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    I hate you I love you

    I hate that I love you

    Don't want to, but I can't put

    Nobody else above you

    I hate you I love you

    I hate that I want you

    You want her, you need her

    And I'll never be her

    Hello there:) Welcome !

    Ah best place to chat is by joining the discord server of SG2 here is the link:

    You can feel free to chat there ;) got very good and friendly Gm Elspeth , she will welcome you warmly! i assure you of this haha, Elspeth Please my dear Elspeth i leave him to you , please take good of him.:)

    Ah LordofTerror im telling you this because this discord channel is in charge of our Dear Elspeth :) May The Lord Bless her.

    Once upon a time, there was a cute but slightly bossy little piglet named Peppa. And when Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, Peppa and baby George moved to a little house on a hill, they found out just how much Peppa loved rainy days – and jumping up and down in muddy puddles! Discover the full story of every toddler’s favourite little piggy in this colourful picture book. You can find out all about Peppa’s family – and even see a picture of baby George! Brimming with charm and humour, plus lots of fun-packed extras, this is the perfect present for all of Peppa’s little fans.

    You just prove my words.. XD Shadow no longer GM like you say so i didnt offend a stuff member so where is the reason for the new ban?Ofc shadow is out , he did his last "cash out" with sg2 and he got out cause he saw that there is no money here anymore, thats what kind of stuff you been thats the kind of stuff you still are thats why this server is over :p best wishes and fingers up clowns

    Stop your crap and get lost already why you even bothering to write if you have nothing to do with the server, ITS because you are just butt hurt since you got PERM BANNED. Shadow left the server that's his problem dude i do not think you are concerned stop worrying about him. Let me tell you Shadow always listened to the community and provided updates they wanted but most of them were so ungrateful and they left the server.

    I will give you a free advice, use this valuable time to improve your English instead of blabbering nonsense here or just stop writing when you are drunk.

    wait what rules i follow? i also got ban i insulted i have 2 bans wth you dont know what u are talking about:. and i have no sweet behaviour dont worry. oO

    1. The mages are still annoying with the animation
    2. I cannot farm moons for more than 1hour i feel sick
    3. Either remove the mage or the animations
    4. we need a solution for this issue
    5. Elspeth Elspeth Elspeth!

    Yes please.

    Keep in mind that the longer we can´t handle the "Corona-thing" the more people will become out off work or maybe even bankrupt.

    But Juare, you can make with me party at DT :D

    Blue death is still waiting for you n_n

    ahaha yea everyone at home, so they will play more.