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    First i dont care if i get my items back.

    They are worth almost nothing anyway compared to what couldve been lost.

    This thread is just to let the Team know how it was possible to lose items.

    After the Server started i closed my shop took the money out and put some items in it.

    Was about 15 blessing scrolls and some zen bones.

    The server went down again but just like 2min.

    I logged in and checked my money. I still had it in my inventory so everything was fine.

    After that i just realized that the blessing scrolls and zen bones that i put in the shop were gone.

    They were neither in my inventory or in my shop.

    So there was a way to lose items between Server on again - Off - On.

    Mach dich auf 61 und bau dir soweit Eq und ne Buff auf, dass du Sd2 farmen kannst, denn dort machst du momentan einfach am meisten Geld durch Rarity dropps.

    Ist dafür aber auch überfarmt und man kann sich alle 2 minuten mit jemand um sein raum prügeln ^^

    I think its because of the lvl. Are you farming with thief gloves?

    Also noticed im dropping much worser now with lvl 71 from 85 Metins than i did with 60-65.

    Everybody want it as ez as possible. Thats why they disagree.

    Good its not every week.

    Can be closed since its answered.

    Looks like it will be now 96h a month. 300k and still nobody buys it because everybody will have more than enough.

    Without moonlight you couldnt farm high lvl because lack of blessing/adders and changers and good luck adding a 5th bonus in your items without moonlight. This event its made to make the game less p2w , adding free changers/blesisng marble to the market and to help players to improve faster and get higher lvl's . If you want to monopolize this kind of items its not other players matter . Totally disagree.

    I already sold more than 200 blessing scrolls. You drop one from every 2-3rd high lvl Metin. Also you can get easily tp ingame. I see so many marbles on market.

    Can we please not have a Moonlight event now every Saturday.

    Its competly ruining the price of zen bones that are already only worth 300k because of the last moonlight. Most people dont need them yet so nobody buy them now but as soon as they need them everybody will have one stack on storage already and nobody will ever trade zen bones.

    Also its bad for high lvl players that rely on farming blessing scrolls and other high lvl stuff.

    Also high lvl cant farm moonlights as fast as lower ones so the event is actually more an event for low lvl and bad for people that farm on high lvl.

    Moonlight event should be rare and not every week for 24 hours. Its easily possible to farm 300 Moonlights in a single hour. Thats ruining the market.

    I dont understand when people argue with that.

    You knew in the beginning before the Server started that Ninja got a little buff. I think they said like 15-20% or smth like that i dont remember.

    Based on that you decided to create a ninja. You knew how much more damage they were supposed to do before you went ingame.

    A bug appeared and they did like 200% damage more. They just fixed it. They were never supposed to do that much damage and you knew that before you even created your char.

    I bet if this bug never appeared you would still play ninja and wouldnt complain about anything now.

    Just the fact you had smth that was broken makes you feel weak now and you want it back.

    You got a buff that you have on no other Server. "have never seen such low damage anywhere" Its actually the the opposite.

    dude did u ever play offical servers? the rates are completly fine

    Do you really wanna tell me right now it was possible to drop 3-4 poisons a hour on old official. Idk how it is today its newschool anyway.

    But on old official you need to grind atleast full day of Dt to get a poison.

    This server was intended as an oldschool. Atleast thats how it was presented.

    I really dont know who voted on s2. But not people that wanna play oldschool.

    Maybe i just found out its the wrong Server for me. Idk

    I mean i already was crying that you start with +9 eq. I actually playing not oldschool here.

    idk, but i'm not sure they are already at the point of tanking whole room of zins in hl2 (and that is what i meant with drop 3-4 per hour, could have mentioned that in previous post)

    Ye sure they dont yet.

    I didnt play s1 so from your experience it should be 3-4 when you can pull full rooms.

    I dont know how ppl can say that this is not much for an oldschool Server.

    gloves doesn't affect drop that you need certain lvl for, such as v2, hl1,hl2. You might think 0.05 is high, but from my experience it's pretty low, sometimes it's even hard to get 3-4 poisons in 1h, also devil doesn't work vs human mobs

    I really think ppl are just to spoiled. 3-4 a hour?

    Thats good for a drop of a newschool Server xD

    Also you drop alot of other eq in grotto we shouldnt leave that out. The overall drop is good.

    If im right the drop chance of a poison sword should be 0,1125% with the itemshop and ingame thief gloves. I dont know how equip affects it so i leave that out. On average you get a Poison sword on every 889 mob. There are a lot of groups with 3/4 or 4/4 you can drop the poison sword from. If you get some devil in your eq you can kill them insanely fast.

    So basically you should get easily 1 poison sword a hour in the beginning.

    You can do it much faster later if you stay alive and if you can pull a full room.

    When there are farming now 50 ppl in grotto there should be ATLEAST MINIMUM 50 poison swords in a hour.

    If someone says now thats not much i have no words.

    = 0.05 + 0.05 * 0.5

    = 0.075

    = 0.075 + 0.075 * 0.5

    = 0,1125%

    Exactly. It was pretty hard on server1 and now with server2 will be even harder due to rarity. The original poster RoYaL hasn't even been to grotto to farm it, clearly mentions that he is in red forest. Going to a mob and clicking ? to see 0.05% is different then actually killing them and having the gear to do so.

    What do you wanna tell me? 0.05% is high for a poison sword. Especially with all double drops. If you deny it you are probably not an oldschool player. I was 100000 Times to grotto. Maybe not on this server but it don’t matter.

    The drops are exactly like sv1. Did u play server1?

    Your math is also wrong, as someone mentioned b4 you kill a lot more mobs per hour in v2 than grotto.

    It is by no means easy to get an 8% poison, but it does depend on luck.

    That’s not true. You can kill more mobs but in v2 only 2 mobs drop a warrior shield. In grotto you drop poison from 4. In the end it’s the same. Nobody said it’s easy to get 8%. I said not everybody need a 8% one. Why you need it perfect? 3-5 is more than enough and you drop them fast. Idc if it’s the same in s1. This is a different server. There is a reason s1 couldnt Hold Players

    Im surprised that the suggestion comes from a player who didn't farm/level in grotto but only saw the % of dropping poision sword.

    I know u want only the best for the server that prices of good gear stay high and so on but im not sure and u can't be sure too

    because we didn't expierence so far farming there.

    Im not stupid. Every normal person that is able to do math can imagine how often you drop something by watching the percentage. It’s not the first time I go ito grotto in 10 years. Also im able to compare it to other drops that have equal percentages.