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    I am not involved on this project since the end of December 2019. I even announced it to my collegues around mid november that I wouldn't be here for long as real life and job commitments would take much of my time, leaving none to be active here.

    You have to wait for my replacement, or if you are a programmer or have any management skills you can apply for any available position. Remember that GMs have limited decisional power so you cannot expect answers on topics that doesn't compete them. For the website suggestion / issues you should address it to Dulaan

    As for the private messages, i do get notifications on my personal email but as I currently have little time is better to address the issues to the support email or ticket system.


    We don't work during Christmas holidays

    You stated you did not receive the mount you purchased. This logs shows you took it from item mall bank. So you received it and you must somehow saw it, otherwise you couldn't take it from the item mall bank.


    If you can't see it, post the syserr. We have a ticket system for these problems, the forum is not the best place.

    Dear Players,

    from today 23th December all the purchase of Tec Points will grant 50% more points. The event will last for 72 hours from now.

    Thanks, SG 2 Global Team

    Are you done posting nonsense on this forum? You complain of our rules, but your character were never banned or suspended if not for hacks, twice. You claimed to have quit the game, the forum is just for the players not for bored people with nothing better to do with their life than posting nonsense on the forum.

    You don't need to know our ideas to give yours. Actually knowing ours idea may affect yours. What do you mean nobody knows these dungeons? We cannot post anything here without being reminded how this thing was different on other servers. Everybody knows these dungeons. Besides it is item drop we are talking about, you don't need to know how to finish a dungeon, how to kill a boss, what items you need to talk about the drops. Is a pretty weak excuse imo. Same for the horse, nothing prevents you from giving idea on what bonus it should have and you don't need to know our idea.

    We are not going to add more spiders to the game, we are not going to waste weeks to create a new map, create new regens, create new monsters. There are the level 90 maps. Takes 1 minute to raise the exp from those monsters. Since you all press us to change the server as fast as we can, is the most resonable approach.

    +6 stones are only on SG, i don't know any server who had them or have them. So you cannot say that many don't know these 2 popular dungeon and then plain assume that everybody knows about +6 stones and are wondering when they will come. If they do this is either because like yourself, you played on S1, or because someone like yourself who played on S1, assumed and spoke as they will be a 100% thing. Now you know why we advise to not assume?

    We never felt the need to inform that there are no +6 stones cause they are not a thing if not for the old sg players. We never mentioned +6 stones if not to tell that they are not a thing, so not sure what do you mean.

    Your example makes no sense. We have special section for the news. Dev Diary tells you what updates we are working on and announcements tells you what was implemented. You don't have to browse anything, you just need to read the first post of every thread, written by an admin not a player who assume things.

    As for the roadmap we might post one in this coming month so that you all know what we plan to update, some months ahead.

    There is the suggestion section for these things. They have to learn to use it. Cause we do listen, but only if you speak using the proper channel. You cannot expect us to read every day the call chat between the daily spam, the silly provocation, in the hope of seeing some feedback / suggestion. On the other hand, forum exist for this and it is expected that the players who plays the game use it. We are not going to add +6 stones for the simple fact that it made people quit on server 1, will make people quit here too, which we cannot afford right now.

    The forum is the place for such suggestion. For instance on this thread i have yet to see a single suggestion about the contents that we are about to release. Just complains about the population of the server, complains that you don't have time to exp, complains that you don't want to reach 105 to join and what not. Don't assume, suggest, this is the place to do it.

    As answered already, there will be guides. This is just to inform you that we are not sitting ducks and working on updates. When a guide will pop up it means the update is ready to launch and you will all be informed. If you want to spend this time spreading rumors or assuming things then ok.

    There is no rarity adder or changer. I simply stated that in the future we will make that system more friendly by allowing +9 items to become rare using a special npc and special materials. If there is no news from us it means is under development and there is no need to ask around where to find such information, cause the answer is announcement, you cannot find it there it means is not available. You cannot find on the dev diary it means is not released in this month. Pretty simple.

    This is a thread about the upcoming contents. We won't do any merge with servers. Open a separate threads if you want to discuss about that or about exp or about drops or suggest something on the suggestion thread.

    Point 1 and 4 means pretty much that you players wants to be fooled? Wants to play on a server that doesn't tell you how many are online, who pays their votes and what not. So what exactly do you want us to reply to the player who ask our player count if we remove the counter from the homepage? You want us to either lie or being labelled as incompetent for not providing an answer? Cause telling the truth would pretty much make point 4 useless don't you agree?

    Point 2, so we went from "doing something different" to simply having more system that pretty much are not game changing. Again, we provide updates every month we cannot do 20 systems in 1 month, it is simply not possible. Not even with 20 developers.

    Point 3, maybe i am wrong but i cannot find any suggestion regarding the experience curve or rates. Besides i see players doing level 1-70 in the same day, so it doesn't take a lot of time to exp, not all levels at least.


    My suggestion is to simply implement new systems that keep the players busy and not just farm metins/bosses, upgrade equipment and start over again.

    You must tell us what are these systems. I mean a Sash system is nothing more than a piece of equipment that you upgrade. A Pet System, is another thing to level up. I doubt you refer to these system as "something different to do", cause is the same, you still have to farm to get the gold and materials and books and level up the pets.

    We are not pessimistic about suggestions, if you check the history almost every suggestion was granted. Maybe not in the way some players suggested cause it was either not possible or secure, but was still done. Every month there are updates, problem is that most of the times, the things you people ask, were never suggested on a proper thread.

    If you refer to the toplist, the comments we said is that is rigged, cause it is.
    We are going to add a toplist shortly and a vote4coin or vote4buff. If you want your money to go on the pockets of a rigged system we will surely grant this. But it means less quality and frequent updates for you. I hope you understand nobody works for free.

    And to answer your initial question, people leaving the server make more people leave the server. Is the trade off of having a non fake counter sadly.