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    iirc it's the default behavior of mobs if you die at a metin for example, forgot if they do the same with normal lured mobs.


    2h glove tooltip says it can't be de-equiped, it should be changed to reflect the current behavior

    they shoudlnt stay at one spot when u die, its normal that they move (even when its only a little bit).

    try to get on a mount where mobs/players are the server cant keep up.

    wtf (thiefsglove)

    shops closing randomly-normal offline shops are closing randomly not after 24h or closing them, they do it by themself

    so ur telling me a server doesnt need any supporters in the first week?


    -mobs are in a perfect circle after u die and they wont move so ur stuck forever (yes this is fixable)
    -shop closing randomly
    -THIEFS GLOVES vanish when u try to take them off (thanks for the -12kk)
    -it takes 2-3secs to get on ur mount (rly fast ik)
    -we need to see which Helper/GM is online in the friendlist
    -you dont get damage when u put a shaman infront of you while making a metin

    how can a server this good have so many bugs? like really

    1) yes here (you didnt look properly this isnt my attempt but i told him to record it)
    6) its buggy for many people. sometimes there isnt a quest in the log
    7) the notification wasnt there yesterday
    8) really anoying since u dont have much inventoryspace
    9) it isnt good at all (shopsearch? did i miss something)
    10) there is^^ never experienced such a bug on other servers
    11) would be nice tho (since its standard on other servers.. i know "features")
    12) really sorry my mistake
    13) its not the party leader i tried it multiple times

    addition: mobs are in a perfect circle after u die and they wont move so ur stuck forever (yes this is fixable)

    thx for the fast reply

    hi here are few things i experienced while playing to lvl 50

    -ork maze ghost 100% chance to up is failing
    -switching channels sometimes dont work and sometimes you get into the wrong channel you didnt choose
    -im pretty sure there is no difference between block against faint and without
    -skills like aura of sword and berserk are not always working-have to relog for it to work
    -when ur to fast mobs wont spawn sometimes
    -quests are sometimes not showing-have to relog
    -if u login while the server is "down" u cant cancel the login u have to restart the whole client
    (-are there even GMs/helper? never saw one)
    -you cant switch places from items by draging on them with another item (intended?)
    -shopsystem (i think you are already working on that)
    -sometimes if you dismount from a lion your attacks are 50% slower for 2-3sec til relog
    -sometimes after a completed quest you only see the map (no npcs,players,shops etc.)
    -green/purple potions can be used anytime even when their active
    -second boss in orc maze never dropped any stones for us
    -only the highest lvl in orc maze is dropping from the last boss

    thx btw i have alot of fun on sg even with this minor bugs.

    It is not the only place where to farm level 30 weapons, but anyway in 15 minutes from now it will be online

    u advertised lvl 30 weapons via orc maze run but thx for the fix...