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    I didnt think it would become too much p2w , sv1 wasnt pay2win and had that boosters of hp/attack/life which was droppable from events too.

    About bosses i would give them a better drop like hermits/exos , blessing scrolls , expandable inventory , changers/adders , things like this , from bosses like nine tails or turtle would be nice and incentive ppl to hunt them more often.

    Hello , i have some little ideas about the game that i think would help low lvl to start easier in the early game content.

    First of all i would like to get implemented in item shop some items like dragon and tiger earrings (200 ap and 300 ac) items , they would help alot at low lvl after the hunt mission ones expire , and the dragon god attack/def/hp which were implemented in sv 1 too.

    Second i would like to revamp the drop from boxes dropped by bosses like the nine tails or the tiger etc, their drop its very poor and i dont see any incentive to hunt them anyway.

    Thx for your attention.