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    I consider bug using any kind of behaviour that gives you an advantage by exploiting something. For instance getting stuck in the wall makes the difference in your case, from killing that boss or not killing that boss. Thats an exploit and is bug using. Your other example is simply ridicolous and doesn't make any sense. Not going to ban you if you use that, but not going to help you either if you get screwed over or you box drops inside the wall and out of your reach.

    It is unfixable. You used the poly after you were knocked back. When you use a poly or mount on horse you are refreshing your position, which was set off by the knockback attack, so you found yourself inside the wall, well more inside than you wanted to be.

    Oh my freaking God. You still don't understand what happened. No you do not want to be stuck inside the wall when killing azrael.

    You go to the wall so that his knockback does simply knock you against the wall. After you kill him you can run around freely, because you are simply not inside the freaking wall.

    Did you think that the intention is to get stuck inside the wall? No, simply no. It's similar to hitting a boss against the wall with your horse, so you keep hitting him without knockback, just reversed. I would hardly call this bugusing.

    Then you should probably start banning everyone who kills Azrael / Aqua Dragon / Blue Death and probably some other bosses for bugabusing. Like seriously?!

    No other choice than to admit that "bugabusing" accusation of yours? Why should I admit something that is so intrinsic in this game that everyone does? Please explain that. In my first post I didn't even understand that you would call this bugabusing. What else in this game is bugabusing in your opinion? Using a bow in Poly because the AP is higher and you don't use Arrows? I abuse this bug all the time!

    You still don't understand the fundamental bug here. Azrael simply does not knock you inside the wall when you are in poly, nor does any other boss.

    This happens in the offchance in a split second going into poly while your character refreshes.


    Then please provide an evidence in form of video cause i am here quite a while and when someone got inside the wall, it is never an accident but done on purpose. I know very well why you got stuck, going on poly is equal in certain case, to be on horseback, the fact is, Azrael doesn't knock you back for 100 meters, if you went inside the wall it means you were already near the wall, for which reason? Why can't you just kill him in the center? The whole point here is to not reward a player who tried to abuse a bug to kill a monster he wouldn't be able to kill otherwise, when his bug screw him over.

    Did you ever see how everyone in this game kills Azrael? Yes, you go to the wall, because of the simple fact that its near impossible to kill him if you get knocked around every 2 secs. Is this what constitutes as bugusing in your opinion or are you simply trying to redirect this discussion to blame the players of this server?

    I assume this bug happens right in the timeframe when you change into poly and Azrael knocks you back. (Atleast that was the case for me) Once you are in poly Azrael can't knock you inside the wall. To me it looked like I was teleported inside the wall right as I went into Poly. You really expect me to reproduce this bug? Are you out of your mind?

    And don't answer with something like "There you go, don't do this". It's a rare bug which should simply not happen, but does!


    Thats when packets of the client crash, it can be due to connection or simply a software issue.

    You do realize that you just described a bug? Packets don't simply crash. They get lost or get corrupted. Proper software relies on a reliable connection/protocol, in this case I would assume sockets through TCP/IP, the software should handle these type of "crashes" accordingly.

    Again, I know Metin is an old piece of software and I don't know how deep you can go into the codebase. I do not expect you to fix these issues. I simply want to point out that a proper staff would acknowledge this and act accordingly.

    A stupid analogy would be if you buy milk in the store and realize a minute later that it is expired. The guy you complain to probably isn't at fault at all, but acknowledges that something went wrong and compensates you. The behaviour of the staff in this server is simply "You bought it, you should check the date. We don't care".


    Bare in mind that this game doesn't support ipv6. Whoever has ipv6, whenever he logs, the game convert this ipv6 into ipv4, and often it cause this problem. We solved more than one of these cases by telling the players to set their ipv to 4 instead of 6. This is a major issue cause ipv4 is doomed to die eventualy, but so far there is no solution to this problem. In the recent patch we fixed a problem with the change channel. So maybe this issue is related to that, if thats the case you should experience this issue only on ch3 and 4. Sadly noone, except the helpers are providing infos except the usual "fix it" and except the usual theories that it has to do with the extra, when it is not true.

    Yet again you are describing bugs on your end. I never blamed the extra inventory.


    Sure do it, by with the 11th client, kill a lot of monsters with a lot of buffs and a lot of refresh. I mean you play the game much more than I do, i can't believe you don't know the character who disconnect is never your buff bot but your main, cause thats what accumulate all the lags, all the packets of monsters that attacks you, etc.

    One Reaper attacking me is all it takes to accumulate all those buffs and all those refreshes? I was exagerating.

    Is not inconvenient for us, simply kill the boss in the center not in the wall. You know he can knockback and stuck you in the wall, actually is what you aim, cause by being stuck in the wall you are able to inflict damage without being knockback again. Maybe i am wrong, why don't you post a video of the problem so we can see if thats the case or a different problem?

