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    Why Tec Points/Odins wont be transfered?

    My entire savings are in Odins!

    I was hyped about the merge because i can finally play on an alive Server again but with Odins/tecs not transfering all the farm I did was for nothing.

    For which reason they are not transfered?

    If this keeps like that i wont play on the merge Server. Litteraly spent all my time for nothing.

    We also said that the level 30 horse would be for higher level not for level 50 lol. Also you cannot expect us to give you items in exchange of money. Today is a mount, next time what? A 50 average weapon? Sometimes is better to lose a player than having a corruption case going on, doesn't matter if asked nicely or not :)

    You both completly miss understood my comment. Where did i mention its for low lvl ? Im lvl 70+. Also i didnt expect it to get it back by asking nicely. But sometimes its working to just ask. The Main reason i left is because of the long waiting time. I thought i represent it clear in my comment by writing it 4 times.

    I left the Server a while ago because my 300 attack mount was running out. Didnt pay attention.

    Had the coins to extend it. I asked the team nicely if i could get it back when paying the coins. They denied it.

    It took alot of effort and time to get it and you got a big advantage with it. In my opinion its still op

    It was so frustrating to know that it takes so much time and luck again.

    So i waited and waited for the lvl 30 horse. They said it will have the same bonus.

    I waited.....

    I waited.....

    I waited...

    Weeks over and still no lvl 30 horse...

    RoYaL left the Server.

    Sometimes just the small things make people leave.

    I heard since a while its way more easier to get it now so I am probably going to play again.

    Also still have like 20k coins i farmed back then ^^

    Is the lvl 30 horse 300 attack bonus here yet?

    Still waiting for it since my mount run out and i dont want to spend a full day again to get it

    Why did you change book times?

    You cant just change it.

    A lot of people spend money for it.

    I didnt spent any money on Skills and have G skill.

    I think it was good.

    Server getting easier and easier.

    You should rename the Server. "Sg global" is not the right name anymore. Ppl will connect it with the old known sg.

    The Server is completly different.

    If I wanna play a metin where I get P skills in 2 weeks I can choose between 100000 available servers, 7h was good imo, thing is at each updates they make the game easier it doesnt make sense

    I stopped playing a lot on this Server.

    Just playing half an hour sometimes.

    I wanted the Server to be like the old sg.

    Im really not sure if i should keep playing here since i love oldschool.

    I like it this way, I can farm for 6 hours but not for 24. Adjusting the hour for the minority of players who can't log in now would be silly.

    All events are at 19GMT and nobody complained, but when we're talking TP you all need to prove how greedy you are. If you can't log in then don't, farm another day for twice the time we'll do now and get the TP you need.

    And another one that didnt read the comments. We suggested to adjust the drop rate if the event is 24h long.

    This is insane. Everybody is just going to reply without even reading the comments. You are just talking about something that was never a topic. Nobody was ever greedy. Im even AGAINST that event.

    Then stop asking for adjustments and enjoy the ''event'' . People who cant play these hours lost nothing last week .

    Just because some people had time last week it doesn't mean they have time today.

    I didnt play the entire day when the Server was down and the roleback happened. Because i was not at home. Today i am.

    Just because you have the same routine every week it doesnt mean other ppl have them too.

    I dont know if you actually suggest that for others and not for your own self farming 24 hours nonstop like many people could do . So many hours would be exploited by ''hardcore'' farmers dont you think?

    People that spent more time should get more reward.

    Also as we said the droprate should be adjusted.

    Im not even going to farm these 6 hours.

    Nah you just want the event to take part the hours that suit you. Someone else would complain about the hours if it was not you and shadow clearly said it is the time which are the most people logged in


    Really Nobody:

    Mentalos: you just want the event to take part the hours that suit you

    People would also complain about Moonlight if it would be only accesable during 6 hours.

    Solution: Its dropable 24h so everybody can get access to it.

    I understand you, i lost much money too this day but we cant go back so i think it is a nice - i dont say best - thing they can do about the mistake. We can discuss about event hours it is ok. I just say, it makes sense same hours are understandable.

    I havent lost anything. Im actually against that "event".

    We got more than enough for the downtime and 40min roleback.

    Right now im just trying to argue for everybody that cant play in that time.

    I have a friend who is not here and cant participate.

    It makes sense.

    It doesnt make sense. Just because some people had time last week it doesn't mean they have time today.

    Idc i can play, but better would it be to just do it 24h and adjust the droprate.

    So if its 24 hours or 6 hours doesnt matter when the outcome is the same except that ppl who play 24 hours are getting more.

    As the Team said if you play more you get more rewards.

    Someone told me it’s 200. But as body warrior you have problems hitting after 180+. So you can actually not take green potions(m) with the +15% green potions and berserk m1. Berserk becomes useless. I don’t remember having this problem on any other server. They should fix that.

    This isnt really gonna effect me probably the opposite actually since i don't work weekends but in away i agree with some people i guess this event is already set but if its gonna happen again possibly half the drop rate of the levis or 1/3 them for the next one but make it a 24 hour drop :)

    +1 just do it like moonlight and nobody is going to complain.