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    Hi everybody,

    i'm a lvl 53 assassin player. After the nerf of the last maintanence i find pretty hard to progress in game... I do metins pretty slow and, since i don't have skill of autobuffing, i don't have the resistance of the other classes. It has become quite frustrating and boring doing metin and stuff... and i'm not the only one who thinks this way, i've seen and talked to a lot of assassins who has decided to switch to sura or warrior cause they also felt stuck.

    Would you ever consider to buff this class a bit?

    Any opinion from other player and staff is welcome.

    Wish you all a nice evening.

    Not to mantion that in your comparison the warrior is using a sword... but many of them in game uses the red iron blade for pvm which, with the horse, does a lot more damage then the full moon sword.

    Honestly you're focussing about mage, mage has skills for autobuff... assasin doesn't. Now the difference between warrior/sura and assassin is too huge, please think about adjusting: not 200% like before but at least 150/160%.

    I think u should leave the buff till u have understood the right way to nerf it. Because right now u've completely destroyed the gameplay of the assasin in particular... i mean pvm it's just frustrating for no reason. Please set it as it was before and nerf it later after proper test.

    For everything else thanks for your work, this server it's really good.