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    Any question you got about the server and gameplay feel free to ask me and all helpers that you can find in your friend list , welcome to this awesome sv :)

    Now event it's nice, drop is high but the box content it's not too unbalanced so I think it's OK, from 45 boxes I got 3 blue changers and 2 pearls and was like 4h of farming.

    Exp in hl2 it's a shit even after the patch, the drop its very low and not worth to farm, plus if you're not a sura you will waste your time killing 4-5 groups of zins at the same time, just awful.

    HTE vs EE , HTE give you 8% crit rate more , which for damage terms its better than just hp , and at the end of story warriors and suras will use all SCE , so your argument its invalid.

    The grudge sword have 0.03% of drop, poison 0.10%, that's fair for you? More than triple drop, and the poison can be dropped in normal mobs, grudge just from zin one's, and we don't speak about the other lv 75 weps which have 0.40% which is more than 10 times drop rate. Yea warrior have high advantage...

    For metins , specially in lv 90 maps , you need to resist first , not just to make damage , so warrior are out of this from start since sura resist too much in comparison, so another argument out.

    Actually for dungeons and for metins what you need its to RESIST , not even sura not even warrior will be able to complete dungeons alone , only with help of mage/ninja to kill the boss , and ofc you need to be able to reach last boss , which is quite easy with a sura.

    So your arguments are not valid , a sura hitting the SAME as a warrior its NOT balanced. End of story.

    1 floor before blue death (metins). And I dont agree with you, you are able to tank it also at other classes, not only sura. You just need some knowledge and tactic.

    Can you make me a vid or picture tanking dt11 without a sura? I'm corious about it, and tell me some clues about do it.

    Any statements about the last suggestions? Herbal chests, more exp in hl2, modify drop of grudge sword, and all others?