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    i know right seems like they have been sleeping the whole years and snorting cocaine.

    -it takes 2-3secs to get on ur mount (rly fast ik)

    i really hate that bug going off/on mount is laggy as fuck 2019..

    stop sucking each other off. Its not about my behaviour as someone said "If i would be banned for the reason cheating and if i werent i would be so much more tilt than he is".

    On first place its about my bann which was for no reason. I can disproof it easily and already did explain with proof but 0 ppl of the team r cooperative out here.

    Keep insulting them like this and you won't last long at all. They are doing a good job and you are proving to know the game well enough to try and trick them except that you send a ton of messages at inhuman speeds which kinda proves you did do something.

    This spam of yours the 6 messages on call especially all posted within half a second?

    Create a new character and play, just drop it, you showed whole server you did something that isn't allowed.

    i recorded everything :) half a second u said? anime fag

    Told [GM]Elspeth come here i reproduce the thing you called wallhack

    and i will record my desktop and she'd see that some of my chars would glitch through monsters but they actually don't if you watch my footage but she denied. they are not giving me any chance to proof that it was not by hack. The Hell.

    Just get my position i begged for hours catch me what you call wallhacking what i call it just looked on your screen like it

    And she just said proudly she never does a mistake because of her 10 years expierence. and always denied to give me a chance to reproduce it with proof of me recording my desktop.

    Got banned because its impossible for a gamemaster that u can go through player/monster without hack even i said and showed proof

    its possible if your client is about to crash/lagg. i basicly got banned for running like this through map1 by Shadow or [GM]Espeth.

    as you see i don't have any cheats open but as you see some characters are glitching through monsters what looks like wallhack.

    its just for demonstration i actually had only 6 just to try if it pays out farming metin stones but couldn't test yet because i got false banned. its a common thing on many servers to farm with up to 4 characters or even more as u might know. I reproduced as wished the reason why any of mine characters could have looked like he got a wallhack on but it was not the case as i proofed.

    GM espeth claimed there is 0% chance that any character can go through a monster without hack

    and thats said by a gamemaster with 10 years of experience as she said.

    Lagg/Client crash - Freeze/ pretty much anything can cause it.

    Just be honest u saw in your metin2 lifetime sometimes players going through a horse,monster,player or anything its not everytime a wallhacker xD

    according to Elspeth i got banned because of my ID'S "notahacker" instantly by Shadow without any proof

    and because on her game some of my characters run through one monster.

    to my defence i just didn't have a better idea for a random ID at this moment it shouldn't ever be a free bann ticket.

    Please read slowly and watch the clips.. i got banned for nothing

    She said i ran through a monster "hitbox" and thats why im a botter with wallhack.

    Just because of metins physics. The physics SHE didn't learn in 10 years.

    She said 1:1 you can't run through a monster without being a botter /wallhacker

    I see ppl pretty much everyday running through a monster who are not using a wallhack, its fu cking metin2


    you will see me running 1:1 at the sime time but one char will appear alot "faster" and it will cause my the right window char to run through him

    and thats what caused the strange look that im wallhacking. that just combined with monsters is a common thing you about to see but its not a free bann ticket ffs


    I got banned because a experienced gamemaster saw me running through monsters. yes i created 6 level 1 characters its popular to farm with more characters at once. I dont know my limit but i just said im going instantly for 6. As you see in the video my characters are not running 1:1 same speed compared to both clients more like delayed. that delay caused the glitch that another player saw me running through a monster even it was not the case. and i didn't mention but i got about 20 reports just when i created the 6 characters according to the statement of [GM]Elspeth. I mean i don't blame the metin2 community for that move seeing 6 Players popping off on that starter bridge and starting lvling i'd report them probably too.

    As i said im still banned for no reason!

    It definetly shoudln't be a 100% bann reason to someone.




    She banned me for this:

    Skaro i'd love to see an increased limit for them especially for weaker classes assassine/shaman/mental

    Increase it for sure 8 sounds alot but its not when 2 groups of enemies are already 8 and u are pulling like 7 groups.

    i'd even tripple the limit to 20 plus


    1. Its possible other servers did it already

    8. Is there 0 hope? other servers did it too and i can't remember anyone exploited anything.

    I just hate it to stop hitting before metin is destroyed and equip those it takes like 10 secs.

    you could put some rework into it. example: the moment i stop hitting i can instantly equip them.

    Right now there is like 3-5 sec delay when i stop hitting/spacebar before i can equip it.

    3. suggestion to increase the number of targets which can get hit by shaman skills

    Its not a secret that shaman is having a hard time rn just balance the gap

    14. Create a bar on the friendlist "Team" which shows online Supporter and maybe the whole gamemasters.

    15. Metal warrior, strong body adds monster bonus when activated

    Experienced player giving advice

    1.translate items people link in chat automatic in the language my client is!

    2.The hitting range from the fan should be the same as the bell from horse when farming metins u cant hit monsters around you!

    3.Dragon Shamans skills don't hit all enemys even if they are in range if there are to many of them. (old bug)

    4.Red Kingdom map2 needs more metin stones just as map2 blue. you barely can find one in a spot while u find 3 in one spot map2 blue.

    5.Disable the cost of items which is 3x as high in other kingdom!

    6.Make Changers/adders stackable, guigu, etc.

    7.Add more Metin Stones to Map2 by alot and increase the spawnrate

    (extra: every second metin stones of mine getting stolen..)

    8.Make it possible to equip 50%gloves and windboots while hitting spacebar

    9. Increase the speed of the empty bottle which u can buy map1 from 30 spd to 40 or 60. nobody likes to move slow

    10. Players who get hit by fan from horse are not flying away correctly its like anti fly hack without hack on metinstones.

    11. There should be an translate handbook for turkye player and other who have a hardtime with english which should translate

    the words SELL, Buy, Offer, Want to buy, avg, fks, and more on. its done in like 30 minutes and would help alot.

    12.Comfort features like sell items quick with strg+rightclick to npc, add item to shop with strg+rightclick, save the selling price of

    the item u added to shop, group buff, items to vault with ctrg+rightclick

    13. Ingame Support i didn't see a single supporter online. right now u are only taking but not giving your heart back.

    Will add more things later.

    i agree with that guy who said skill damage in pvm for shamans/assasines did completly go in the cellar and i agree that metin stones got to strong. and i agree that you should raise the damage to 150/160%. you can't leave it like that especially for skill damage which was the most important thing of an early shaman to solo pvm.