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    Have you spent any time in the Metin2 Community as a whole? Because it sure seems like you haven't.

    The most Servers are online for 2-3 Months at best and go offline afterwards, they are quick cashgrabs and thats about it.

    The very few Servers that were out there that were online for years, were shutdown 2 days ago and the other one a few months ago.

    People who think that there is anyone out there thats interested in buying this Server and doing something with it, other than opening and closing cashgrab servers is simply missing reality.

    Yes you're right, it was my last hope to make this sv great like it was years ago, I honestly feel sad for the future of this kind of sv's which had so much potential but got smashed by a selfish community and trash sv's which close month to month. I wish that all can be resolved but the near future its quite dark.

    Do you know why if they dont have the money/time to care about the sv why dont sell it to another company who can invest the neccesary to bring up the sv?

    No, the server can still prosper, by creating a return player package they can recover lots of players and by releasing some more end game content it will be fine

    Server it's brilliant, the company that are actually owning it its not, the sv need updates and daily support by team but that's won't happen anymore, it's the sad truth and that's why I told that maybe another company could take back this project and give it the attention required.

    I have I7 and i usually got bugged on ch2-3 , even restarting client and trying to enter again dont work , it stay as charging window and nothing happens , and its weird since i have my buffer in ch2-3 good and i cant connect my warrior , so i assume its not my internet/computer problem.

    Im sorry for you guys but you are wasting your time , i dont know where the dev team went but its really awful to see what sv become , if they cant run the sv anymore like it should maybe sell the idea or the sv to a more reliable company who have the resources to make sg big again.

    Farm moons now its a pain in the ass with that mates since you need to clean mages and the skills they throw are really annoying for the eyes after 2-3 hours there. You can stay calm about lvling, with exp ring at moonlights I gain 1.5% per hour or less with active killing, if you stay afk just with the mobs around you will take 1 month to lvl up.

    Something should be done with the super class dss with 0 bonuses, it's really awful all the work you need for them and the reward you get by risking with the high class upgrade. Something can be done by adding crafting items to make changers or adders to this dss.

    I dont think they will increase exp in my opinion.

    Lvling there without being sura it's a bit stressful since you need to be aware all the time or dragon earrings /liquids / waters/ dss /buff etc and it end being really boring and expensive specially up there when you start gaining 15% per hour and need to renew all the consumables items . I think that suggestion could be a new meta to arrive to lv 100 with the lv 90 chest and use the 100 chest to finally rush the last 5 lvls which are the worst. The gap from 90 to 105 its too big to be done within 24h.

    They just should raise the exp from dt11, since it's a hard map it should be more rewardable, I'm doing 20% per hour with the event exp boost and I'm just 97, I don't want to imagine at lv 103+ when I reach +10 lvls than some mobs so exp will become shit.