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    I found the thread you can check it out . optikster

    Server Dead

    ''-Rarity upgrade and improvment, since several players don't like the grinding part, even thou some of you don't want to admit it, we decided to improve the rarity system. Once the item is +9 you will be able to add or change bonus using a NPC and of course a lot of golds and special materials. This won't kill the whole rarity purpose, but will also please those who don't want to farm for days to get the desired rarity item and will also give values to +9 items.''

    Well.... where is it? :/

    7h skill books instead of 3-4h = dead server. You are right, basic logic.:D

    Stop talking big kid, u read too much stuff that u don't actually understand :)

    i don't know where i said this single update will fix everything. for the majority of the players, sg2 is not convenient enough to play as it is.

    which is more as clear when we look at the player count. but sure, it's me who doesn't understand. :D keep this attitude and you will end up alone just like on s1. :)

    metins respawn like other metins, also bigger amount

    Blue Changer/adder drop like red changers from the previous metins

    green/blue dragon bean

    2x cor draconis

    blessing scrolls

    higher chance of +4 stones

    very low chance of blacksmith stone

    bosses respawn every30min

    lv75 weapons

    blue changer/adder more frequently

    66 armor/65weapons with 10% increased chance of rarity

    blue/pink dragon bean

    CUT cor draconis

    blessing scrolls

    low chance of blacksmith stone, slightly higher than metins

    very low pearl chance

    very chocobo/dragor mount chance

    S1 is dead since 3 years because ppl reach the goal they had, S1 is 10 years old it's delusionnal to think a server can be full of players more than 10 years lul. So in your opinion S1 has no players because it's too hard ? Well it's a point of view

    many see sg as an p server nowadays, even s1. so yes, that's one of the reasons. ofc, what you said contributed to it as well.

    And your stupidity "baffles" me. Didn't you know it was 7hr when u started? Go play some easier pserver.

    See i can do it too, only I'm right as opposed to you.

    I'm not complaining myself, it was fine in my opinion but I don't wanna play on a dead server. But it's too hard to grasp, ofc since its basic logic.

    That ingame poll is a good idea but idk if it's doable and yes indeed only considering what's happenning on forum is not a great idea

    I already got P skills on S1 just in case because I'm not lazy and not looking for ez things, and it survived long enough to say that it had a great life. And btw, your last sentence is completely wrong but well, expected because everything you said is wrong

    Its been dead for 3 years now. It's not wrong its LITERALLY the reason why hundreds of players left. But stay blind lmao

    and feel free to drop such kind of server per private message.

    Generally, its a good thing that you react on the player`s opinion. I read the thread where some players insisted on a lower cooldown for Bios. However, players might create such a thread out of momentary frustration. Additionally, players active on this forum reflect only a small part of the community. Players with a "no pain no gain" attitude might be less inclined to lobby for their opinions in the forum. So taking only the forum into account when it comes to assessing the "player`s will" might be biased. Maybe it is possible to implement an ingame poll which is advertised in the callchat. I imagine something like the king`s election (earning a certificate, only one vote), but in this case you vote for the game`s content.

    While I think an ingame poll would be a nice idea,I really don't think visiting the forum is too much to ask. If you wanna stay updated, you read the forum. period.

    the meltdowns looool

    I cant believe these people are that BLINDED and DELUSIONAL

    If you wanna play servers you have to wait 7hrs, play s1

    We're on a pserver and for a pserver to survive, we need players. Idk what's so hard to grasp but we lost 2/3 of our players in less than a month. Damn the stupidity of some people BAFFLES me

    Btw theres literally not a SINGLE server online that even takes as long to get skills as we do even after this update. If you wanna wait a month, play official or s1

    For Green Adders you're right, for red ones even 5:1 should be ok

    to be honest, it's just a matter of time til red adders are just as worthless as on green ones. on s1 they barely have a different price.

    in my opinion, 10:1 is okay for both, red and green adders

    Lv40 metins ? You mean 45 right?

    I would love a less cooldown for skillbooks too. 3 hours would be awesome!

    At the end of the day equipment is more important than skills. So why not make it a little easier to achieve?

    3 hrs seems fair and also always the same cooldown and not 6-8, sucks if you have to stay up 2 extra hours bc your last skill still needs 2 more hrs cooldown

    The reason the player base decreased is not because of exos lol, most of them were just server-hoppers and the rest were just players that expected a server where you'll be fully geared within a week and never put in any effort for farming.

    A server losing 800 players within 2 weeks is not the norm and not bc of server hoppers lol. MANY servers have good starts and can keep a solid player base, just like mentioned above. They checked the server and noticed they didnt like it.

    I'm playing several hours daily as well and it doesnt bother me personally but you guys can't deny it's the reason why the player base has decreased over 60% in less than a month.

    I kinda predicted both servers ending up empty in the end but I wouldn't have expected it to happen so quickly.

    I'm NOT hating. I'm just scared the team did all their work for nothing.


    we are a p server and yes i know the team wants skills to be an achievement but we have to move with the times. i cant believe a single exo scroll is TEN times as expensive as an aura sb lol.

    in my opinion the staff needs to rethink the rewards from metins in general. we went from 1.2k players to 550 in a little over 2 weeks? sg deserves better. but for our player base to increase, we need to adapt to what people want. like r****** (idk if i can say it, even tho gf already killed it) for example. this server was online for 4 years with an average of 2k sometimes 3k and more online. bc farming was rewarding in any state of the game, low high or mid.