liquids 15-20% use dragon earings for 300def , use white liquid 200def one put def in your armor make some restore hp items and ofc 80% undead :P its like full maybe u don't need that much but it's not that hard to make all full . Cheers

    Idk where you getting that u need 1700 def because with 1200 def as a body I’m up there without too much problems u make it sound like it’s near impossible to get there 1200 def bit of avg res hp restore and 80 undead is all u really need magic res can help but I’ve only got like 30% and it’s okay for me

    Why gnolles are so OP comparing to other monsters from 90lvl maps ? It's so hard to do mission with gnoll letter ;/

    gnolls where always hard. stop expecting everything to be handed to u and easy the missions arent that hard either u dont have to kill millions of them

    Since we now have /nopoly can we get Cursed Ring added as a boss drop to bosses in dt/dc/plague?

    It will add a bit to joking around with others and people can just get out of it easily.

    While on this note, would be fun to have some "joke" weapons that would immobilize/stun/slow/knockback/dismount and other non-damaging effects on WILLING players.

    A setting would be added to game options where players can opt in/out to be affected by these (off by default)

    Tbh I think there are other things people wanna see more such as hell ice run etc rather than see the devs work on a new system with where weapons stun etc on people who agree on it

    but Nemere is for lvls 90 and Yamachon 100 :/

    wasnt it 95? its been so long since i done it so im probably wrong so dm about that ;P but like elp said hell and ice run both come together thats why anyhow itll come later white pearls are nearly at 50kk so i mean it aint the cheapest things ever, thing is with this update also comes stones+6 etc so im sure they will balance lot of things when it comes my guess is that nemere and yama is the next update so we will see, Shadow if you could give us any idea of whats to come next i guess this would clear up a bit of confusions etc, but lets just be patient the team is doing a great job in my opinion

    Why are you talking about hell run when i talk about nemere. I dont get it why do not you want implement it. Could you explain me? Please answer.

    tbh there is only 6 players than can even enter nemere, 90map update only came into the game and im sure they are already starting to work on the next update for 95 lvl players so im guessing next update will be nemere and hell run and maybe the 95 devil run too, i want nemere too mostly just for ice grails, and like u were saying biggest reason why im not power leveling is because there is no need for me to be lvl 95 right now so im just farming metins if nemere etc was announced i would power level to 95, we will just have to be patient and hope they will tell us whats next on their update list for us

    practlly same drop from lvl 95-105 why i have to kill lvl 105 if its 500k hp more for get same drop xD

    i feel this feel like 105 metins should drop changers adders at 7-8% beans at 1.5% ss 2.5% not a huge difference but would end up making more sense at killing them

    removing a boss just cause his spawns that are really easy to kill are annoying........that says it all i guess. The event already lacks bosses, i dont wanna se more ancient tree useless guards

    i agree dont like ancient trees either, i was just suggesting earlier as i and few other thought charon was annoying but looking at the thread here more people actually want charon so it will remain didnt want to make it into any arguement just was a thought for me but ofcourse if more people want it itll stay the way it is, we can always suggest for more different kind of bosses blue death would be really nice to have there too

    bro, pardon what im about to say, but are full of shit. Some people including me can kill charon and is a part of why im comming to that event. If u level past 80 u wont come to the event to kill nine tails or other useless bosses. Charon is just one of the few high level bosses. Next time think about others as well, just because u are low level and u die doesnt mean the boss should be removed just to make YOUR life easier. Im not even that high level into the game and i can still manage to kill him, that only proves that ur excuse is pathetic. Good luck. Please vote for boss spawn guys, the best event out there

    I’m not low lvl and don’t die from him his summons are just annoying and seeing that I don’t have any devil they are a pain and there where others complaining about him also plus his drops are weak there are other bosses which drop stuff at past 90 there death reaper azrael ancient tree and also king spider only bosses there that don’t drop at high lvl are demon king flame king 9 tails and ghost tiger so I don’t see any problem there as there is plenty of high bosses

    Think you’re okay asking here were are they but I’ll give you a response from my knowledge of the admins n updates here they are not here yet because the devs still have things to do with them they aren’t holding the update back from us they want to make sure they are bug free and ready, if they put the update out early and there is a bug im sure you’d be one of the first to cry about it they don’t want to make the same mistake they made with extra inventory first update so be patient it’ll come soon and it’ll come good

    Dear community,

    in the past few days I often noticed that Elspeth is deleting nearly every post from me (maybe for personal reasons) and all Post with the word „90 maps“ it is unfair that you can not give your opinion on certain topics or that you are not even allowed to mention them.

    very very unprofessional

    BTW I got also a few times banned on discord for talking about the 90 maps

    but anyway this post probably will get deleted to

    come on if you spam the forum everywhere about 90 maps ur gonna get it deleted especially when or if youre having discussion about them in threads that are not for them same about this post it shouldn't be under suggestions thats why its gonna get deleted you havent made a suggestion

    i mean they literally put this in few weeks ago so u dont use 50 potions at the same time, people asked for this so i doubt they will change it back etc now