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    Making attack speed increasing dmg would be nice , it would encourage warriors to skill up berserk and use it more often since now no one use it at higher lvl.

    I agree that it easier sd3,I just give him some tips for dt 11 so he can get lv 90+ fast.

    I dont want to level to 90+. I dont care about 90+ maps. I need 80 on my buffer and 86 on my main so i can access red forest map. I still got plenty to do on my main. Just need pearls. Also you should try to be nicer to relatively new players or ppl that dont have alot of time to play, this server is low on population and telling ppl to go to other servers wont help I'm sure. TY Also can any1 here tell me what do i need to access dt 11th flor? Like how much ac, magic ress? Zion

    Most important think on dt 11 it's AC and magic res, with 1-1.2k of AC u,re good to go, also you will need max magic res of items and if you can green liquids too better than better. Block will help you also, but what will make you survive the most its restore hp, 8 restore ebony bracelet rarity and soul crystal neck atleast +7 will give you alot of survival with a good enough of damage. Try always to kill the ranged mobs before and never stop hitting, 80%+ of undead will also be needed in order to kill fast and take less damage. With my warrior I can tank easily whole room in dt11 with that tips, if a warrior can, mostly will do too.

    Sure, we might got +50 players lv +90 but half of them are buffers so the real amount is around 25 players....

    So did you say me that if 25 players could lvl up his main and even HIS BUFFER to lv90 you cant lvl up even your main to 90 too? you had enough time to be 90 with the exp buffs and all the new facilities you got.

    this update is coming out too early, server opened 2 month ago already 90 map & lv 105 coming out, before new year we will have ochao & lv 120 and before summer servers merge... lets enjoy the last months gg

    Before new year you will not be even lv 90.

    I have 24% restore hp warrior , 1200 AC and i resist perfectly full room. What you need its to dont stop hitting never , go for ranged mobs , never stop attacking and healing , move and hit , you need also high damage to clean fast , i deal 12k to mobs.

    And you will need a better buffer , mine have 62% buff.

    Considering that you can buy them at the general store, i kind of dont see the Point to be honest with you.

    Make the event potions a bit more easy to wear , if u dont like the suggestion just make it stackeable and will be more easy for all.