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    Do you know why if they dont have the money/time to care about the sv why dont sell it to another company who can invest the neccesary to bring up the sv?

    Have you spent any time in the Metin2 Community as a whole? Because it sure seems like you haven't.

    The most Servers are online for 2-3 Months at best and go offline afterwards, they are quick cashgrabs and thats about it.

    The very few Servers that were out there that were online for years, were shutdown 2 days ago and the other one a few months ago.

    People who think that there is anyone out there thats interested in buying this Server and doing something with it, other than opening and closing cashgrab servers is simply missing reality.

    I just got the problem and i checked my internet status, i dont see a problem on my side, i uploaded the picture on the main post.

    Just because your download/upload speed is fast, that doesn't mean that your connection to the server is stable atall.

    You can have 10gb/s upload and download and still lag in game if the connection is shit.

    If you randomly get rubber banded and stuck in walls/objects, that means its lagg on your side - else everyone would experience that, which is clearly not the case.

    As for client crashes, theres an incompability with stuff like AMD PC parts, IPv6 Adresses and a few more things, so if you happen to have one of that, thats the cause.

    As I stated before, i don't disagree with you atall but removing the mages is not an option, swapping them for archers would look awkward since they don't belong into that map but that's hardly a problem i suppose, atleast personally i wouldn't care if they look out of place, but I'm not the one who gets to decide that in the end anyways.

    Sadly we dont have any 3D Animators or anything to change the mages attacks, which would probably also be hillariously expensive knowing how much a 2D animation can cost

    Especially in dark maps like dawn they bring nothing other than eye sore

    While i dont disagree with you when it comes to the eye-pain, their purpose is to make AFK leveling impossible since people need to kill them in order for the groups to respawn.

    Removing them would just end up with everyone AFK Leveling, defeating the purpose of the game as a whole.

    I suppose you tried to use Luxuria's link to the Thread i deleted since it was in the wrong Forum, naturally you can't see a deleted thread and therefor your access is denied.

    Let upgrade items drop in these runs, its so hard to find Spider legs,.......

    Theres a basically 100% chance for you to drop Spider legs in the Orc Maze already and if i dont remember incorrectly they also come from hexagonal chests. People are just too lazy to farm in lower levels for Items they need because they aren't as profitable to sell.

    Eitherway, no reason to spam this thread more.

    As stated, the drops on lv 105-107 bosses for a lv 90 or a lv 105 are the same, thats not theory, thats a fact. What you state is a theory which i hereby tell you officially to be incorrect. So there is absolutely no drawback for you to be level 104 when the boss is lv 105-107, theres also lv 105 Metins which you can farm without any drawback and you gain a huge advantage when it comes to skill-scaling and Items you can use which others can't for both, PvP and PvM.

    I call you greedy because everything you wrote favors you and exactly you. Plus 5 more players and is a HEAVY disadvantage for everyone else and very unfair.

    In case that another Staff member wants to add something to the Thread, they surely will do but in order to avoid this spam of repeating messages to go on and on I'll close the thread for the time being.

    Rarity adders/changers were also said to be its own seperate feature which is a whole new thing on its own in the far future.

    Also, i dont really see where the ice run takes 35 minutes. In the PvM King Event most people did it in around 5-13 minutes.

    The Dragon God Items are ingame due to an Event on a very highly limited base, not on an unlimited base due to a run.

    With no word have we ever stated that the reason for raising the needed Level for the Run would be the Level of the Boss, if that would be the case we'd simply lower the Boss Level, wouldn't we?

    You are free to make that assumption but nearly everything of what you said in your past 2 posts is simply wrong and created due to your own greed, for no other reason.

    Drops from a lv 107 boss are the same for a lv 105 and a lv 90.

    Thats just like the stuff people kept saying that a level 60 drops better than a level 80 on 85-90 metins which is also fairly incorrect. Even when i tested it with level 30, 60, 75 and 90, i had the exact same average of drops on lv 90 Metins, according to your logic the level 30, 60 & 75 should have had a lot more.

    The cute little factor called R-N-G is what causes that, nothing more, nothing less.

    A level 90 and a level 105 have the same drop on a level 107 Boss.

    The Maps are limited to level 90 and so are the Bosses, making them Lv 100+ exclusive makes absolutely no sense what so ever.