    Pretty much impossible, the first part, unless is from base floor to floor 2. The other floors are a simply goto command which is not the same as change channel or a login. The change channel could be on our side, we are currently checking whats the issue. When you disconnect on DT after bringing several clients, most of them on window mode, collecting lag from buffs and monsters spawn, sorry thats not on our end.

    The problem lies in what the guy with the long complicated name said. I switched to poly while moving slightly and bam I'm stuck in the wall and can't buff myself anymore, Azrael did not knock me into the wall, in fact that never happens. It's a bug which should simply not happen but alas does and I don't blame you for that but the game. You are here to as you said not be inconvenienced, but help players out if something like this happens.

    The DC was only an example that it's not always the connection. You can also get a very random window freeze anytime while playing (ever seen those strange items called "gall"? Something really funky can happen sometimes).

    There are two behaviours of your client when you DC:

    1. You get kicked out immediately (I blame those on your end)

    2. You get kicked out after a few minutes, while everything else stops (I blame my end for these)

    How do you explain the first behaviour? Last time this happened directly infront of the Reaper for me and mobs didn't have to load much since I only had 2 clients with one minimized (which I did not reopen at the time of the DC). To me this was a very random glitch on your end.

    Heck, I can minimize 10 clients in map ch1 and leave them overnight. They do not DC, I simply get a blackscreen.

    We always compensate for bugs which are our fault, this isn't. Nor is if you lose connection on DT. There is plenty of rooms where to kill that boss, you choose the wall cause it is easier for you to kill him with 2 characters. You are pretty much abusing a bug and complaining that it backfired at you.

    Thats my buffer.

    This exact behaviour of the staff is what I'm getting at. Every thing which slightly inconveniences the staff, but would greatly enhance players satisfaction with the server is getting dismissed. Often with ridiculous explanations like this one.

    You do realize that DCs are not caused only because of Connection? Ever noticed that the most DCs you get is when you change your location (i.e. getting one floor up in he DT) or changing chs? Yeah, that's on our end. Or getting the window frozen? Also fault of our internet provider?

    Also what bug lol?

    You can not use marble during you are running.

    Whats your point to the topic? It doesn't matter what happened exactly there. It's a bug which should not happen.

    My suggestion isn't regarding fixing bugs, because obviously that may not be feasible.

    What I merely suggest is that the staff tries to keep us (the players and the people keeping this server alive) satisfied and not frustrated.

    I could also just dc right infront of Azrael, or DC right after spending a Relic. Same issue.


    recently I've been on the very unlucky side and keep getting game breaking bugs which are just infuriating.

    It's mainly DT and DC which are very time consuming.

    This game is freaking over 10 years old and still has the same bugs it used to have.

    In the good days of this server (or rather S1 under Chris) the staff was always nice to the players and compensated them for the bugs in this game. What happened to this?

    It's not like this takes a lot of time for the staff or creates any kind of inbalance or unfairness to others.

    Whats so hard about spawning a Reaper to someone who just got Dcd at the 9th floor?

    Or freaking this bullshit:

    This is 2 Relics + Some polys and ~30-40 mins wasted.

    False. Red changers price is same since first week (10kk + - ), odin's ring price scales too much (from 40-50kk to 80-90kk). If you are maller don't ruin others gameplay because you are greedy and want to sell odins for 200kk each. Where is the problem if players who don't mall can drop mall items in game? Ofc, 1-1.5% and 3-5% is a fucking low chance to drop that box. When new players will start and see odin's ring 100kk+ will leave instantly, not only new players, many players will leave because item mall items will become too expensive. While TP price scales up, in game prices stay same or decrease, and in 1 year max you'll play with 10-20 players online/ day if nothing changes. Don't be selfish and let all kind of players to enjoy this server.

    I am not a maller.

    The prices were very low because a lot of people bought a lot of TPs in the beginning of the server to get a "headstart".

    We are approaching normal prices.

    Seriously people complain about Odin prices while they stock up on Gold.

    Last time someone complained that he can't raise his skills without Hermits. Meanwhile he had 20w stored up and thought 8kk is way too much for a Hermit.

    The prices are ok now. They will reach 100kk and probably stay there.

    Even then, Odin prices pretty much dictate the costs of everything in game. On S1 non mallers earned their money with farming Red Changers. If Odin prices rise, prices of other stuff like said Changers will rise too. Hence, you can earn Gold easier.

    I didn't complain at all in the first place, I farmed there alot and didn't had trouble finding 90 Metins (hence I'm actually not that bitter).

    I just want you to know that this update only helps Mirage Suras and Dragon Mages (though, I haven't seen alot of Dragon Mages farming there). Most other classes don't have their Buffers at 80 and they need them there to farm.

    All in all this update most likely just helped a few selected players, which will dominate the market now with RW drops.