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    I didn't complain at all in the first place, I farmed there alot and didn't had trouble finding 90 Metins (hence I'm actually not that bitter).

    I just want you to know that this update only helps Mirage Suras and Dragon Mages (though, I haven't seen alot of Dragon Mages farming there). Most other classes don't have their Buffers at 80 and they need them there to farm.

    All in all this update most likely just helped a few selected players, which will dominate the market now with RW drops.

    Please for the love of god. Next time you push a "bigger" update:

    Get some actual players from the game to a test server and let them abuse the new features.

    It took me about 30secs to think of potential bugs with the inventory system, which turned out to be existent.

    Screwing around with something as crucial as players inventory needs some kind of quality control.

    This control should not be performed by staff members who probably just test all happy paths which they know will work.

    Also after every change/fix you should test everything again.

    Is called extra, cause is a different kind of inventory. 3 and 4 slot will continue to be as they were.


    You can either press the icon near the full moon sword or U

    I mean, it's nice and all, don't get me wrong.

    I'm just afraid that I wasted alot of MP to buy Inventory Keys when there is enough space for everyone for free now.

    Can you elaborate on the extra inventory?

    I ask because there is also the Inventory Expansion Key, which basically costs real money.

    Will this one become obsolete?


    In my (honestly probably biased opinion - main Assassin) I think the adjustments are "just fine". Though, one still has to consider that Warriors have Berserk (Huge attack Speed Bonus on P) and Mages have Enchant Damage and Blessing Spell (Crit and higher survivability), while Assassins lack any extra Buffs disregarding Movement Speed from Archer.

    EDIT: Also while we are at it: Black Magic Suras suck also in PvM lol.

    Moveset is the speed of the weapon type, the dagger is simply the fastest.

    Actually Mental warrior are weaker since they have no aura and they have no 135%.

    True, you don't see any of them since a lot of years. Completely forgot about them lol.

    They could need some adjustment too, though I would concentrate on Assassins/Mages right now.

    Imo Mages seem to do decent damage in the screens you provided.



    They have lower damage on weapon but highest moveset speed (to not be confused with attack speed)


    Can you clarify Moveset Speed? I.e. the combo they are performing?

    Also most PvM is done from Horses, where Assassin is now the weakest class again by far. Imo it should be adjusted the same as Mages, as they also have Buffs, which Assassins lack of. (Well ok, everyone has a Buffer...)

    Thanks for your efforts.

    Can you also test this with an Assassin? I'm not sure if Assassins are viable in PvM anymore...

    The main disadvantage in Assassins lies in their really narrow field of attack, especially on Horses. You basically have to pinpoint your attack on each mob to kill spawns from e.g. Metin stones. And killing high lvl Metins from foot is now impossible or very hard as you die too fast without any defense.

    EDIT: If you use Daggers that is..

    Because we wanted them to have 15% more damage, but after some testing, it was much much more. Read carefully the patch note, for now is removed, it will be back but with proper adjustment.

    I mean, did you really not test this before the server start...?

    Anyway, is there an estimate when this get adjusted? Because rn the game is kinda unplayable for a lot of people.

    Patch Notes:

    • Temporary removed the buff damage from mage and assassins against monsters, it will be added back once proper testing are don
    • Orc maze is back online
    • Horse missions from level 11 and above have 100% success now

    Thanks, SG2 Global team

    Why? I'm 60 Assassin and I see Mirage Suras and Body Warriors in the usual farm places killing stuff nearly as fast as I do. These people don't even have AOS or Blade on P. After they get their skills they will outplay Assassins and Mages by far again in PvM.

    It's already getting a bit harder in PvM at higher lvls since Assassins have basically no Defense Skills as opposed to e.g. Mirage Sura or Attack Speed from Body Warriors.

    These changes back to 2002 Metin seem shortsighted to me after few people complained that Mirage Sura or Body Warriors are not the only chars playable for PvM. Finally other chars became fun...

    Also you just ruined your Serverstart for a lot of people. As far as I am concerned I will probably leave this Server or start new with a Body Warrior. Really lame move from you.