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    We are going to make another maintenance, we fixed the problem and we are going to add the bonus damage. It won't be like it was of course but it won't be like it is now.


    have shadow take into account warrior skills and raise in P for the bonus

    Patch Notes:

    • Temporary removed the buff damage from mage and assassins against monsters, it will be added back once proper testing are done
    • Orc maze is back online
    • Horse missions from level 11 and above have 100% success now

    They put more damage to the shamans and ninjas, complain pj that they don't even have the skills of blade or aura in g1, what is the point of a gm putting on a pj lvl 30 with aura py team pvm and an equal shaman and balla trying the monster bonus doesn't cost you anything, that should have been done from the beginning (sorry my English if it's bad)