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    How about replacing the offline twitch video on the homepage with some inviting picture? If you visit the SG Global page for the first time, seeing an offline video might not be so impressing. You could use your logo or one of the screenshots handed in for the Christmas event instead.

    By npc you mean monsters which is basicaly pvm event.....makes no sense to me....players don't even team up for dungeons where to drop value items and you want such an event where yellow and blue supose to team...

    Yes, it would be a pvm event. I think it would be beneficial because

    • It sets the server apart from other servers
    • Cooperation of yellow and blue would be something new and it would be realistic as long as the game mode makes cooperation the only rational choice. Ideally, this streghthens the community and beeing a part of a community increases the chance that you actually stay at the server for a longer time.
    • The threshold to participate is low so new players could easily join
    • It would be a change to solo grinding

    As to the problem of finding groups for dungeons:

    You could implement a new npc on map 1. At this npc you register for a dungeon. As soon as the desired number of players is registered, they will be ported to the dungeon. Would be a simple group search like in other games. I think it would be important, that every contributing player will receive automatically a boss chest. This way you dont have the problem that only one player has a benefit.

    In another thread the team told that they asked players that quitted. Main reason was that those players didn`t like grinding all the time. I feel the same. I like the "non-grinding" features SG offers. Unfortunately, most non-grinding features (nation-/siege war, Budokan) are only for the top players. Thats fine, but I believe there should be a "non-grinding" event where everyone can participate.

    A rough idea for this event:

    1. You teleport to a new map via the archer
    2. In this map there are X objects
    3. All players have to defend this objects against an npc army for X minutes
    4. There is no pvp possible, yellow and blue how to fight together
    5. The objects are in such a distance that players need to coordinate to defend them all. This is the core. Its less about grinding and more about coordination and interaction.
    6. There is an npc which sells pots that enhance the stats of a player so that every player (lets say 30+) can participate
    7. The npc enemies dont drop anything, there is no ks. Ideally, there are big monsters that lose dmg reduction the more players hit them at the same time. This kind of monsters can`t be killed by one players alone.
    8. The reward is calculated by multiplying the dmg you dealt to the npc army with the number of undestroyed objects. So you have a strong incentive to cooperate. It doesnt help you if you dealt 1000 dmg when every object is destroyed (1000 * 0).
    9. You could add some random factors to make every event unique. There could be random bosses accompaning the npc army or random spawning points of the npc army and the obejects to be defended could be distributed randomly on the map.
    10. There could be a counter which shows the dmg you already dealt to the npc amry.
    11. It would be epic if you could use these points to
    • buff the players in a certain range around you
    • to revive an fallen ally (which otherwise has to do a city start, because the option to restart at the spot of death has been disabled)
    • to morph into an epic monster (for some secs)
    • use epic skills .....

    Such an event would tell a story and every player could take part in it without having to spend hours on grinding.. What do you think? Is it technically possible to implement such an event?

    Siege Arena is a MOBA style guild war mode. You can find a detailed description here:…20-guild-war-siege-arena/

    Its a very nice feature because the threshold to participate is low. You just need to buy the arena weapon and armour from Hong-Hae. New players could join easily.

    It requires coordination between players, it`s fair, balanced, offers a new game experience and is an alternative to grinding mobs alone.


    Its hard to find another guild to have a balanced Siege Arena guild war.


    • Turn Siege Arena into an event which is announced in the event calendar and advertised in the call chat 15 minutes before the event.
    • In this time players can register for the event at the NPC Hong-Hae.
    • When the 15 minutes are over, the system assigns every registered player randomly to a team. This teams fight against each other in the Siege Arena.
    • Each member of the winning team should receive a meaningful reward.

    Generally, its a good thing that you react on the player`s opinion. I read the thread where some players insisted on a lower cooldown for Bios. However, players might create such a thread out of momentary frustration. Additionally, players active on this forum reflect only a small part of the community. Players with a "no pain no gain" attitude might be less inclined to lobby for their opinions in the forum. So taking only the forum into account when it comes to assessing the "player`s will" might be biased. Maybe it is possible to implement an ingame poll which is advertised in the callchat. I imagine something like the king`s election (earning a certificate, only one vote), but in this case you vote for the game`s content.

    The maps are all the same. Simply you can only choose to be part of 2 kingdoms instead of 3.

    Thanks for the quick response. On server 1 you can choose between two kingdoms, too. Pandemonia, the former red kingdom, is populated with cursed mobs and I think there is only one quest where you have to find a certain spot there. So its basically a desolation and rarely visited. Will this be exactly the same on SG Global? In my opinion it would be cool if you turned map 1 and map 2 of the red kingdom into farming spaces.

    In another thread you`ve stated that there will be two kingdoms. Is there already a concept for the maps of the third one? In my opinion there is a lot of potential in using the two maps of the third kingdom for places to farm.

    The best update implemented on SG1 during the time I`ve been playing there was making skillbooks and stones stackables. This change saved me tons of time I would have otherwise wasted with shifting books from one char to another. That`s why I`d like to make some suggestions for small changes which might a have a big impact.

