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    if not...

    paypal chargeback is a WONDERFUL thing lol

    You don't understand. I had the TEC Points for a whole week, not just bought recently or something like that :) And some don't even use paypal. Lets see If they have a TEC Points history for EVERY player on the server.

    Its pathetic how you have to roll back to such an amount of playtime in order to solve the problem. Why not create an Backup before adding the "update"?, also lets just hope you guys also can "roll back" and check everyone's TEC Points history.

    Shaman/Ninja Nerf and now this? Let's see what comes next.

    Everyone be patient. I don't think that they want to torture us players by keeping the server offline. I think everyone agrees with me that it's better to wait and have a "bug-free-game" ^^.

    As the title suggests, a simple button thats besides the minimap ingame [such as in the attachment] for informing people [besides this forum] would be a nice way of informing people about the ongoing event or for future events.


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    You can break it, you just need more time. And if the problem are the metins, we can always nerf their hp. Not sure if this is clear, but as you said the damage you dealt before was just not ok for the game and there is no work around this, the damage had to go lower.

    So there's no way that the Dev Team can toggle the damage to 150%/160? Instead of 135% which dropped my critical-damage from 10k to 3k? Im talking about Skill damage, 15 Skill Damage Bell, Full Itemshop on a Level 40 Metin Stone. Theres also the fact that Warriors and Sura's can "upgrade" their base damage up to Perfect, which creates an even bigger disadvantege towards the other two races.

    There can't be a balance in pvm, some class are clearly better than others. We did not try to balance it, we tried to make it less crappy.

    You have a 135% damage compared to the 100% damage that you get on a normal server. Is fair. 200% damage was not fair. was too much. And while yes it is our fault for the lack of testing, we can't leave the things as they are just because you were happy, because many other players were not happy about it. This is a half way, a good compromise that doesn't make your class crappy or overpowered.

    I don't care about other servers sir, I care about the server, my current situation and other people who decided to play as shaman/ninja from the beginning. I wasn't happy because I dealt so much damage either. I hope you can see our view and understand how frustrating it must be to level to 50-60, do quests n'all that stuff and be "rewarded" afterwards with an update where you can't even destroy a metin stone anymore thats on the same level as you are with 12-13k HP.

    As you complain today of the damage, other players complained yesterday about the damage. This is a good compromise. Your character are not overpowered but they are not as bad as they are on the other servers either. Is not toying with people, bugs are unfortunaly a constant part of developing. Nerfing is another core part of every MMO.

    So why did the Development Team tried to "balance" races when there's clearly no balance? Making such mistakes is inacceptable of such a company like TEC... There are many people that quitted due to the them not being able to handle simple Metin Stones anymore. I also knew that the damage of Shamans/Ninjas were a lot, but nerfing them until they are usefull for buffing isn't the right decision. One more thing, you guys know that this server runs because we people consider playing and paying it. Polls are a good way to decide the fate of a Game.

    I hope @[GA]Shadow understands that he casually toyed around with hundreds of players in under 10-20 Minutes which gave their precious time and money into the game. Let that just sink in how you can almost destroy a whole server by making appropt decisions.

    No is more like saying that before you made the damage that a P aura warrior does, except for the fact that he has to use that skill and you don't. Now you still have good damage but not as overpowered, because this is the correct term, as before.

    I don't see why you guys add % Against Monsters to Ninjas/Shamans for "equality" between Shamans/Ninjas and Warrior/Suras then Ninjas or Shamans can't use a skill to have certain improvement in dealing damage. Its as if Shamans/Ninjas can improve their "Aura of Sword". And the more Warriors or Suras reach G1/Perfect Skill the difference will be the same as it was before with the shamans. I was also against the abrupt crazy Damage we dealt, but making both classes useless for people who mained those classes and invested time and effort is just crazy how a company deals with it so quick and without emotion.

    The maintenance is done, the buff is applied, not as strong as before but is still a bonus damage.


    Thats like saying, You had 200.000 USD [ Which 50k was stolen which in this case is the dramaticdamage of shamans] in your bank, I've stole 100.000 USD from you, but don't forget you now have 100k left.

    Wrong way of dealing "game-balance" by completely making the Ninja-Class and the Shaman-Class in "PVM" USELESS.

    Its crazy how you can't even deal a lvl 65 Metin Stone with 14k Health [not that it was easier before].