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    yes man, just log on server 1, see what items sell best from the mall and then buy them on s2 and thats it.

    better than losing everything.

    use the rings and buy other items like master compass and you sell them back on server 1 to get your gold.

    cool merge :) so much waiting for it.

    He is not the only player complaining about having problems.

    I will not assume anymore that the server and client have a problem and that is why we all encounter this issues because that is absolutely a wrong thing to do and it is surely player's fault for having AMD and the most commonly used Ipv6 protocol but would you please look into it ? Maybe because of the last lunar eclipse you may also be wrong.

    To add to this - My computer is AMD and it fails less than my laptop which has Intel I7 but to be surely clearly put - they both FAIL A LOT.

    Another thing to strengthen my idea is that this issues were not present at the opening and late after the opening but happens only recently after the last update.

    Here is another post about this issue.

    [Change][Bug] Broken channels


    And please - if your server has a problem with AMD parts and IPv6 then please put it in the presentation of the server so we know to avoid it as we are getting mad as hell. It is very frustrating, very annoying and most of the times the outcome is a raging logout.

    If you care even a little - make an official statement telling us at least that you are aware of this issues and you are trying to fix them. This is the professional thing to do.

    After you was 105 you didn't say anything and now you are 105 and propose this. This is lvl 90 map for some reason soo stop cry and play. Many people don't have time to play like you for reach lvl 105 bro. Stop cry

    it is not me is you having no time to play and level up.

    I don't have that much time to play too ... Go level to 100 too and you won't have problems but ... you dont have time / you can't lvl so you re telling me to stop crying.

    If i were not 104 you wouldn't call me greedy. At any point you can level to 100 and get the drops.

    I don't want to remove game content from any players. It is not personal against someone specifically but against all the idea of being low level and farming high levels.

    I have 35 level farmer and I go to farm lvl 60 metins. Do you think its normal while there exist lvl 35 metins? Why would you ever level to 60 then? None. Not normal once more.

    3. I am not trying to upp the gold we will get from the run. I am trying to make ice Grail fairly common, so the refine+ will be affordable. Keep in mind u still need a pearl for refine+ as well. I dont think anyone has a problem with ice grails being 30kk each. just think about it. if we get 1x grail per run we will want 90kk. if we get 3x per run we will charge 90kk as well. After 1 week tho the market will get flooded by ice grails which will kick the price down to 30ish.

    PS: i have all my armours and shoes already+9. This is not suppose to be a selfish post.

    When making a suggestion...I assume that whoever makes it has no selfish intention. Point missed by some people in my other posts.

    PVM KING --> Full boosters --> high costs. can't use them constantly as they will reduce the profit.

    Who the hell made ICE run in 5 minutes???? Could you please post the proof? As far as I know from server 1- 35 minutes is accurate for the run.

    Theory is one - Agree with you. Practice is another. Please test yourself.

    I've made my suggestion. Let bosses have minimum drop level to make leveling more desirable.

    If Hell run / Ice run would be lvl 100 minimum entrance level there would probably be no 105 level. Surely I would not have leveled.

    Calling me greedy for leveling tons of hour for a dungeon that is not even implemented and we have no idea about them...which I don't consider its normal being on top of having to wait months for it again...I think is not logical. Greedy are the ones who prefer not to level up to "save" the time farming. i've sacrificed it to gain nothing.

    2. I've made a calculation. costs like 200k/minute/dss. Make it up to 6 DSS --> 1.2 kk / minute --> 72kk/hour.

    There is also a bug let's say. Only the dark DSS gives you 12 hours. If all high/super will give you 12 hours it means that costs will be reduced to a third. ( the time elixir increases %time of the max, higher the max, more time inserted )

    3. You do not only drop ice grail so you dont farm 45 min for it alone but for other stuff.

    4. They're in game because of the event and you won't get them again maybe - MAYBE until Easter. sounds fine ...

    Please check it yourself, I've checked it out also with the other 105 players.

    At lvl 90 you get the cor ALWAYS while now sometimes I don't drop it. Check it please yourself.

    Reaper drops but the next boss from floor 10 which is level 75 gives you nothing absolutely ( elite demon king ).

    I am talking that since bosses are lvl 105 they should be giving rewards to players close to that level.

    Why would you raise Hell run / Ice run to 105 because it is " 105 content cz boss is lvl 105 " while the other bosses 107 you consider lvl 90 content?

    Making bosses 100+ content will make leveling up desirable beucase at this moment as you all tell to me - nobody forced you to level. Exactly , NOTHING forces you to level. It is not normal, lets lower the max lvl to 90 then if its no use to level up. WHy is it even there 105?

    1. Rarity Adder / changer was somehow unofficial announced by Shadow to be "very expensive". Probably this 2 dungeons will have a connection with it. In which way we will see.

    2. Did not think that they would make it easier. Anyway, stones +6 give a slight advantage while DSS gives a ALOT more advantage.

    3. 1 per run sounds fine for me, more I think will make them too cheap. Let it be 1 for run 100%.

    4. They said they do not intend for that to be in game. I've made a suggestion to add as plaque carrier drop which was refused as they unbalance the damage

    That item is needed most for PVM 100 lvl armour where you have 10% chance to success but being lvl 90 you don't even take that in consideration.

    Don't you want nemere to be lvl 90 dungeon too because you cannot level?

    Nemere also drop blue dragon bean which helps A LOT to make dss +5/6 but being lvl 90 don't think you've got any so you don't care as well.

    Wait for the runs and we will see what they drop. Anyway - this is not a greedy post as you call it because at any time I can lvl my 80 farmer to 90 and farm with it so why you think i'm "greedy" ?

    I've leveled tens of hours to get 104 , you think I cannot level up 3 hours more to 90? Do you really think I've made this post because I am greedy and want monopoly because I am lazy to level 3 hours more?

    Fightning that bosses alone with lvl 105 but no equipment is also not possible. Fighting them should mean invest in leveling and items.

    Their items will not be lost and still have value, they only need to level up. I guess this is your problem - you can't level up.

    I'm sure I've got more PVP than you pali and because of your comment if I ever see you fighting a boss I will use it. it is called fairplay. There is time to fight when both parties agree and there is a time to farm. Fairplay not to mix it as there is enough content for all. Leave competitiveness separated.

    I've said it myself and you've agreed it. leveling gives no benefit - WHICH IS NOT NORMAL.

    That maps are lvl 90+ - PLUS. lvl 90 have also content there like metins ( and not bosses ) while you have other contents like Gahnsel , blue death, aqua dragon for level 90 which is CLOSE to their level.

    Dt boss lvl 99 , mobs 92-96 which is CLOSE to level 90.

    Leveling is hard and therefore it should come with privileges.