    1. Making all items stackable (you gave me your little finger....)

    2. Bookshelf

    Bookshelf is an item with 10 slots. In these slots you can put stacked skillbooks, polibooks, mining books, leadership books, Horse Riding books etc. But you can only put those books in the bookshelf which you are able to read. If you right click the bookshelf it automatically reads every kind of book in there. In the chat you get the info: "Dark Stike: Failed, Flame Strike Successful, SunZi: Need 2h to read next one" etc. This way you save inventar space and right clicks.

    3. Booster Box

    Same idea as with bookshelf. But here you can drag buff pots, dragon god booster etc on the slots. You right click the Booster Box and every booster which isnt active right now gets activated. Ideal item to put on the short cut.

    4. Short Cut for collecting Changers

    Press Ctrl + C and you collect the changer in your loot. This feature would be superfluous if other solutions are implemented to make collecting your loot easier.

    5. Speed up how to create Vitaly Ore

    Currently, you have to drag each piece of eq on the alchemist. Would be easier if you could talk to the alchemist and a window opens in which you can put all eq to be shredded. Even more convenient would it be if there was a portable eq shreder. So you can directly shred your stuff without having to visit the alchemist.

    6. A "Create as much as possible option" for the pots creating NPC "David.

    If you click the "Create as much as possible option" you instantly get as many pots as there is place in your inventar (if the herbs you`ve provided dont run out before)

    7. Make small red/blue auto potions available in the potstore

    Thanks for the quick response.

    1) You must elaborate better. Boosters such as those you named were on Metin2 since 2006. The game was born with the dragon gods with the flowers with the palms. The game was born with the "peach wine" potions that restore health immediately, thou we choosed to not implement on server 1 because it is a pay2win item. On SG1 every player used these boosters because they could be farmed and not purchased from the item mall. You can suggest to remove certain boosters as long as you motivate the reason, as it would be great if we know why certain boosters are ok and some aren't.

    In my opinion boosters shouldn`t be banned generally. But a guild war should be about cooperation of guild members and not about single players boosted to kill everyone alone. Besides that, it impaires the fighting experience when you have to reactivate your boosts. So I`d suggest that you are able to define restrictions when declaring a guild war. You can define the maximum level, the max number of participants and whether pots/dragon god boosts/costumes/ alchemy etc are allowed. This way you dont have to invest much time to start enjoy the guild war feature and everyone who is eager to exhaust the max potential possible can still do so by defining the respective guild war conditions.

    2) As voted it won't be allowed to abuse the game with the multi account but we won't forbid the creation of "storage accounts" for your items / drops.

    How will you ensure that? Can you tell as the maximum number of accounts that can be lvled up or will abuse be checked in a different way?

    3. "making more weapons useful" You have to elaborate this. In my opinion level 30 weapons makes all the other weapons useless but they are an icon of this game so they just cannot be remove like that.

    As for lvl 30 weapons I agree. But in the high level it would be cool if you could use weapons for multiple purposes. Two examples:

    Weapon with strong attack value, but slow attack speed and a malus on your movement speed

    Weapon with 40% vs [War| Sin | Mage | Sura} which is next to useless in pvm and against other classes

    I know this can be tough to balance.....

    4. "show your loot of a boss/metin in a window and select it from there" If you mean to be able to see what a monster or a metin drops, this update is already on Server 1 and will be on Server 2. You will also be able to see what a box contains before opening it.

    What I mean is that you see the loot of the metin you have killed in a window. From this window you can drag the loot into your inventar. Currently, you have to click on the items which are scattered on the ground, which can be tedious at time: "You click on the changer, but you can`t receive it, because there is a magnetic above it. You can`t collect the magnetic, because you dont have enough space in the inventar..." Do you know what I mean?

    5. Preview System for costume / items

    Details please.

    6. Daily Rewards on login

    Not a fan of that, because I dont like being forced to log in. Furthermore, I want to be free to make a break from the game now and then. Which kind of rewards are to be expected?

    7. Dungeon Info System

    Details please.

    8) Achievement System

    Sounds interesting what`s that?

    9) Pet System (if we are fast enough otherwise some weeks after the opening)

    Never played a server having that. Could you please explain it?

    10) Gaya System (if we are fast enough otherwise some weeks after the opening)

    Never played a server having that. Could you please explain it?

    1. Will there be a red kingdom?

    2. What will be the exact level limit?

    3. In my opinion, the threshold to compete in pvp is too high on Sg 1.

    Reason: You need specific eq for each enemy class, pvp pots, pvp alchemy, vitality stuff, pvp pets, critical fight, palm of pierce, dragon god attack/def/hp.

    Even if you obtained all this stuff its no fun managing the tons of eq and reactivating short time buffs. PvP should be like grabbing your sword and start to fight. Do you agree about this? Will SG global address this?

    4. You promote SG 2 on elitepvpers, which addresses mostly German players. Do you promote on Romanian and Turkish forums as well?

    5. Why did you name SG 2 "Global"? Any reason behind it?

    6. Will there be an account limit?

    7. Is there any point repeating suggestions already made on the SG 1 forum (Shopbox search, Make more weapons useful, show your loot of a boss/metin in a window and select it from there)?

    8. Will the exp rate be different than on sg1?

    9. Would it be possible to release a list with (save) features where SG Global differs from SG 1?