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    Tank start mobs are not so hard , the hard rock are that fcking zins , if you're a warrior/mage/ninja gl with that. The exp rate in HL2 its a shit , in drake room i exp 6%/h.

    I never said that, i said that regarding the herbs there is already a quests that asks you to kill a certain number of monster in exchange for flowers. We can improve that with enough feedback. I am pretty sure you ignored its existance.

    Tbh i used to do it on sv 1 , but wasnt too rewardable . The chests drop would be more like a complementary drop , without having to change your diary rutine for some flowers.

    Typical immature sentence which distorce all i said just because your idea was, in my opinion, without any sense since there is already a system that provides the same purpose.

    So you dont like the idea of weekly/daily or monthly objectives? and what about my suggestion of herbal/mini liquids chest?

    no i mean that sounds good would be good to have daily objectives or weekly objectives if that was possible

    I agree , i suggested this time before , like a battle pass monthly or weekly but wasnt too good received xD

    And what about a chest that would give a lower bonuses of liquids? like 30-50 ap , 50-80 def etc , which would be able to use at same time as normal liquids? And they to be able to use since lower lvls , so all people could get profit from them .

    Hello , i would like to suggest the add of herbal chests into drop of metins or as general drop , to increase the amount of flowers we got farming and make the liquids able to being used more often , since they are a bit difficult to get and people dont use them too much. The drop should be decent and drop 5 random flower each chest or something like that.

    Is not like we don't care, is more like we can't do much cause the problem doesn't lie on a lack of updates, the concept of the server was not liked. Nowdays the grinding is not appreciated, they all want a fast server where your perfect master skills are done on the same day or the next day you create your account, they want 2000 metins every 10 seconds and a bot that roll your items for you. The concept of this server is different and honestly almost noone cares about quests. While updates can be faster indeed, we are a small team and we can't provide updates every day, still in 1 month we made several changes and updates several systems too.

    We will continue to update the game and improve what can be improved of course.

    I like this style of sv , thats why im here , but maybe you need to give people what they want , at the end you are offering a service and the final costumer its who have to like it.

    As a matter of fact, On Server1 literally everyone did Dungeons with warriors. Exclusively Warriors.

    We gave Mages and Assassins a Mob buff so, yes, the assassin will surely deal more damage due to also having access to a bow but the Warrior is an allrounder. You dont need "OP Equipment". You need Good equipment.

    I don't really understand your point either, do you want to be able to solo dungeons with Common Lv 30 Items?

    So if mages and assasins are op for dungeons , suras are op for mostly everything, for what is good a warrior? Because in pvp they are not brilliant exactly. And if you want you can see my equipment and tell me that i want to do all with lv 30 common eq. Even with that and 60% buff i cant tank more than 4 groups of zins.

    Every server is like this. You guys plays the game since 10 years and you only realise now that the Weapon Sura is the best pvm character?

    In other sv's i can do freely dungeons with my warrior without feel i cant deal enough dmg to complete it alone with op equipment, here i cant , why should be warrior bad for dungeons and not good enough for damage? Its the worse class to play in this sv.

    If we wouldn't care we probably wouldnt have put huge load of changes already.

    Its simply the fact that this was answered 20 times and that we dont like to repeat ourselves.

    In my opinion warrior are the most disavantaged character in this sv , suras deal huge damage and resist all you want , assasins and mage can solo dungeons and are very usefull for parties. Warriors didnt resist a shit , they are not usefull at all in dungeons since they are very limited for the resistances of the bosses and they deal same dmg as a sura , so they are not the biggest dmg dealers even sv metins anymore. Its very disappointing to be a warrior , see how you spend hundreds in your equipment and you are not usefull anyway. Thats my personal point of view as a warrior main.

    This happens since the start of metin, in every sv I played the enchanted blade didn't had lifesteal in the last second of his duration, that's why u always have to refresh ench blade CD after clear 1 room to prevent that.

    11 floor is really hard but im only ever there without a buff or anything so idk how hard it is with one, about the smith it would be nice to get a change but to say its useless idk. Clean poison +9 still sells for around 700kk, lvl 70 armors +9 still sell for 200kk. and i already upgraded a poison there with just one chars some people do it with plenty so i wouldnt say its a useless smith. but i do think a change would be nice 2x relic drop would only really make the price of relics go down so it would be nice for people doing DC runs but wouldnt really change anything from the value of the run, making reaper drop only lvl 75 weapons or the special accessories would be nice and maybe adding a chance of dropping something special from item mall or so would be nice also.

    If you're not a sura, it will be nearly impossible.

    Hello, Elspeth! Atm just a sura can reach lvl 12th floor, because lvl 11th floor is too hard for other classes. Also, Blacksmith from 6th is useless now, since rarity system was implemented and all players want items with rarity. Who want a common black steel armour or poison sword (not worth to spend blue changers in a common lvl 75 weapon) nowadays? One of my ideas is to make 6th floor Blachsmith like 12 floor one: if item will fail, don't lose it, just decrease the + (you can upgrade only common items there). Also, 2x relics drop per run is nice too.

    Even after lv 90 maps update only sura will be allowed to tank lv 11 floor.