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    But you are happy when you kill a metin more faster than an assassin, right? In heaven’s lair assassins and mages can’t kill like warriors or suras. This mentality make me laugh, this post should be named “Make warrior OP everywhere, because my main is warrior and i’m too lazy to make an assassin for a crap run”.

    No but sorry you got it all wrong i mean to say, make all characters useful in all runs not only warrior ALL RACES. You did not even get my point. But i dont care.

    Sorry I don't know if this was answered before but how does the bonus "20% Chance to drop double the Items" work?. Does it work on everything in the game, like metin stones? For example, does it double the chance to drop a changer at 20% chance?

    I think from what i heard, it works on metins but does not work in heaven's lair or spider caves. Try farming metins with 20% double drop on items and without, you will notice the difference.

    I agree with you, server is too young, i think prices will fall back into place in a few months and tps would fetch you more gold.

    I wonder if they could reduce cooldown for bio quests ,22 hours or 16 hrs is way too long. I know that we have red monacles for this but we will need many of those and server new ,gold is low xd do not want to spend tps or gold buying monacles. I know this may sound ridiculous but is it possible to reduce cooldown form 22 hours to 5 or 3 hours? and wont have to spend tps on monacles or gold? Horse cooldown was reduced too so why not this one? such long cooldown often discourage players especially we do not have a good supply of red monacles yet makes it difficult and annoying. I do not know how many times players wanting to murder the biologist! because of those stupid everlasting cooldowns.

    Its easy to get hermits and exos do quests in game, especially Uriel quests. Hermits are also quite cheap and can be obtainable from mall, while for exo you can get from mistery box also and from mall under MP for only 90 mp. Exorcism scrolls though you don't really need, since you can wait to read the skills books after cooldown. Well we cannot expect to obtain hermits and exos from metins or all boxes it sounds way too easy :) What i really want to see in game is wise man and blacksmith memo to upgrade items xd i noticed its a bit hard to upgrade items to +6 ,this is not so good. I dont know probably later will be easier. All i know we need to be patient the server is great and game is fun.

    What do rarity and stones have to do with better looking? Metin didnt got optical updates since years the only good things are costumes and hairstyles that came new. why no weapons too? If you dont wanna use it then dont do. And why people would come and leave because no costumes? Because its the same fcking oldass looking weapons that look same since 15 years. I heard from 7 people now they left server because no cool costumes or anything

    Really players leave because of how of weapon appearance? lol you use weapon to kill monsters and enemies not to show around, +9 weapons look so shiny , they cool already. This is metin2 sg not Cs;go or ragnarok. I don;t know why you want weapons that exist for years, to look different. For costume or hair style i get it, its physical enhancement but weapons no.

    Thats no reason for no weapon skins Weapons skins dont have rarity or anithing they would be saame as costumes if you say no to weapon skins you need say no to everything rarity, costumes hairstyles etc. This is Middleschool already not Oldschool

    Its my opinion every one free to express their opinions im saying that weapon skin does not fit on metin sg probably other games, weapons already have rarities and you can add stones. I highly doubt that they will consider to add weapon skins. And i dont see why players will leave game because we have no weapon skins, it does not make sense really and adding weapon skin will not bring life to server. You saying skins would be same as costume, so your weapon will wear costume cmon its totally misfit for this game considering we already can attach stones and rarities.

    Im wondering if we can have option to disable kingdom chat like if someone is yellow , option to disable blue chat or someone blue having option to disable yellow chat. Kinda useful if we dont have other kingdom to know what are we chatting if its about them or vs them etc hmm or during certain events like siege or nation war^^other kingdom (opponent) should not know our tactics. I personally know some players who want to have only their own kingdom's chat.

    Heavens Lair 1 + 2 | added lightning + ice resistance

    Ghost Forest + Red Woof Forest | added earth resistance

    Orc maze | added wind resistance to all monsters

    Snake Field + Giants Wasteland | added earth resistance

    Infernal Flame Field | added fire resistance

    So, resistances are now useful ? we should really now focus on getting resistances on gears? damn now more complicated xd when rolling gears like what to go for mostly resistances ? or undead, devil? avg dmg? hp absorp? too bad we cannot have all.

    No , i want changers from each metin i farm wtf xd i expect it :l xDif you farm 20 metins i must have 20 changers or 15 changers !

    Yes you need only assassin to destroy eggs i dont know why they cannot make it possible for other races to deal damage on eggs why it should be only assassin? its not about solo runs here, someone whose main is warrior will have to make an assassin to run plague, and when you try to find players to run plague its hard to find hence most players prefer duo or solo runs. For example my main is warrior and i will have to create an assassin just for plague lets be honest xd warriors are useless in plague runs.