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    Spirit blessing for stones 80% is not available for mileage points at the moment or from that time or never again??

    Hey there,

    it will come back to the Item Mall eventually, we just need to change something.

    Price and effect will remain the same however.

    Hey there,

    we will announce when the Server is coming back online.

    Since there was a Problem that has to be fixed, we can't give you an ETA for it.

    If they are able to fix it fast, the Server is back online soon, if it takes longer, the downtime will be longer, logically.

    Hey there,

    dont worry, it will be announced as soon as the server is back on.

    Our DEV's are fixing something right now and will inform you as soon as it is back online.

    Hey there,

    macros are used to automate a task, for example logging in.

    As i said, we only allow them for tasks that do not give any unfair advantage though.

    Hey there,

    Green potions are a powerful weapon and shouldn't be at the general store in an Oldschool Server.

    You can farm them when the Moonlight event is on for example.

    Pasting links is a bad idea in my opinion as people would also be able to paste NSFW stuff and other Servers etc.

    Hey there,

    since we consider that very insecure thats a feature we wont add.

    You can use a macro to login.

    We allow Macros as long as they don't give an unfair advantage in the game.

    No no no, he played 2 times with hacks, later he created new accounts and play without hacks. Third account you banned because " we thought if you played with hacks you play again with this" when he played without , for me its funny. My account you banned because i borrowed , you wrote this at chat. So i dont understand your rules.

    Hey there,

    we dont bann someone because "we think he did it again" we bann someone because he did it again.

    We dont act based on assumptions.

    The Rule in this case is very clear - He hacked, you shared accounts - rules state you lose your account aswell for several reasons. You might have been involved, profited aswell or other things.

    Hey there,

    compared to other Servers Assassins and Mages already deal 135% Damage - Meaning: they are already buffed.

    We just simply removed the Bug that caused them to deal more damage than Warriors.

    Assassins strength in PvM lays in things such as invisibility, high skill damage and high polymarble damage (Bows have a very high attack value)

    While Warriors/Suras strength lays in increased damage/tankyness for general metin farming, Assassins can take down Bosses and Runs far easier.

    Making them just as strong as Warriors/Suras in Metin farming would simply be overpowered and unfair.

    Wasn't there a question popping up if you are sure to remove it? No matter if yes or no, y'all should implement it nevertheless.

    Hey there,

    there isn't currently and also never was, i think someone suggested it in another Forum post however.
    Has to be looked into if its possible and exploitable before we can implement such things though.

    Since you are getting offensive and you got your answers, i'll close the Thread now.

    While we value your opinion, there is no need for us to repeat ourselves nor for you to behave like this towards anyone, besides the fact that this is the English part of the Forum.

    We have said from the very start that we will potentially have to change the stats if they are too strong/too weak.
    Ninjas and Mages were utterly overpowered and even outdamaged Warriors on Lv99 with Max stats and Aura P which is definitely not okay.

    Please look at the photos and tell me what you think. SAHADOW

    As Shadow already said, the Assassin's already have a bonus against Monsters which usually does not exist - meaning, their damage is higher than normally to begin with.

    Just as an example, you need Ninjas to complete runs such as the Plague Run, with good equipment, you will be able to solo that run with a Ninja. Given the fact that we already grant Ninjas a mob bonus - it will be even easier to do that now considering that in the Past they didnt even have that Mob bonus. If we were to increase it even further, there would be absolutely no Challenge what so ever and it would simply be unbalanced.

    Ninjas have a low Attack Value weapon but hit way faster than any other class, meaning - they put out equal or more DPS than someone who hits 2,5k with a Sword.

    You only have 24Avg Damage and a Mob+4, i might be mistaken but your autoattack there does not look like a Crit. So 1,3k non-crit is more than fine.