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    Hey there,

    both Average Resist. and Skill Resist work on monsters, while Skill res is focusing the damage of Bosses, Average resist works against normal hits of monsters.

    I'm just gonna hijack this post and ask my question:

    Does avg. resist work like blessing buff from mage? It will reduce incoming damage by x%?

    Or does it work differently?


    All Events are good, but please make the Event starting time later. On Server 1 the most Events started at 5:00 pm. Thats really annoying, because a lot of people must work till 5:00 pm(like myself).

    So a lot of People can not join the Events.

    If you would make it like 7:00 pm, Players would have time to drive home, eat something and coming on and join the Events.

    Yeah 7-8pm would be nice that's also when most players are online from what I've seen.

    Oh you mean metins that spawn in position that you cant reach - did I understand you correctly?

    On official I usually just messaged a GM so they can despawn the metin not sure if it is the same for SG2.

    This also happens quite often in map2 in the stable.

    With a mount it's very easy to clear solo which isnt the point of the dungeon.

    And it's most likely pretty hard to code so that you can ride a horse but not attack with it so they

    probably dont wanna do it aka. waste of time aka. got something better / more important to do.

    I don’t agree, as it is not enough people are fishing , clams are really expensive since they drop so hard.

    To me this system , while fun at the beginning gets annoying very fast and it makes it even more of a chore to fish since this way of fishing requires your attention and energy constantly.

    But at the same time it seems you will catch more fish compared to the current system which would mean

    you dont have to fish as long anymore compared to now for the same result.

    Also with a less boring fishing system maybe more people (and less bots) go fishing which would increase

    the amount of clams on the market.

    Personally I think it would be a great idea to implement this especially because of how tedious the current

    fishing system is. #my2cents

    Hey there,

    I'm not entirely certain about how the code behind that would work but i believe it would mean, that Heal also is a group heal then.

    That would make it completely overpowered.

    From what I've found it's possible to edit the amount of heal other party members receive

    e.g. the target receive 100% heal and all party members only 10%. So that should mean

    that 0% should also be possible but I wouldnt know for sure obviously.

    When I want to sell let's say 10 adders I dont really care at what price I bought them or w/e and I'm most likely going to sell

    all of them at the same price. So I want to suggest that when I put the first adder into the shop for 2kk all of the following

    adders should have the "suggested price" also at 2kk (until I change the price again obviously).

    This would make shop adjustments a lot easier.

    The prices are so high because the demand is so high. Body warrior and weapon sura are the best endgame farmers in the game.

    Also with your methode it would mean that no skill book can be worth more than ~2kk which caps the market aka. not a free market.