    The drops of the Bosses in DT are Limit drops which means they don't give a damn about your Level, you can be level 9999999 and reaper will still drop you a chest even though he's level.. 78? Thats the same for V2, Heaven's Lair and other spots where the Monsters/Bosses tell you that you need "Level: X" to drop something.

    Leveling gives you a gigantic benefit in terms of damage and defense and no drawback on any of the Bosses you mentioned so i really don't know what you are going for with your threads at the moment.

    Theres absolutely no reason to remove those weapons.

    The Blue Death box has a very high chance to drop rarity weapons, its significantly higher than the other boss chests.

    Besides, you already get antique and rare cor draconis and the blacksmith on top of the 1-2 chests, which are just a bonus not your main objective.

    Plain and simple answer, because we happen to have things to do just like any other human being.

    Eitherway, it usually never happens that it takes this long.

    Last but not least, we are giving you the option to gain item mall points (TecPoints) for free, without spending any real money on it which is not very common on private servers so instead of being grumpy about it taking a bit for us to check it when we have things to do, you should be thankfull that this option even exists.

    Besides, how would you know that it only takes 2 minutes? You do not know anything about that progress so where's that idea coming from? The Rings even state that it can take up to multiple hours (A Maximum of 24h.) for this very reason.

    Juare is completely correct.

    Unlike the flame key which was used for a feature on S1 which probably wont be implemented here, the Ice Grail is a simple upgrade Item so there's no reason to remove it. Its dropped in the Ice Run (Nemere's Watch Tower) which is not accessable yet.

    Fair enough, can I ask why not advertise sales beforehand?

    It would be fairly stupid of us to do that if you think about it.

    We have a Server to pay and if we announce a sale 1-2 weeks before, or even more in advance, the entire time would be a dry period and nobody would use the item mall in that time.

    Thats just a reason i personally get into my mind after 2 seconds of thinking but theres surely even more behind that.

    I mean, I personally have never seen a Server or Service that announces such stuff in advance, even the Steam sale is usually only announced a few days before, if atall. (Well, it is leaked weeks or months in advance, but thats not an official announcement.)

    All should be tradeable despite the time left.

    The game pushes you to have multiple characters but you won't really play all at same time nor all the time, they become a complete waste if they are untradeable.

    If they are untradeable, If you buy something you end up not liking, you will have wasted a bunch of TP and there's nothing you can do about it

    You are free to trade them via the Bank of your Account, nobody forces you to put every character on a seperate Account.

    We had more than enough people who bought potions with 0.01% left for full price and created a wannabe-shitstorm against us due to the fact that we couldn't help them out with that, so we won't give this option on costumes etc.

    There was one for Christmas, Halloween and the Opening day, that was 3x in 4 Months, surely thats more than enough.

    Eitherway, we do not give away the dates of sales beforehand but as you might have realised due to the last 3 dates, we do not put out random sales for no reason.

    They are almost always associated with Events but just because there is an Event that wont always guarantee you a TP Sale.

    No costume should be tradeable like that atall, if they are, thats not intended.

    They are intended to be tradeable when they are at full time, as soon as they are worn once they shouldn't be tradeable anymore.

    Event costumes usually start losing time the second you open your item mall bank in order to avoid hoarding so they are usually never tradeable except for the Gifting option in the Item Mall.

    Hey there,

    we already advertise on basically all Forums (I guess thats what you mean by PvP Sites?) we are capeable of using, we used Twitch, DLive, Facebook streams and YouTube (Due to gameforge, Video & Streaming services render themselves useless though.)

    i agree with your last statement but doesnt 35% mob increase allow mages to do everything perfectly? they smash metins as fast as warriors(some of them faster than i can) and theyre major dungeon/boss killers. If you say that all chars CAN kill bosses by themselves then i can make my peace with it but if i find it near impossible to kill bosses (due to lack of damage) then i will have a problem with it.

    I'm very sorry but if a Mage does a Metin as fast or faster than your Warrior, then thats not because we buffed them but simply because their equipment is far better than yours. Thus they are rewarded with being faster than you.

    A Warrior will always be faster in overall metin and monster farming, while Mages and Assassins have a better single target damage with Polymarbles.

    You chose a class, you chose your advantages and disadvantages.

    Everything is POSSIBLE with every character - just how good your equipment has to be differs.